Conversion rate is simply the percentage of visitors from the total number of visitors that land on your website or page who complete a desired action. The desired action differs based on what your goals are and what aligns with your business objectives.

Nevertheless, conversions in e-commerce are generally the people that purchased a product or service from your online store. Therefore, an increase in the conversions from your Facebook store is key to a boost in revenue and sales.

An e-commerce site has a conversion rate of about 2%. This means that for every 100 visitors that land on your page, you should expect to get two customers only.

Although this is generally considered to be a good conversion rate, with the use of the latest marketing software tools available, you can expect to get more conversions than that from your Facebook store.

That, and coupled with the fact that Facebook has billions of monthly active users, you can expect more visits on your page which will lead to an increase in your conversions from your Facebook store.

However, to increase conversions from your Facebook store, you need to do something different from the conventional way of marketing on Facebook.

This means you need to use marketing tools that will help you automate and optimise your Facebook marketing.

There are several marketing tools that you can use to optimise your page to increase the conversions from your Facebook store.

Zebrabuzz is one of such web marketing tools that can be integrated into your Facebook store to drive up sales.

This tool can boost your sales by automating the marketing and sales cycle of your business to boost your revenue in record time significantly.

How Zebrabuzz Boosts Conversions from a Facebook Store

Zebrabuzz helps Increase conversions for your Facebook store

We know to drive up sales, there must be an increase in conversions from a Facebook store.

Zebrabuzz is a tool that has been designed to perform a series of tasks that are aimed at driving up sales on your online store.

Let us discuss how the Zebrabuzz marketing SaaS software helps boost your conversions above that of your completion.

Through a Highly Intelligent Chatbot

As Facebook is a social media platform, many people who want to buy products want the sales cycle to be fast so they can get back to what they came to do on the platform.

88% of Facebook users use the platform primarily to chat with loved ones. They do not want to be distracted too long from this goal.

Therefore, if you want to increase conversions from your Facebook store, you must ensure the process of buying from you is quick and hassle-free.

The Zebrabuzz artificial intelligence chatbot can take orders and market products. It helps users to easily navigate through a store and find what they want to buy quickly.

For instance, if a person needs to buy a shoe from an e-commerce clothing store, they may be discouraged after realising they may have to browse through a vast catalogue of products to find exactly what they want to buy.

However, with the Zebrabuzz chatbot, your potential customers can message your business, ask for a product and have the exact one brought to them.

All a user who wants to buy from you needs to do is say hello to the bot, tell it what he or she wants to buy, and products that fit exactly with the description are brought to them.

The chatbot runs on the latest artificial intelligence, which means it can identify keywords that will be used to optimise search results to fit what a customer wants.

It is like going to a store, asking for what you need from the storekeeper and getting directed to the exact part where you can find it. However, this time, you are not being directed to the ‘exact part,’ but to the ‘exact product.’

This will significantly increase your conversions from the Facebook store as you have shortened and eased their sales cycle.

Engage customers to boost your conversions

Engage Customers

Creating quality content and engaging your customers can also help you increase conversions on your Facebook store.

If your content is quality and you engage customers regularly, people will find your page useful and will come to see what you have to offer. This will drive up traffic and significantly increase your conversions.

Thankfully, this can also be done by the Zebrabuzz highly intelligent chatbot, which is capable of simulating real-time conversations with your customers just like a human.

With its natural language processing AI feature, it can interpret users’ messages and reply in like manner.

Zebrabuzz E-Commerce in Messenger Store

As Facebook allows you to integrate a store into your page, why not choose to use the Zebrabuzz e-commerce in Messenger virtual store?

This virtual store comes with so many features that help automate the process of selling on Facebook.

It works just like a Facebook store should work but with many different functionalities like the social poster tool and the abandoned cart recovery reminder among many others. These tools are important to you if you want to increase conversions on your Facebook store.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminder

Some people check a product on your page, add them to their cart, but forget to complete the purchase. This Zebrabuzz feature helps send a reminder to the customer to buy the products,

It can send the reminder via email, SMS, or as a reminder on Facebook Messenger. As more people are reminded to checkout, you will increase the number of conversions from your Facebook store.

Read more on the abandoned cart recovery reminder tool here.

Social Poster

The social poster is used to schedule bulk posts on your Facebook page. As your posts are your product catalogue, you need to be consistent with them.

This tool is part of the Zebrabuzz e-commerce in Messenger feature, and it will help you make posts to as many social media platforms as you want, including Facebook.

This will keep your customers abreast of new arrivals and product updates at all time.

Suggesting a Product Immediately after a Purchase

Another way to increase your conversions from a Facebook store is by displaying more products that you sell after a customer completes a purchase.

In fact, you do not have to wait till the purchase is completed; more products that match the one a customer is interested in can be recommended alongside the ones they want.

A customer might see a product, like it, but after viewing the details may feel it does not have the complete specifications he or she wants.

By offering other products that fit the description of what they want to buy, you increase your chances of getting more conversions from your Facebook store.

The Zebrabuzz marketing tool can help you do this seamlessly. It is a highly intelligent bot meaning it can identify keywords to find products related to what a user wants and recommending it to them.

This will ensure the customer spends more time on your store, browsing through your product catalogues which will increase traffic and your chances of making them a conversion.

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