Yes, you can automate your Instagram comments, and it is simple to do. With just a few steps, you can take the burden of replying to each commenter off your shoulders and do it automatically.

To automate Instagram comments, you need an Instagram auto commenter or autoresponder tool.

Zebrabuzz is one of the best and user-friendly platforms to use in automating your Instagram comments.

It allows you to create different kinds of replies that can be sent automatically and immediately a follower comments on any of your posts. These replies can either be private or public, and you can also decide to reply both ways.

Besides helping you manage your comments and replies, Zebrabuzz can as well delete and hide negative comments on your page.

With the latest artificial intelligence and keyword recognition, it will remove any abusive statement or word immediately it is posted on your Instagram page.

Customer demands have increased significantly over the years, and part of these demands is the desire for immediate responses.

Users always want immediate responses, regardless of the time.

Failure to meet this demand means customers will move to your competitors. This is why you should not take customer engagements for granted, especially on social media.

In an age where all it may take to tarnish a business’ name is a tweet from a disgruntled customer, you must do all in your power to provide unparalleled customer services.

Here, we will look at why you should automate your Instagram comments and how to use Zebrabuzz to create auto comment replies.

Can You Automate Instagram Comments

Benefits of Automating Instagram Comments


Several advantages come with automating your Instagram comment replies. Besides meeting customer demands, here are some other reasons why you must automate replies:


Improves Customer Experience


When customers get responses to their queries, questions, and suggestions¸ they are more likely to feel appreciated and heard by your business.

This gives them a sense of belonging and helps you breed long-lasting relationships and loyalty.

With Zebrabuzz, you don’t have to reply to each comment on your page regardless of how many comments you have. You can create different replies that suit each comment and will go live immediately such comments are posted.


Helps Solve Problems Quicker


Immediate responses mean problems can be solved quickly. When you automate your Instagram comments, you will be able to respond to queries faster.

Not only will this improve customer satisfaction, but it also ensures they keep coming back. All customers feel good where they are treated right and solving problems faster means you are more likely to become a favourite.


Reduces Workload


With several social media marketing activities staring you in the face, replying to each Instagram comments may be the least of your worries.

However, because responding to the comments is important to your marketing, Zebrabuzz helps eliminate the burden.

You no longer have to worry about responding to users but instead concentrate on other aspects of your business to keep customers happy and increase conversions.


Gives you an edge over the competition


Many online businesses today make the mistake of abandoning customer comments and inputs without replying.

This can negatively impact the business in the long run because customers do not feel connected with your brand.

However, by regularly coming down to the customers and treating their comments as a priority with private or public replies, you will be offering a different kind of service that is hard to find.

This will remarkably play its part in ensuring your customers stay loyal, which gives you an edge over your competitors in the market.

This and many more are why it is essential you reply quickly to comments by automating them.

Now, how do you use Zebrabuzz to automate comments on Instagram?


How to Automate Instagram Comments with Instagram


  1. Connect your Instagram page with your Facebook page and import both social media pages to your Zebrabuzz account.
  2. Enable chatbot connection to your page by clicking on the ‘plug’ icon.
  1. Select ‘Automation Campaign’ in the dropdown menu. Click the gear icon beside the pictures of your posts and select ‘Enable Auto Comment Reply’ in the following dropdown.
  2. Fill the form that appears to automate Instagram comments completely. You can leave a comment immediately and also see all the insights and reports for your posts.

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