Facebook is one of the best and most preferred places brands use to contact and engage with their customers.

The size of the active users, which is approaching 3 billion makes it highly possible that almost all or if not all of your customers are on there.

As many businesses prefer this means of communication, the number of businesses using the platform has significantly increased over the years. Small businesses only account for more than 90 million.

Therefore, with this increasing competition and the number of users brands will be dealing with regularly, it is not easy to keep up with them.

One of the most effective ways you can contact all your subscribers on Facebook at once is to send bulk messages and automating the process with tools like chatbots is one of the best choices you can make for yourself and business.

As simple as sending these kinds of messages may sound, it may, and will get tiring and burdensome over an extended period. The workload will likely discourage you and keeping up with your customers will become irregular which is not good for business.

To this effect, there are several ways you can automate the way you engage with your customers on Facebook. One of them is the use of AI chatbots.

A well-designed Facebook bulk message sender AI chatbot like Zebrabuzz can take over the process of engaging with your clients singlehandedly without the need for supervision.

Artificial intelligence in Facebook bots like Zebrabuzz ensures they can do the job alone with minimal or no interference from you.

By creating your Facebook bot in a few minutes, it can continue sending bulk messages to your subscribers for as long as possible.

How Does the Zebrabuzz Facebook Bulk Message Sender AI Chatbot Work?

A Facebook bulk message sender AI chatbot is meant to automate the way you send bulk messages to your customers. Instead of manually sending a message to all your subscribers or selecting and deselecting the subscribers you want on the bulk message list, an AI chatbot like Zebrabuzz can automate the whole process.

All you need do is connect your Facebook page to your Zebrabuzz account, enable the bot connection, create your bulk message and with a tap of a button, your subscribers will receive the message based on the time you choose.

Facebook Bulk Message Sender AI Chatbot You Should Use

The simplicity in this Facebook chatbot is why it is one of the most preferred to use. You can automate the bulk messages you want to send for a whole year in few minutes and have your Zebrabuzz bot run effectively without supervision.

You can also use this Facebook bulk message sender AI chatbot to add a personal touch to your messages.

Whether you want to send Facebook bulk message to thousands or millions of subscribers, with the Zebrabuzz AI chatbot, you can address each subscriber by their name or tag them in the message with their usernames.

This ensures you can customise messages for each user and make them feel a personal attachment to your business. Studies have shown this to be a highly effective customer relation strategy.

Benefits of Facebook Bulk Message Sender AI Chatbot

Here are the reasons why you should use Facebook chatbots like Zebrabuzz to engage with your customers.

  • Speed
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Simplicity
  • Personal Touch
  • Ease


The speed in creating Facebook bulk message via an AI chatbot is unmatched. With Zebrabuzz, the automating process will take only a few minutes.

This way, you can set a campaign that could go on for as much as a year and more in record time.

Increases Efficiency

Using a Facebook AI chatbot like Zebrabuzz to send bulk messages will increase your efficiency either individually or as a team.

By putting a chatbot in control of this important aspect of operations, you have more room to focus on other equally important things.

Using a Facebook AI chatbot like Zebrabuzz to send bulk messages


Most Facebook chatbot building platforms have a simple interface. There is a drag-and-drop dashboard where you can gain access to all of your bot activities on Zebrabuzz.

This not only puts you in control but also ensures you can easily access any part of your bot settings.

Personal Touch

As we discussed earlier, using a Facebook bulk message sender AI chatbot can give a personal touch to messages.

Bots like Zebrabuzz will not only address your customers with their names or usernames; it can also offer tailored or personalised offerings based on what they will most likely be interested in.


A Facebook bulk message bot will make engaging with your customers easy. You only have to do the barest minimum of connecting it with your page and creating bot replies.

When you send a bulk message and the recipient replies, the chatbot is still available round-the-clock to continue the conversation without your intervention.

There are so many benefits in using a Facebook bulk message sender AI chatbot. As the competition for places is stifling, it has become important to do something that will set you apart from your competition. Making your customers’ experience smooth and improving your efficiency is one huge step in achieving that.

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