Conversational marketing tools are used by businesses to interact with prospective customers by delivering personalised conversations, recommendations and promotions.

Businesses utilise conversational marketing tools to detect potential buyers on social networks or website, reply enquiries, exploring highly productive sales strategies or redirect customers to payment portals.

With a highly effective chatbot like Zebrabuzz, which optimises artificial intelligence, businesses can design smart response flows that will assist customers at several touchpoints, using their activities and preferences.

With the proper conversational marketing tool, there is always an opportunity for businesses to win back uninterested customers by reaching out to them at a later time. 

A great advantage of conversational marketing tools is its ability to offer quality customer service and streamline the purchase process for new and old customers 24/7.

Businesses that are quick to properly utilise these tools experience better lead generation, fast conversational funnel and greater insights into customer’s behavioural preferences. 

Most conversational marketing tools often integrate with chatbots to create productive, real-time customer interaction.

For instance, Zebrabuzz chatbot can redirect your customers to your human agent in case of a highly complex issue. Zebrabuzz chatbot can also be integrated into Facebook Messenger, SMS, eCommerce web store and even email messaging, to create an omnichannel or multichannel sales strategy.

Businesses can even synchronise these conversational marketing tools with their e-commerce stores or payment portals to facilitate easy purchase process or transaction.

Another advantage of conversational marketing tools is that they are useful in social media customer service strategy to enhance customer interaction. 

Business can use conversational marketing tools to create a delightful and rewarding experience for customers through interactions and engagements.

One way of increasing sales and marketing your products to your customers is by paying attention to your customers while you strive to build a great relationship with them.

Conversational marketing sends the correct messages to your customers about your products and services. 

Successful businesses deploy conversational marketing tools to move customers rapidly through their sales funnel. There is no boring moment for your customers with these tools.

They will be a major boost to your customer engagement and customer acquisition effort. 

Do you want to offer your customer round-the-clock availability? Do you want to boost your lead conversion? Then you need to try conversational marketing tools. 

Here are three of the best conversational marketing tools you can use: 

conversational marketing tools

Zebrabuzz chatbot 

Zebrabuzz is a leading chatbot platform and can help in customer interaction and delivering real-time replies to your customer’s enquiries.

Zebrabuzz chatbot is always available round-the-clock and can engage with your customers, fixing basic customer queries in a very effective way. It is essential for businesses with international customers and can reduce your operational cost and expenditure.

It is powered by artificial intelligence and utilises natural language processing (NLP) to reply to your customers in a clear, natural and friendly manner. It performs optimally with minimal human assistance. 


Here are some features of Zebrabuzz chatbot: 

  • Facebook messenger bot  Zebrabuzz chatbot can easily be integrated into Facebook messenger. It can be used to interact with your customers and boost your open rate up to 98%. 
  • Reaching out to your customers via email  Zebrabuzz chatbot is highly effective and powerful, it can be used to send email messages to customers. 
  • Bulk SMS: Need to send bulk SMS to all or targeted sections of your customer base? Zebrabuzz chatbot is there for you. 
  • Woocommerce Abandoned Cart You can use Zebrabuzz chatbot to craft reminder messages which can automatically remind your customers that they may have abandoned products in their cart.
  • Ecommerce on FB Messenger What if you want to sell your product directly to your customers on Facebook messenger? Zebrabuzz chatbot can help you to do e-commerce on Facebook messenger.
  • Generate More Leads Zebrabuzz messenger bot can help gain qualified leads which will enable you to acquire more potential customers. 
  • Auto FB Comment Reply Zebrabuzz chatbot uses automation. So it can automatically reply to comments on your business page on Facebook. With the Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder tool, even when you are offline, Zebrabuzz bot will interact with your customers. 
  • Automatically like comments: You want to build your business as a responsive and engaging one? Zebrabuzz chatbot will like your customer’s posts on your page automatically. 
  • Automatic Private Response You want to reply to your customer’s comments privately. Then Zebrabuzz chatbot will direct message them automatically round-the-clock. 
  • There is a free plan availability. 


BirdEye is an online reputation management software aimed at assisting all types of businesses to gather, market and observe customer reviews. It helps businesses boost their online presence and reputation. 


Here are some features of BirdEye:

  • Track the biggest review websites. 
  • Reply reviews. 
  • Manage business reviews. 
  • See review alerts. 

Hubspot Marketing spot

Hubspot is one of the best growth platforms on the internet. Businesses use Hubspot to grow their business and improve their engagement with customers. Hubspot has served more than 50,000 businesses. Hubspot is made up of the Service hub, Sales hub, Consumer relationship management platform and a marketing hub. It is a great conversational marketing tool for businesses. 


  • Analytics. 
  • Advanced customer relationship management. 
  • Knowledgebase. 
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Website themes. 

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