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Our Chatbot Tool Can Answer Queries

Our intelligent chatbot solution can answer customer queries related to bookings, hotel rooms, hotel amenities, discounts, and promotions. Zebrabuzz can analyze and understand the intent of your customers to give appropriate queries. They can also clarify their doubts and get more information about other services your hotel offers like spa, local tours, etc.

Gain more clients​

Collect Emails/Tel numbers

Increase Sales

Use Chatbot to Give Guests Real-Time Tour of Your Rooms

With our smart hotel booking chatbot, you can provide your guests with a real-time tour of each room. As a result, guests don’t have to come to your hotel to see rooms, and you do not need to distribute pamphlets with images. Instead, your guests can request images and videos of the rooms they are interested in and get a real-time tour of every part of the room.

Hotel Booking Chatbot
Hotel Booking Chatbot

Save Precious Time And Eliminate Wait Time

With a chatbot, you can make the process of booking your hotel faster. Within seconds, guests can book your hotel. This also means they don’t always have to come physically to your establishment neither do they need to call. Your guests will simply have a conversation with your chatbot, let it know the type of room they want and other information, and get a room booked immediately. It also saves the time of your hotel staff, meaning they get to perform other duties and improve productivity.

Our Smart Chatbot Keeps Your Hotel Available 24/7

Zebrabuzz’s hotel booking chatbot keeps your business available 24/7. Guests can easily access your organization regardless of the time to make reservations, book rooms, and get their questions answered. With 24/7 customer support, guests who have already lodged can also access your chatbot right from their rooms if they need any help.

Better Follow Up and Feedback Process

Get honest reviews and ratings about guests’ experiences which helps you improve your services. Our hotel booking chatbot can improve your follow-up and feedback process, helping you get customers to come back again.

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Our Hotel Booking Chatbot Engages Your Guests On Facebook Page, Instagram, Website and Google Business Page 24/7

Become a World-Class Hotel Today

Build a smart hotel booking chatbot and boost sales and conversions by 50% or more. Connect with your customers across multiple platforms, including Messenger, your website, and via email.

Join upscale hotels like Marriott Hotels, GRT Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels, Accor Hotels, Hotel Indigo, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and many others in leveraging the massive benefits of smart chatbots like Zebrabuzz have to offer.



It only takes ten minutes to create your free chatbot using Zebrabuz’s user-friendly interface. You can also connect with our team of developers should you want a fully functional hotel chatbot designed for you.




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Streamline Hotel Services

Take Payment For Hotel Booking Services

Use your Zebrabuzz chatbot to take payment for hotel services directly online. Zebrabuzz integrates with several major payment gateways, allowing you to provide multiple options to customers.

Omnichannel Hotel Booking

Take bookings across several channels and connect with customers in the environment they feel most comfortable. Leverage the omnichannel experience that Zebrabuzz provides in boosting your chances of sales and conversions across all fronts.

Automate Your Hotel’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can use a hotel chatbot to provide customers with instant answers to your FAQs and generic customer service queries. Zebrabuzz is trained to understand user queries, ensuring your bot delivers high quality and improved customer experience. In addition, our automated chatbots can answer the most-asked questions and automate repetitive tasks, reducing the burden on hotel staff.

Increases Direct Booking

As our chatbot can integrate to many platforms, it increases your chances of getting bookings from Messenger, Instagram, your website, via email, SMS, and so many others. Zebrabuzz’s hotel booking chatbot gives accurate details to guests and customers about your hotel. Details like amenities, location, special deals and packages, perks, and many others build interest in your hotel and compel guests to book with you.

See what our agency partners are saying

Aamir Hassani

Founder, Eight Loop Social

What I love the most about Zebrabuzz is that I am always in control. I can modify my bot to suit industry standards and my preferences anytime, anywhere. Love it!

Ethan James

Founder, eStar Visuals

The easiest and fastest chatbot I have ever created. Zebrabuzz is loaded with so many functionalities, sometimes I feel I have all my job done for me!

Corentin Savis

Founder, Lozay Ma

Zebrabuzz has not only made things easier for my staff, but has also improved customer experience. We have had stupendous ROI too.

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