One of the unique features of ZebraBuzz is the ‘E-commerce in messenger’ feature. This enables you to sell products to customers within Facebook Messenger. Customers can shop for products through the virtual shop, an integral part of Facebook Messenger. Customers can explore whichever product they want and make purchases. From there, include the product in their shopping cart and checkout after completing their purchase. 

Sometimes, customers may, due to some reasons, leave the checkout page without finalising their purchase. It may be because of forgetfulness or technical glitches. This does not usually mean they are not interested in purchasing the products.

The reason for cart abandonment may stem from the idea that an abandoned cart recovery reminder email will be sent with discounts and deals. 

Another reason is the failure to calculate the total price of products, shipping cost and other expenses upfront. This might lead to a higher-than-expectation price, forcing them to abandon their shopping cart. This set of customers wait expectantly for abandoned cart recovery reminders with product discounts, which prompt them to complete their product purchase. 

Clients who have abandoned their shopping carts can be prompted to return when they receive recovery reminders that consist of the details of the product and a ‘check out’ page.

Facebook Messenger Abandoned Cart Recovery With ZebraBuzz

But how can you send abandoned cart recovery reminders to your clients? 

One of the most prominent features of ZebraBuzz platform is the ‘E-commerce in messenger’. This enables you to automatically send abandoned cart recovery reminders to clients who haven’t completed their purchase process. Your customer can easily remember to complete their purchase and be directed to the checkout page through the abandoned cart recovery reminder. This tool can recover up to 80% of your lost sales and secure your business growth. 

Through the ‘E-commerce in messenger’ feature, your customers will receive abandoned recovery reminders through the following channels: email, SMS and messenger — pending on the time you set the reminder. In the reminder, there are two messages: the product details (in the form of slideshows) and ‘checkout now’ button. Your clients are automatically redirected to the checkout page as soon as they click the button. You can also include discounts and price slash with the reminder to persuade your customers. With Zebrabuzz, you can send multiple checkout reminder messages. 

Before sending abandoned cart recovery reminders, either by Email or SMS, you will need to have the customer’s email address or phone number to facilitate the process. You can easily get these details with the help of ZebraBuzz’s ‘messenger bot’.

ZebraBuzz’s abandoned cart recovery reminder is highly effective; it works with your preferred settings. The ‘Abandoned Cart recovery reminder’ setting is simple and easy to understand. If you need more information, make sure you read the blog or go through the video tutorials — you will find a lot of instructions. 

The abandoned cart recovery reminder is an automated process; it works independently. Apart from the initial settings, you wouldn’t need to do anything else. It will automatically send abandoned cart recovery reminders to your customers. This will entice your customers to make purchases from their abandoned shopping cart.

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