The smartest way of making sales for your business is through Facebook. Although many businesses shy away from selling on Facebook is because of the tough competition. There are currently more than 2 billion people that use Facebook every month. This means there is a great potential to increase your revenue through Facebook. 

Yes, it is possible and easy (as you will see on this guide) to sell on Facebook without a website.

This guide will be exploring the method of using Facebook messenger to make your sales and increase your business revenue, target specific customers and drive traffic to your website. 

Can you sell on Facebook without a website

Facebook messenger-Much more than a messaging app

There are conventional uses of Facebook messenger such as chatting, sharing stickers, emojis and GIFs, taking a snapshot or picture or even gaming. But for businesses, the Facebook messenger is much more than a messaging app.

With more than a billion active users every month and more than a billion messaging exchanged with the app monthly, this is a great chance to increase your sales and push your customers through the sales funnel. 

Facebook messenger has received some updates to help customers even buy goods directly from the messenger app. This has tremendous opportunities for your business.

But alas, a lot of businesses are finding it challenging to optimise Facebook messenger to boost their sales and market their products. In fact, more than 40% of customers complain that they do not have a positive relationship with businesses on Facebook messenger. 

So how do you begin using Facebook messenger to sell on Facebook and enhance customer engagement without having a website?

Let’s explore the most significant benefits of Facebook messenger and why it should be employed in your sales strategy. 

Benefits of selling on Facebook messenger

Messenger marketing is a powerful way of making sales, (and if well-implemented) is the most cost-effective and efficacious method of selling on the internet.

Zebrabuzz chatbot has an eCommerce in messenger feature, which can help you with sales on Messenger in a faster and more engaging way. Zebrabuzz is powered by artificial intelligence, so it will automatically market and sell your products on your behalf. 

Deploying zebrabuzz chatbot in your messenger marketing can boost your sales on Facebook up to 30%.

Here are some of the benefits :

  • User Data With the help of Zebrabuzz Messenger bot, you can easily exchange your customers. The messenger bot allows you to interact with your customers in a natural and straightforward manner. This will help to collect insights and data. You can study your customers’ preferences just by allowing your chatbot to converse with them. 
  • Personalisation Facebook messenger allows for customisation, and messenger bot makes it even easier. 
  • Content marketing With the deployment of messenger bot, you can more effectively optimise the power of propelling and dynamic contents. Messenger bots can dish out personalised contents and recommendations to your customers. 
  • Automation The chatbots is an excellent piece of automation. It performs its task effectively without little or no human assistance. It can reply to your customers’ enquiries in real-time, collect data and deliver a personalised recommendation to your customers. 
  • Huge user base.  Facebook messenger app is one of the most widely used apps in the world. With more than a billion users and the fact that most (if not all of your customers) are on Messenger, the business potentials are immense. 

How to build a powerful messenger bot

So you want to start selling on Facebook using Facebook messenger? Then you can start by using a messenger bot. Messenger bots are chatbots that use artificial intelligence to interact with people.

You can build your messenger bot to engage customers and manage your e-commerce transaction on Facebook messenger. 

Here’s how to build a messenger bot: 

  • Ensure you use easy to understand, non-ambiguous words and statements. Stay away from vague jargons and complex terminologies. 
  • We advise you to use guided responses. Zebrabuzz has a lot of sample prompts to help you in crafting a proper response for your chatbots.
  • Avoid being too persistent or aggressive. Your customers may block your bot if it annoys them or become too pushy. Do not design your chatbot to officiously ‘spam’ your customers with ads or promotion. 
  • You can always present opportunities to your customers to get in contact with your human agents if their issues are too complex for your bot. You can add a ‘contact agent’ option. 

A lot of chatbot platforms are on the internet today, and Zebrabuzz chatbot is one of the most effective.

Connect Messenger to your ecommerce store 

As soon as you have built your messenger bot, the next step is to integrate it with your website. You also need to link up your messenger to your website, so it can easily update your customers on new product updates and other important information. 

To sell on Facebook, connect messenger to your website through two simple methods. 

  • Through messenger sales channel. 
  • Through your messenger bot (buy now option).

Messenger sales channel

With the messenger sales channels, you can directly sell your products on Facebook directly to your customers through messenger chat. Your product library can be available to your customers for viewing on the messenger app. When they pick a particular product, your customers will be redirected to the checkout page of your website. 

This channel is also the best way for your customers to contact you. You can reply to your customer’s enquiries and update them about the status of their orders. 

Messenger Bot (Buy now)

The ‘buy now’ option is very different from the messenger sales channel. The latter will redirect your customers from the messenger app to the checkout section of your website. 

With the ‘buy now’ option, your customers can buy your products directly on the messenger site. This means they wouldn’t be redirected out of the site, the entire purchase process down to checkout will be carried out in the messenger app. 

Integrating a messenger bot with your messenger will make the ‘buy now’ process even more streamlined and easier.

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