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Facebook Auto Responder Or Commenter?

Facebook is a large platform, and whether you have a personal page or a business page, you will at one time or the other have people comment on your page. However, comments can be overwhelming at times. You can have tons of comments and not be able to reply to every one of them so you have to shuffle through by replying as many as you can. But this leaves many people unsatisfied, which is not good for your Facebook page. This does not have to be any more. With a new and improved feature called Facebook auto responder or commenter, you can automate the process of commenting on posts as well as replying to comments easily. It works like the Facebook auto liker, which helps to increase likes on your page.

Are Facebook Comments Important?

Yes, they are. Comments are very important in any marketing strategy you may want to use. Firstly, comments can help you to know what people think about your page. It is one of the best and fastest ways to garner authentic feedbacks from your subscribers or customers. You will also notice that many Facebook page owners ask visitors, subscribers, and followers to kindly drop comments on their page. This is because they understand how important comments can be. Comments on your page can help boost engagements, improve credibility, increase traffic, reach, among many others.

Why Zebrabuzz Facebook Auto Commenter?

The thought of replying to every one of the comments on your page can be discouraging, but you have to do it. You do not have to go through this agonising activity any longer. Zebrabuzz has a comment automation feature called Facebook auto responder or commenter that can completely take over the process of commenting on pages as well as replying to comments. Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter feature is the same thing as Facebook autoresponder bot. It automatically sends a public or private reply or message to those who comment on your Facebook posts. You can also set different types of responses so you will not have just one kind of reply. With this tool, you will not worry about leaving your customers, subscribers, or followers without responses. When set, it can work without supervision, and you can focus on other aspects of your Facebook page.

Will Facebook Auto Commenter Spam?

Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter will not spam. It is a no spam feature that is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence features, which means the auto commenter feature will work with precision. It will only comment on and reply to the appropriate posts and comments.


How will Facebook Auto Commenter Reply to Negative and Abusive Comments?

Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter automatically hides or deletes negative comments that are on your page immediately they are posted. With this feature, you can choose to leave the comment deleted or reply to it privately. You can also reply publicly, but the original comment would have been deleted or hidden already.

Can I set Different Responses with Facebook Auto Commenter?

You can also set different kinds of responses to ensure you are not using a “one size fits all” reply which can put your subscribers and followers off. You can set generic replies, postbacks, vacation responses, text, image, video, web URL, and many other types of replies depending on the comment or page your auto commenter tool is responding to. What other benefits are there in using the Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter feature?

Comments Boost your Engagements

Engagements are very important for your Facebook page and comments are one of the fastest ways to boost it on Facebook. By automating your comment replies with a Facebook auto commenter feature, you will increase traffic, which will significantly boost the exposure of your Facebook page and any other service you render.

Increase Chances of Conversion

Suppose your Facebook page is used for business purposes, Facebook auto commenter can help boost your sales by increasing conversions. As the Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter can reply to comments privately, this can trigger more conversations which will be directed at making a sale.


Facebook Auto Commenter Can Improve Customer Service

By automating your Facebook comments and replies, you are showing a dedication to the experience of your customers, if you have a Facebook business page. For example, this feature ensures you are always available, is fast in responding, and will help solve problems quicker. All of these help in boosting your customers’ experience with you.


Being available round-the-clock is a useful marketing strategy that can help you and any service you render. When you are always available, you ensure that any visitor or existing subscriber who visits your page gets a response or help right away. This reduces the chances of new and existing subscribers leaving your page to go and patronise your competitors.


The Facebook auto commenter feature is fast. For instance, Zebrabuzz auto commenter gives you the chance to set how fast the response will be, and this starts from ‘0 seconds.’ This will ensure you solve any issue quicker and assure visitors and existing subscribers of a seamless experience with you.

Helps Gain Trust through Personalised Assistance

Facebook auto commenter can also help you gain the trust of new and existing subscribers. As this feature can give different kinds of replies and also get to reply privately, you will be able to give your users a more personalised, customised, and tailored help.

Stand Out and Get Started

Many of your competitors make the mistake of leaving comments on answered, which can lead to disgruntled followers or customers. With the Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter, you will be able to give them a different, better, and unparalleled service.

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