Why is it a good idea to automate Facebook Messenger? To invest more time on optimising Facebook Messenger for marketing and customer service while avoiding wasting time on repetitive tasks.

It is a great way of boosting your business’ return on investment. The best automation tools for Facebook Messenger is the Messenger bot

Messenger bot is a tool which runs automatically and instantly qualifies and guide your leads to the last stage of your sales funnel. It runs self-independently, saving you time and resources.

For instance, Zebrabuzz Messenger bot will offer your customers round-the-clock customer support service, automatically like or respond to comments on your Facebook business page and help in streamlining purchase processes. 

Facebook Messenger has over 1.5 billion monthly users, making it one of the most frequently used messaging platforms in the world.

If your business is not optimising or making the best use of Facebook messenger, your competitors may be doing so, which may lead to customer attrition or defection. 

But Facebook Messenger automation will not only benefit your customers, but it is also beneficial for your business.

Studies have shown that the newer generation (millennials and the Gen-Z) prefer businesses that utilise instant messaging platforms for customer interaction. 

How do you automate on Facebook Messenger

Messenger Bots: The Most Effective Facebook Messenger Automation

A chatbot can simply be referred to as an automated interactive software, powered by artificial intelligence, which can be used to interact with people. 

A chatbot is built to offer solutions to customers’ issues, respond to enquiries, amongst other functions. In the eyes of the customer, the chatbot is highly responsive, amiable and time-efficient.

It is less stringent and more convenient than traditional phone calls, app download or even visiting the web page. All it takes to interact with a bot is sent a message, similar to chatting up a friend. 

Chatbots have undergone evolution since their development in the early 1970s. Today, they provide value for businesses and customers on different platforms — websites, applications, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and the likes. 

The messenger bot is a type of chatbot built for use solely on Facebook Messenger. This means that messenger bot is capable of interacting with the billions of monthly users of the Facebook Messenger platform.  

If your business has a Facebook page, then it is right to assume that you have a Messenger strategy. A Messenger bot will optimise that strategy and allow you to reap the benefit of Messenger for whatever purpose – Marketing or customer support. 

Why use Messenger Bot for Facebook Messenger automation?

There are two main reasons for using messenger bot for Facebook Messenger automaton. 

The first is that Facebook Messenger has a low barrier to entry for your business and your customers. Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps worldwide, with more than 5 billion downloads. 

Businesses are beginning to see the potentials of the app for customer engagement. More than a billion messages are sent and received per month by users. This means communication via Facebook Messenger may be the most effective channel for customer interaction. 

Customer interaction via Facebook Messenger is far more inexpensive than designing an app.

The second reason is that Facebook Messenger is greatly underutilised for business communication, customer engagement and marketing. 

Email Marketing click-through rates are declining rapidly. If you send a marketing email, there is a 40% chance that it won’t be opened. Facebook Messenger is even more effective for marketing. 

Here are other reasons why you need to automate your Facebook Messenger via a Messenger bot: 

Excellent Customer Support 

These days, high-quality customer support is defined by quick response time and round-the-clock customer service. Customers detest delays and sluggish response. Customers may also ask repetitive or monotonous questions. 

Messenger chatbot can help you automate the process of delivery tracking, responding to basic questions, schedule appointments and much more on Facebook Messenger. This will save you time and money. 

E-commerce Transactions

Messenger bot can assist in automating your e-commerce process within the Facebook Messenger platform.

This means you can sell your products to billions of Facebook Messenger users. Zebrabuzz messenger bot can easily do full-blown e-commerce on Messenger. 

Messenger bots facilitate conversational marketing which allows you to increase your revenue via personalised upsell since your bot makes recommendations from time to time. 

Re-engage customers

Messenger bots are powered by Artificial intelligence. This means they will not only store information but process, optimise and act on such data. 

For instance, Messenger bots can initiate conversations with your customers, offering personalised content or recommendation at a convenient time.

It is more cost-efficient than spending money on advertisements. Zebrabuzz Messenger bot, for example, can send automatic and custom reminders to customers who have abandoned products in their carts.

Zebrabuzz’s Facebook Messenger Automation simplifies your business operation

A great advantage of Facebook Messenger automation is that it saves your time, reduces your effort and resources. 

Automation streamlines your Facebook messenger strategy and keeps it functional 24/7. 

Begin Facebook automation with zebrabuzz and discover how easy it is to build and optimise chatbots and leads. 

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