SMS, Phone and Email Subscribers Manager Tutorial

SMS, Phone, and Email Subscribers Manager Tutorial


This Zebrabuzz subscriber manager tutorial will teach you how to import and manage SMS, phone, and email subscribers. You will learn how to manage contacts, emails, and phone numbers beyond the Messenger platform. You will also learn how to use Zebrabuzz to collect user data in three different ways. You can choose the one that is more convenient and easier for you.

The system saves these contact data. You can use it to automate information like special deals, promotions, and so on to your subscribers and customers. You can create as many subscriber manager groups as you like.

With Zebrabuzz, you can also modify, edit, add, and remove contacts to the subscriber as you wish. It only takes about two minutes each to create new contact books or import contacts.

Zebrabuzz accepts CSV files (for those who use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application) if your contact list is in a file like that. You can also use opt-in forms to collect user data.


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We have made it easy to create a chatbot on Zebrabuzz. You do not need any coding knowledge or technical skills and we also have video resources to help you setup your bot.

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