Chatbots are rapidly changing the customer service landscape for the better. Customers detest slow and sluggish customer service response.

The era of delaying customers being delayed for hours before speaking to a customer care agent is over. There has been a tremendous change in the behavioural pattern of today’s customers.

Technology remains one of the biggest influences of this change. Now that customers are demanding real-time solutions, businesses are trying to keep up with the pace, which is very justifiable.

Statistics have shown that customers demand enquiries be responded to in less than an hour.

In a situation where a business receives more than sixty messages per minute, will it be possible to provide a timely response to each customer? False, except through the use of reliable and effective chatbots.

Zebrabuzz chatbot can be used to improve the customer experience while enriching customer interaction, allowing your business to enjoy fast and seamless interaction with customers on social media, website and even through short messages service.

It is believed that close to 1.5 billion dollars will be invested in AI-powered chatbot between this year and 2025.

It can be disastrous to annoy your customers. In fact, making your customers happy is a priority of every business.

And that can only be done when you provide them with their needs whenever they require it and however they want it. You have to adapt to their demands and provide a real-time solution to their issues.

This is the present stage of the evolution of customer engagement. 24/7 availability, even when you are not online. It can only be possible through the deployment of chatbots.

Chatbots can improve customer experience by personalising contents and recommending products for your customers while being available for instant support along various touchpoints.

The 2020 covid19 pandemic pushed the effectiveness and capabilities of chatbots to the limelight.

As customer service centres closed down globally, and brick and mortar operations were being halted, smart companies were already seeking a better means of tackling the barrage of enquiries and bombardments of issue.

Chatbot became a reliable solution to the challenge, and more businesses and government parastatal deployed chatbots to provide services to millions of people.

The fact remains that customer experience is essential. It is the experience your customer gets from your business. Customer experience can significantly affect your business negatively or positively.

Deploying chatbot can substantially boost your overall experience. This is the reason they are a ‘must-have’ in your customer service strategy.

This article will show you how to use chatbots to improve your customer experience.

Improve Customer Experience

How to use Chatbot to Improve Customer Experience

Chatbots provides Fast, Reliable Round-the-clock resolutions

Why do businesses strive to improve customer experience? To make their customers happy and contented. Nothing pleases customers more than helpful, competent assistance, splendid shopping experience and fast resolutions. Chatbots can do all this and more. 

By using chatbots in your business can:

  • Assist customers in finding whichever products they seek.
  • Provide real-time, round-the-clock answers to simple questions.
  • Boost your customer response time while reducing delays.
  • Help customers while making a purchase or checking out and resolving any problems they may have whenever they shop on your e-commerce store. 

The fantastic thing about using chatbots in customer engagement is that it is effortless to build one.

With Zebrabuzz, cost-effective and simple-to-use chatbot builder, you can create a highly effective business chatbot in minutes. Zebrabuzz has options to help you customise a powerful bot for customer engagement. 

Your customer service rep will need to sleep, but your chatbot is always active. Transactions, requests and inquiries may happen during off-business hours.

This means customers will need customer support even when your customer service representatives are not active. Y

our website chatbot or messenger bot will still be available at those critical times to provide round-the-clock support.

If the issue at hand is too complex for your chatbot, it can even assist the customer in scheduling a time for conversing with your customer service agent, to ease the customer. 

Customer engagement on social media 

Chatbots are not just for websites use alone.  They can be a significant part of your social media customer service strategy.

A great majority of your customers are on social media and are always in haste to reach out to businesses on these social media channels. For example, a Facebook messenger bot can be used to interact and engage with your customers on that platform.

Your messenger bots will provide round-the-clock customer service to your customers. You can customise your bot to frequently send personalised direct messages to your customers on social media platforms.

Businesses today are realising chatbots can boost social media marketing and improve lead generation and conversion. 

A good instance of how businesses can improve customer experience using a chatbot is allowing your customers to order foods or products on social media using chatbots.

This will surely make your customers pleased and excited. A lot of e-commerce and food delivery brands have used Zebrabuzz to build bots that directly message their customers on the latest deals, promo and discounts.

This will considerably enhance customer engagement, brand loyalty and revenue. 

Brand Personalisation

The chatbot is highly fluid that it can interact with customers across the various touchpoints.

Not only can it assist the customers with the swift resolution of issues and other customer service support processes, but it can also help personalise your brand or business.

Brand personalisation is the key to improving customer experience, connecting emotionally with your customers and winning their loyalty. 

With Zebrabuzz, you can customise your chatbot to have a distinct personality or mood or tone that reflects your business value.

This will allow your business to be perceived as ‘original’ and unique. You can build your chatbot to be humorous, clever, chummy and kind, amusing or courteous.

The choice is yours, but a great personality will lead to better customer engagement and bonding. Customers look out for authenticity when choosing a brand.  

It is very saddening that most businesses are yet to improve their customer experience because they cannot access artificial intelligence.

Zebrabuzz is a platform that will help you improve your customer engagement and interaction, thus bettering your customer experience. It is not only effective but also affordable. Click here to get started.

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