Last year alone, the number of people with mobile phones crossed five billion. This is  fantastic news for businesses because there are lots of opportunities.

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have made customer engagement and interaction easier and effective. 

It is noteworthy that the most widely used instant messaging channel across the globe is Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has more than 1.5 billion active users, and messages sent on the app daily spans to more than 300 million every day.

One hundred fifty million Americans use Facebook Messenger every month, and the number is expected to grow further. 

If you seek a seamless and hassle-free means of interacting and conveniently communicating with your customers, Facebook Messenger will be your best option. 

Facebook Messenger marketing can be used to facilitate growth and increased sales; here are some of its benefits:

  • Better customer acquisition and retention. 
  • Target and personalised message to customers. 
  • Brand promotion and awareness.
  • Brand loyalty and increased customer lifetime value.
  • Boost customer engagement and customer interaction. 
  • Higher rate of return. 

Yet, a lot of businesses shy away from Facebook Messenger marketing. This article seeks to analyse how Facebook Messenger marketing works. 

To make the best use of Facebook Messenger for marketing, you will need a messenger bot.

A Messenger bot is excellent for Facebook Messenger optimization. Smart businesses have been using Facebook messenger to provide first-class customer engagement, boost sales and offer excellent customer support. 

Chatbots are regarded as ‘the future of digital marketing’. This is because of its capacity to improve the customer-business relationship and at the same time cutting costs. Chatbots are also time-saving.

Chatbots dedicated to marketing on Facebook Messenger are referred to as messenger bot. Messenger bots are currently being used by businesses of all sizes  — large corporations, non-governmental organisations and small businesses. 

Facebook Messenger marketing is incredibly advantageous for businesses. It is characterised by convenience and ease of use.

Customers, through the instant messaging platform, will find it easy to reach out to businesses at any time they prefer.

As we have earlier mentioned, for better optimisation of the Facebook messenger platform, it will be best to utilise Facebook messenger bot.

For instance, businesses that have used Zebrabuzz Messenger bot as part of their Facebook messenger marketing strategy have reported as much as a 70% increase in conversion rates.

A recent study even predicted that by year-end the number of businesses using chatbot would increase by 75%.  This is quite unsurprising because it is no secret that chatbots have been boosting business efficiency. 

Apart from the fact that customers are usually pleased with the accessibility and friendly nature of messenger bots, real-time resolution of queries and high responsiveness are some common reason why businesses adopt messenger bots in their marketing strategy.

Today, messenger bots are smarter than they have ever been. They are less likely to be riddled by error or glitch because they are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

So how do you get started with Messenger Marketing?


get started with Messenger Marketing


How It Works


Facebook Messenger marketing is a method of marketing in which you use the instant messaging platform (Facebook Messenger in this case) to engage or interact with customers and prospects, to grow your business. 

Messenger marketing is a more effective and accessible, simpler and faster means for businesses to connect with thousands of customers across the world.

Through messenger marketing, businesses may pass across messages (with the help of chatbots) and customers, who have engaged with a particular business, can buy the services or products that are on sale, all within the instant messaging platform.

An excellent messenger marketing strategy will positively impact your relationship with customers while increasing sales. 

With the help of messenger bot, businesses will start to witness a better opening and click rate because of its ease of access.

You can use messenger bots to update your customers on the latest events, promo, discounts or new products.

For example, Zebrabuzz messenger bot has a custom reminder and push notification feature. This can be effectively used to re-engage prospective customers.

In addition to that, messenger bots can be used to create brand awareness, swiftly reply to customer enquiries and for content marketing. 


The Most Effective Messenger Marketing bot


The market is quite saturated with lots of messenger bot platforms. Zebrabuzz messenger bot stands out.

It is suitable for businesses looking for a messenger bot they can use to do a high-level customer engagement with customers.

Zebrabuzz allows you to build an intelligent messenger bot, even without the knowledge of coding or programming. It is budget-friendly and offers a free plan. 

Zebrabuzz is a multichannel chat bot-building platform suitable for automated engagement or interaction with customers via Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, SMS and email.


Best Messenger Marketing Tips 


To help you get the most out of messenger marketing, we compiled some tips that will guide you all the way:

  • Use your customer feedback as a guide when building your messenger bot;
  • Promote your messenger bot in places where prospective customers will likely visit;
  • Ensure you customise your bot to be more interactive, helpful and responsive;
  • Don’t forget to add a personality and tone to your bot;

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