Digital marketing has significantly increased over time, and with this comes the need for businesses to find ways to pull customers. This has led marketers to the use of chatbots which helps to boost online business, especially on social media like Facebook.

Although chatbots have existed for quite some time, they have gained more popularity recently. As more notable companies adopt them, other businesses must also take advantage of this innovation and put themselves ahead of their competitors.

While the regular chatbots will do a fairly good job for you in boosting business, integrating an AI-powered chatbot like Zebrabuzz, for instance, can put you in the driving seat and give you added benefits.

Data shows that there are now about 2 billion monthly active Facebook users; the social media platform also allows you to have a business page as well as a feature called Facebook Marketplace.

That is not all, presently; Facebook hosts over 80 million small and medium scale business pages on its platform, a huge increase from the 30 million it had back in 2015.

These numbers only prove that Facebook is one of the best platforms for you to boost your business.

You have the stage, and now it’s time to be smart because you share this stage with millions of other competitors who may likely offer the same services as you.

The competition means consumers now have high expectations and one smart way to stand out is through the use of chatbots to boost your business on the Facebook platform.  

Facebook Messenger chatbots, introduced in 2016, make things better for businesses, and it is worth taking time to see how you can use them to boost your business.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that can simulate conversations with users on mobile applications websites or messaging platforms.

Some chatbots are so intelligent that when you have conversations with them, it feels like you are conversing with your friends.

While there are different kinds of chatbots, Zebrabuzz, and many other types of AI-Powered chatbots can have great conversations with users.

They can also use their intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to engage customers as well as learn and improve themselves.

Chatbots have a lot of benefits, and you probably know that already. However, let us take a look at how you can use chatbots to get more business on Facebook.

How You Can Use Chatbots to Boost Business on Facebook

If you plan to use chatbots to get more business on Facebook, then you will use the Messenger feature of the app.

Since its creation in 2011, Messenger has steadily changed from being merely a messaging platform and now means more.

Marketers now find it useful, not only marketers and business owners, but users also use it for many other things like ordering an uber, paying bills, among many other things.

The introduction of Messenger bots in 2016 ushered in more ways to use the app and with it more opportunities to use chatbots to boost business on that arm of Facebook.

There is so much potential that comes with using Facebook Messenger chatbots, especially for your business.

According to Forbes, Messenger is “the new way to do business.” More research reports show that within the next 5-7 years, Messenger marketing will “become the single biggest marketing channel in the world.”

That being said, here are some ways you can use chatbots to boost business on Facebook:

Send Broadcasts

One effective way you can use chatbots to boost business on Facebook Messenger is by sending broadcasts to subscribers.

Asides engaging your customers, some highly intelligent chatbots like Zebrabuzz can also be used to send broadcast messages for you.

This can be effectively done by sending content like news and updates about your business, especially the ones that concern limited offers, juicy deals, and a lot more content your users may be interested in.

As your chatbot sends this regularly, it is pulling traffic to your page as more broadcasts it sends increases the chances of getting more users to visit your page and make purchases.

Build Massive Email Lists

Away from broadcasts, chatbots can also help build massive email lists for your business.

After each conversation with a user, your chatbot will store their data, including the email address. This helps you build more email lists which allow you to market your products even via emails.

That is one of the simplest ways you can use chatbots to boost your business from Facebook.

Generate Quality Leads

The goal of most businesses is to make profits and chatbots can help you to make more profits than you currently are.

Chatbots can generate quality leads that eventually become conversions. Leads are your business’ potential customers, and chatbots can help you fish for them.

Also, chatbots can advertise and market your products and services. Chatbot marketing is the most effective type of marketing with assurances of about 70-85% open rate. Some chatbots like Zebrabuzz, for example, offer up to 90-95%.

Email marketing is the closest form of marketing, and it is still miles behind with assurances of only a maximum of 10% open rate.

People are more likely to open a message on Facebook Messenger because they are unaware that a bot sent it.

Chatbots will boost your business on Facebook by significantly improving click-through and response rates.

Speed and Efficiency

With an increase in competition, customers now have high e

Studies show that 90% of users who message an online marketing business expect a reply within 10 minutes. Customers’ expectations have changed expectations; they demand more nowadays.

Happy customers mean referrals and more sales. Therefore, chatbots help to keep existing customers happy and also ensure you do not lose new ones.

The speed and efficiency of chatbots will help you keep your customers, gain new ones, which means more business for you, whether on Facebook or anywhere else.

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