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ZebraBuzz ChatBot Features

Connect With New & Existing Customers Wherever They May Be! - Generate Leads And Sales In Real-Time Via Web Chat, SMS & Facebook Messenger


What You Can Do With ZebraBuzz ChatBot

Connect and convert customers with a highly intelligent web ChatBot, on any platform. An opportunity to talk to both new and existing customers. As if that is not enough, you can instruct this intelligent web bot to email them or text them.

Trending Features

Messenger Chatbot

Build highly intelligent Facebook Messenger chatbot to support new and existing customers and generate more leads

Social Media Poster

Manage your social media accounts from one central place on Zebrabuzz Show commitment and build trust in your customers.

Ecommerce AI Bot

Zebrabuzz chatbot helps you set up your eCommerce on Facebook Messenger. Sell on Messenger/send traffic to your site.

24/7 Real-time Chatbot Customer Service

The highly intelligent Zebrabuzz chatbot is online 24/7 to engage your existing and new customers in natural language.


High-Level Engagement With Your Website Visitor and With Your Users On Facebook

Automatic Private Response

Send automatic private responses and replies to comments on your posts. ZebraBuzz works for 24/7

Automatically Like Comments

Like comments on your posts automatically. Show your users that your are always available to respond to them

Auto FB Comment Reply

Automatically respond to comments on your FB posts. ZebraBuzz will engage with your users while you’re sleeping.

Generate More Leads

Gain more qualified leads, reach more potential customers and subscribers through ZebraBuzz Messenger Chabot.

Ecommerce on FB Messenger

Create full-blown e-commerce on FB messenger with ZebraBuzz; Sell more products to billions of FB users

Woocommerce Abandoned Cart

Create and send automatic and custom reminders to customers who have abandoned products in their carts.

Send Bulk SMS Via ChatBot

Send highly targeted bulk SMS to all or a selected portion of your customers and subscribers at once.

Send E-mail Via ChatBot

ZebraBuzz Chatbots are not restricted to websites. Use ZebraBuzz to send emails to your customers etc.

Facebook Messenger ChatBot

Zebrabuzz is Facebook messenger chatbot – with it you can message your customers & gain up to 95% open rate.

Our Customers

The simplicity of the platform and the ability of our ZebraBuzz Chabot to generate leads, collect qualified email lists and sell more products has made our users to love it! Zebrabuzz makes my job so easy; almost too easy.

Quick, Easy & Problem-free

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