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We have created Zebrabuzz after over 15 years of creating and managing Digital Marketing channels. We realized that easy and powerful chatbots were missing. With Zebrabuzz Chatbot you will spend next to nothing to generate more leads, sales and support your customers.

Build Powerful Chatbots Easily

AI Chatbot for Multiple Channels

Zebrabuzz allows you to build your dream chatbot equipped with the latest AI features in just a few minutes. Generate and qualify millions of leads with up to 95% open rate and high CTRs. Connect with your customers 24/7 on Facebook Messenger, web chat, websites, and on other channels.

Extensive Resources, Blog, and How-To Guides

Build Your First Chatbot With Our Easy Guides

Build your first chatbot with easy step-by-step how-to guides. Watch explanatory videos and learn from experts with our huge YouTube resources. Explore the world of chatbots and unravel the possibilities of your Zebrabuzz AI bot with over 150 blogs.

Admin Dashboard That Puts you in Control

All your Business Operations Organised in One Place

You will get an admin dashboard that puts you in control of your chatbot and marketing campaigns. Edit bot settings, analyse chatbot performance, attend to orders and set social media automation through the Zebrabuzz user-friendly interface. Access post analytics like total reach, impressions and engagements easily.

Leads - Sales - Customer Support

Increase Leads, Boost Sales, Improve Customer Experience

People are 3x more likely to interact with a chat than web forms; increase conversion rates and boost business growth with open rates of up to 95%. Turn visits into sales with high CTRs. Show commitment to customer experience with round-the-clock availability and immediate responses.


What You Can Do With ZebraBuzz ChatBot

Connect and convert customers with a highly intelligent web ChatBot, on any platform. An opportunity to talk to both new and existing customers. As if that is not enough, you can instruct this intelligent web bot to email them or text them

24/7 Real-time Chatbot Customer Service


Zebrabuzz AI Chatbot is available round-the-clock to engage new and existing customers in natural language

Do you know that 75% of internet users prefer to message a business than emailing or calling? Zebrabuzz Facebook Messenger Chatbot will help attract and convert new customers. With Zebrabuzz chatbot you can give your customers all the details concerning your business and remove the burden of having to shuffle through websites to get information about a service.


Zebrabuzz AI Chatbot
is built for Business Growth

Shorten the sales cycle and give your customers a seamless experience with the Zebrabuzz user-friendly interface. Harness the power of artificial intelligence in nurturing quality leads to increase your customers. Easily schedule appointments and reservations with the latest AI features. Capture customers’ contact information by generating massive email and subscribers list. Recover lost sales with timely abandoned cart reminders. Give customers optimum convenience with several global payment gateways.


Reach & Connect With Your Audience
Wherever They Are

There are 1.3 active Facebook Messenger users; Zebrabuzz can help you reach them wherever they are. Turn visits into sales opportunities by automating the process of connecting, building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with new and existing customers. Show commitment to customer service with 24/7 availability; engage customers, and eliminate the excessive costs of increased employee headcount. Provide customised, personalised and tailored customer experience to enhance customer loyalty and increase conversions.


Join Many Professionals and Businesses
Grow Their Business with Chatbot

Experience up to 95% open rate compared to email marketing’s 10% as well as higher CTRs to significantly boost conversion rate. Be part of many businesses multiplying their sales with quality leads generated by Zebrabuzz AI chatbot. Integrate your e-commerce store on Facebook Messenger to improve user convenience. Lead customers to make purchases with recommended and tailored offerings. Optimise your business’ product advertisement with simple social posting and comment automation features.
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