The use of mobile devices peaked in 2019, with over 5 billion active users. This has presented a lot of advantages for businesses.

Coupled with the existence of instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, businesses can now easily engage and interact with most of their customers. 

It will interest you to know that Facebook messenger is the most popular messaging platform in the world with over a billion monthly active users and more than 500 million daily messages sent.

In fact, the American user base of Facebook messenger grew to more than 100 million monthly users. Market analysts predict rapid growth in the usage of Facebook messenger.

Are you looking for an easy way to connect and reach out to your customers at their convenience? Facebook Messenger is the solution. 

There are significant advantages in using Facebook Messenger for the growth and success of your business strategy; they include:

  • Garnering brand awareness.
  • Providing tailored messages to the target audience. 
  • Emotional bonding and building a positive relationship with customers. 
  • Customer retention and acquisition. 
  • Streamlining customer interaction and engagement. 
  • Higher Return on Investment. 

Still, Facebook Messenger remains underutilised by most businesses. This article aims to explore how you can get Facebook Messenger for your business. 

Whatever purpose you intend to use Facebook messenger for — whether for customer service or marketing, then you can optimise it by integrating a messenger bot.

Messenger bots can boost customer engagement, increase sales and provide high-quality customer support. 

The chatbot has been lauded by tech analysts as ‘the future of marketing’. This is due to its ability to add value to businesses and customers while reducing operational costs and saving time.

A messenger bot is designed solely for usage on Facebook Messenger. It has received wide acceptability by various businesses – ranging from small/medium-sized businesses to large multinational corporations. 

A big benefit of using Facebook messenger for your business is the ease of use. With the instant messaging app, your customers can simply contact your business in a hassle-free manner.

It is crucial, at this stage, to remind you of the importance of Facebook messenger bot and how it can optimise and streamline your usage of the app for your business.

For example, Zebrabuzz Messenger bot has boosted the conversation rates of 70% of businesses that integrated it within the first month of usage. Business Insider even reported that more than 75% of businesses are opting to use chatbots by the end of 2020. Indeed, the chatbot is adding value to businesses.



Zebrabuzz messenger bot has boosted the conversation rates of 70% of businesses that integrated it within the first month of usage. Business Insider even reported that more than 75% of businesses are opting to use chatbots by the end of 2020. Indeed, the chatbot is adding value to businesses.


Customers are usually thrilled with how accessible messenger bots are. Messenger bots also offer real-time solutions to enquiries and issues.

The fact that messenger bots today are powered by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.

This means messenger bots are smarter and less prone to errors. They can offer your customers natural and personalised responses. 

So how do you get Facebook Messenger for your business?


How to launch Facebook Messenger for your business

So let’s explore quickly how to launch Facebook Messenger for your business. You can activate your business’ Facebook Messenger from your page setting. 

Follow the steps below:

  • At the settings of your page, you will see the tab that is tagged ‘general’. Click on ‘messages’ after scrolling down. Then select ‘Edit’. It is necessary that your messaging functionality is enabled, or else you may just be wasting your time, and your customers will not be able to interact with you.
  • Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging platform, and customers love instant replies to enquiries and queries. To initiate a highly effective automated response, try messenger bot. They are highly effective for customer engagement. For example, Zebrabuzz messenger bot can streamline purchase order, track delivery order, send push notification and many more.
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How to Use Chatbots for Facebook messenger

Better customer service

In our world of fast speed internet connection, businesses are often pressured to provide ‘quick response time’. It can be too costly for small businesses to employ a large customer service team.

Despite the high operational cost, humans can’t be available ‘round the clock’. Messenger bots are different; they are always present 24/7 to provide real-time response to your customer’s enquiries.

Increased sales

Messenger bots can be used to facilitate faster and hitch-free purchase processes on Facebook Messenger. This can improve customer satisfaction and user experience, impacting sales positively.

For instance, Zebrabuzz messenger bot can be designed to take order or check out purchases for customers within the Facebook Messenger platform. 

Bookings or appointment automation

For small businesses that routinely receive bookings and appointments from customers, they don’t need to stress further. Messenger bots can do all the repetitive tasks for you. Messenger bots add an intuitive and pleasant atmosphere to the monotonous task of booking and reservation. 

Notification and custom reminder

The major difference between Facebook Messenger marketing and Email marketing is the former’s high open rates. With a messenger bot, you can notify your customers about special deals, promos and new products, with a far better opening rate. 

Gather customer feedback 

Messenger Bots can be used to gather the necessary feedback and better your relationship with customers. This can be in the form of polls, surveys and reviews.



If multinational corporations like Domino Pizza, Nike and Air France can rely on messenger bots, then you do not have an excuse not to integrate messenger bots into your marketing strategy.

Messenger bots are not just super helpful in improving your customer engagement, but can also reduce operational cost and save time while increasing sales in your business. 

It is highly essential for businesses to be time-efficient, in order to provide great customer satisfaction and increased patronage. Messenger bots can assist your business to achieve all that.  

It is worthy to note that the goal of automation (such as messenger bot) is not to wholly replace your entire human support team but to optimise your marketing and customer support strategy. 

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