The timeframe it takes to build a chatbot depends on many factors. One cannot say there is a specific time it will take to build a chatbot.

You can build a chatbot within half an hour, and it can also take up to 8 weeks. Some chatbot building platforms already have templates created for each kind of business which makes the process of designing fairly faster.

However, you can have more control over your chatbot by building from scratch on platforms like Zebrabuzz.

Zebrabuzz offers you the chance of building an artificially intelligent chatbot in minutes.

You can build your chatbot within minutes, but setting it up, editing and designing bot reply settings may take longer.

Building your chatbot on a platform like Zebrabuzz never really ends. As you have full control, you can get to design it, alter, and change some settings at any time you want.

Now that you know how long it takes to build a chatbot, what are the reasons why there is no specific timeframe to the construction time?

Chatbot Building Platform

Chatbot developers are one of the reasons why bot creation time differs. For instance, some chatbot platforms already have templates for each business, and you only have to edit.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Chatbot

However, you either do not have control over how your chatbot looks or you cannot use it for multiple purposes. As there is already a template that you choose from, you can only use the chatbot in tandem with the selected template.

There could be chatbot templates for supermarkets, restaurants, IT, etc. therefore; your chatbots can only be used based on the template you choose, nothing more.

If you also want to commission your chatbot building process to programmers or coders to build for you, it will likely take more time. This is why some take up to 2 months or more to build.

With Zebrabuzz, you are in control of your chatbot from start to finish, and you can also get to use it in as many places as possible.

Suppose you have more than one business that offers different services. With a template chatbot, you may not be able to integrate all your business into it.

However, you can create one chatbot on Zebrabuzz that can be used for as many businesses as possible.

All you need do is design the buttons in your bot reply settings for your customers to select the service they want and you are set. To top it off, the chatbot is artificially intelligent, and it can be built in minutes!

Type of Chatbot

There are about two primary categories of chatbots – rule-based and artificial intelligence chatbots. Generally, to create each requires different lengths.

How Long does it take to build a chatbot

However, this only applies if you’re commissioning your chatbot development to a coder. A programmer may require a long time to build your chatbot if it would be AI-based.

Thankfully, you do not need to wait so long any more. Several chatbot building platforms allow you to build an AI- bot in record time.

Functions of the Chatbot

Another reason why how long it will take to build a chatbot differs is the functions it will be used for. The purpose of your chatbot has a huge role to play in how fast you complete it.

A chatbot that only automates replies to comments and messages on your page will not take long. It may take just a few minutes to do this.

However, if you want a chatbot that can sell products, create massive email lists and generate quality leads, among many others, it would take longer.

As chatbots have many functions, the more roles it is expected to perform, the more time it would take whether you are commissioning it out or using a platform like Zebrabuzz.

Features that will be Enabled

There are many features of chatbots. The more the features you want to be enabled, the more time it takes to build and vice-versa.

Chatbots have features like abandoned cart recovery reminder which sends reminders to customers when they forget to complete a purchase.

primary categories of chatbots

Your chatbot can also have a product price variation feature. This is for businesses that sell products whose prices may vary based on certain attributes.

For example, for a restaurant that sells pizza, a medium-sized pizza would differ from a large one. This applies to other e-commerce businesses like clothing and many others.

If you want your chatbot to be able to change price based on the choices of your customers, a chatbot like Zebrabuzz can do that.

If you also want to automate your posts so that the chatbot makes automatic posts for you on all your social media platforms, it can also be done by this chatbot.

There are so many other features on offer, and as many of them that you integrate is how long it will take to build your chatbot.

Other factors include the size of the customers, which may only apply to people who want to commission the building process.

However, by using chatbot platforms, you don’t have to worry about the size of your customers. Chatbots built on Zebrabuzz can attend to as many customers as you have simultaneously.

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