Yes, there is an app that can make posts to Instagram automatically – Zebrabuzz. You can use this tool to schedule content directly to the photo-sharing app easily.

Zebrabuzz is a social media management tool that gives you the chance to schedule content like images and videos directly to your Instagram page and other social media platforms.

You can either schedule the posts for specific times or publish them immediately. All time-zones are available in case the majority of your audience is in a different time-zone from you.

Posting on Instagram is one of Zebrabuzz’s social posting feature, which allows you to schedule and publish content on Instagram. This can help you save precious time and money.

The dashboard is easy to use. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that helps you create campaigns and schedule posts quickly.

All you will do is create a post campaign. After creating the campaign, the social poster feature will continue to post without supervision.

Zebrabuzz is an all-in-one tool. Besides making posts automatically to Instagram, you can also use this tool to monitor your page and post analytics.

You can check the reach, engagements, and many other important insights concerning your posts to know how well they are doing.

Besides Instagram, Zebrabuzz can post automatically to other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Blogger, WordPress site, Reddit, etc.

It also allows you to tweak the campaigns you make. This means that if you schedule posts and later want to make adjustments, you can edit each post. You can stop the campaign by deleting and make any editing you desire.


Is There An App That Automatically Posts To Instagram

Can Zebrabuzz Manage Instagram Comments Automatically?


Yes, it can. As it is an all-round social media management tool, Zebrabuzz has a comment automation feature that can help you manage your comment section on Instagram and Facebook.

With this tool, you can automatically reply to any comment on your Instagram page within seconds or minutes, or you can set your desired timeframe for replies.

Although social media is a great place to market your products, you may sometimes encounter online bullies who make negative comments on your page.

Your competitors could do this to sabotage your business effort. You don’t have to fret about such abusive comments. Zebrabuzz has a feature that can automatically delete negative comments on your page.

You can choose to either hide the comment or delete it immediately after the user posts it. This allows you to keep negativity off your posts.

Also, some users may be motivated to patronise you, but they end up leaving because of the negative comments. This means abusive and cynical comments can affect your marketing efforts if you do not deal with them.

You can also hide the comment but still respond to it, whether privately or publicly. This applies to other normal comments too. You can reply to users via their direct messaging tab or directly under their comments.

It is important that you respond to comments on your page. This is because users feel appreciated and listened to. It is also essential if you aim to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and followers.

Replying to comments shows a commitment to customer experience and ensures users feel connected to your brand. This is effective in building brand loyalty which can only be beneficial for your business.


Why is it Important to Publish Posts Automatically to Instagram?


Posting your products and services on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress Site,  and others can take its toll on you.

Such a repetitive task can become burdensome, so scheduling posts on social media is the easiest way to connect to your audience quickly and hassle-free.

You may also have to publish the same posts over and over.  Although you may hire a social media manager to do the job for you, there is a better solution.

By automating your posts on Zebrabuzz, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business to improve efficiency.

The campaign can continue for as long as possible, in fact, for up to a year. You can easily edit the posts anytime you want.

For instance, if you have created a product campaign and one of your products is out of stock, you can easily remove it from your campaign hassle-free.

Zebrabuzz will never make any post that you have not scheduled, so you remain in control at all times. It is available for free with no credit card required. It also has a wide range of extensive features, and it is the ultimate omnichannel tool for your business.




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