Customer engagement is important in all social media platforms, including Instagram. Instagram, in recent times, has emerged as one of the biggest customer service channels.

A lot of businesses own Instagram accounts, which they use to engage and interact with customers. For growth and increased revenue, your business will have to market and create awareness on Instagram because of its robust userbase (more than a billion average monthly users). 

Today, customer engagement on Instagram can be automated and optimised by free effective tools, such as Zebrabuzz. 

Instagram can be utilised as a launcher to build the reputation of your business while encouraging brand loyalty, customer retention and acquisition.  

Free Tool to engage with customers on Instagram

How you can boost your customer engagement on Instagram with Zebrabuzz

Instagram has close to a billion users monthly. More than 90 million images and short videos are posted on Instagram daily.

This makes Instagram a veritable platform to boost your business visibility to customers. The aim of marketing is brand awareness and recognition.

Through customer engagement on Instagram, your business will begin to grab customers’ interest. Zebrabuzz, for example, is one the free tool you can use to engage customers effectively to bolster your social media customer service strategy. 

Instagram has close to a billion users monthly. More than 90 million images and short videos are posted on Instagram daily.

Zebrabuzz is a very powerful and free marketing tool for your social media campaign. It has a lot of fantastic features that will make engagement with customers easier and more effective.

An example is the ‘Instagram Reply Enhancer’ feature. This helps you to automate comments on Instagram. Your marketing task will be much more performance-driven with tools like this.

As we have mentioned earlier, Zebrabuzz free marketing tool is highly effective to engage customers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and the likes.. Here are some ways it can better your customer engagement on Instagram.

Delete and hide offensive or rude Instagram comments

It is important that your business has a positive reputation and a clean image on Instagram.

An abusive, rude or offensive Instagram comment by either competitors or annoyed clients can dent your business reputation and cause your business to lose respect in the eyes of customers.

It can get challenging when it comes to monitoring your Instagram comments because it is not possible to keep an eye on all your customers’ comments. This is where Zebrabuzz Instagram marketing tool can help your business.  

With the ‘comment automation for Instagram’ feature and the plug-in ‘Instagram Reply Enhancer’, you can delete or block offensive comments in real-time.

What is required of you is to highlight rude keywords and other initial settings. The keywords will be used to identify the insulting or rude comments and automatically hide these comments. 

Delete, block and hide hateful or impolite Instagram comments

The key to better customer engagement on Instagram is a positive reputation and great brand image.

Hateful, impolite and rude comments littered on your Instagram page can harm your brand reputation, leading to mistrust and customer churning.

No business wants this. A solution is to actively monitor all your Instagram comments, but this is challenging and stressful for businesses. Zebrabuzz free tools can improve your business in this aspect.

Zebrabuzz has a feature called ‘comment automation for Instagram’. This enables you to automatically block or hide rude or impolite comments. The only thing required of you is to highlight these undesirable or hateful keywords.  

Then, any comments that contain those insulting keywords will be deleted in real-time.


A good way to engage customers on Instagram is to actively interact with your customers. This can be through frequent updates of information, products and news. 

It is natural that prospects and old customers will occasionally ask questions or make enquiries via the comment section.

To provide quality engagement to your customers, you will have to swiftly respond or reply to their enquiries. This might be very challenging to do without automation.

Zebrabuzz can help you in this regard. Zebrabuzz tool can be used to auto-reply your customer’s comments or respond to their enquiries.

The Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder tool is a very useful tool in automatically replying comments and messages either publicly or privately.

This will not only reduce the amount of time spent on tracking customers’ comments but help retain your customers and prevent loss of interest due to dull replies.

Auto comment and reply to wherever you are mentioned

As times go by, your business may be recommended or referred to family and friends by old customers. On Instagram, this happens through mentioning.

A comment or post will usually have your business Instagram handle. This is very difficult to track and find. It is highly important to respond on time in order to follow up on the interest in your product by the prospective customer.

Zebrabuzz free tool ‘got your back’ in this regard. The tool can automatically track and respond to posts or comments that ‘mention’ your Instagram handle.

Check all the comments of a post with a single click 

Instagram Reply Enhancer is an important feature of Zebrabuzz free tool. It helps users monitor all the comments on their  Instagram business page via single click on a single window.

With this feature, it will become exceedingly easy to track and view all mentions and tags.

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