eCommerce Chatbot
Chatbot for eCommerce Lead generation

24/7 Lead Generation Chatbot

Build an eCommerce chatbot that helps you to generate and convert visitors into customers from the first chat. Provide shoppers with quick information that aids quick buying decisions.

Order Tracking

Build an eCommerce store bot that provides online shoppers with delivery instructions, helps them to track orders, and collects feedback post-delivery.

Gain more clients​

Collect Emails/Tel numbers

Increase Sales

Build Massive Subscriber Lists

Our chatbot solution can help you collect online shoppers’ contact information without the need for boring web forms. It can collect details like phone numbers and email addresses and also help you automate bulk SMS and emails to promote special offers, discounts, and product offerings.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Zebrabuzz eCommerce bot can upsell and cross-sell, personalize online shoppers’ experience and save chat history for future reference.

ecommerce chatbot subscriber list

Streamline Payments

Zebrabuzz integrates with several payment gateways. This means you can create an eCommerce chatbot that accepts payments via Messenger or web chat from shoppers all over the world. Customers can pay for products using their preferred choice of payments such as PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, RazorPay, Bank Cards, etc. There is also the option for payment on delivery.

Easy Product Search

Design an eCommerce chatbot to aid customers in searching for products online. With your bot, online shoppers do not have to navigate large catalogs looking for one product. Instead, they can interact with your bot and, in seconds, find the exact item they want.

Logistics Chatbot

Our eCommerce Chatbot Engages Online Shoppers Via Facebook, Instagram, eCommerce Website and Google Business Page 24/7

Become a Leading eCommerce Store today

Join other world-class e-commerce stores today in becoming a leader in the eCommerce industry. Simplify the sales journey, improve customer experience and grow your sales using Zebrabuzz’s chatbot solution for eCommerce stores. Available for free today.

Easy Chatbot Building Process

We have made the chatbot-building process super easy! You can design a fully-functional eCommerce chatbot in ten minutes or less. Our experienced specialists are also happy to help you create and manage your bot.




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Streamline Online Marketing

Let your bot help online shoppers through processes such as:

Automate FAQs

Preload Zebrabuzz chatbot with answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The chatbot can automate the responses, provide accurate answers anytime a user asks and educate shoppers on terms and conditions. This can open up your customer support staff to perform other intricate tasks.

Product Comparison

Build your eCommerce chatbot to assist online shoppers in comparing products and services from different brands. Customers can check special offers, discounts and see the best prices.

Product Refund

Build an eCommerce chatbot to educate online shoppers on how to return an item purchased, how long the refund process takes, and lodge a product refund complaint.

Beauty Advisor

Design a Facebook Messenger and web chatbot to help online shoppers try new beauty products, suggest beauty products, check pricing, and access beauty customer support.

Switch to Human Agent Anytime

With Zebrabuzz, online shoppers can switch from an eCommerce chatbot to a human customer support staff anytime.

See what our agency partners are saying

Aamir Hassani

Founder, Eight Loop Social

What I love the most about Zebrabuzz is that I am always in control. I can modify my bot to suit industry standards and my preferences anytime, anywhere. Love it!

Ethan James

Founder, eStar Visuals

The easiest and fastest chatbot I have ever created. Zebrabuzz is loaded with so many functionalities, sometimes I feel I have all my job done for me!

Corentin Savis

Founder, Lozay Ma

Zebrabuzz has not only made things easier for my staff, but has also improved customer experience. We have had stupendous ROI too.

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