The world has become a digital village; you may have come across terms like artificial intelligence and Facebook Messenger chatbot and do not understand their meanings.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer program that can simulate conversations with a user on websites, mobile applications or messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.

You may wonder whether a bot can chat like an actual human, and the answer is yes. Through the use of natural language, desired results are achieved.

Just the way you chat with your friend when you need to ask something peculiar, you can have a conversation with a Facebook messenger chatbot precisely like that. 

You may want to buy a bag from a store’s Facebook page, instead of browsing through all the bags they have, you could just start a chat with the bot and get more details.

If you have problems with the size of the bag, colour and every other issue you may think of, the bot is there to help. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Zebrabuzz has made Facebook messenger chatbots easy to use and understand whether you are a small scale business or a global enterprise like most of our customers.

What can a Facebook messenger chatbot do for me?

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Zebrabuzz

Whether you are the owner of a business or you are the customer, a Facebook Messenger chatbot comes with a lot of benefits and things it can do for you.

Asides simulating a conversation; it can also boost your sales as a business owner and make manoeuvring a website or mobile application easy for you as a customer.

A bot is a term that describes a computer that can automate tasks. Now imagine the tasks you can automate your chatbot to do – well, that’s all it can do for you, whatever you want.

You may also wonder how having a Facebook messenger chatbot will boost your sales as a business owner.

However, since you have the power to automate tasks, your chatbot can also send bulk SMS, emails and messages to your contacts and potential customers!

Also, as a customer, you would prefer having a conversation on a website to find out more about their products and services than emailing the site for answers. 

The Zebrabuzz Facebook Messenger chatbot can do so much that it might be better to ask what it cannot do instead. 

Here are some of the many reasons why having one will prove beneficial to you:

Generate More Leads

Leads are your potential customers. By generating leads for you, you will be able to create interest and receive more enquiries for your products and services.

Consider your sales right now, whether they are not so good, they are okay, or they are reasonable, know that using a chatbot will significantly increase the possibilities of having more.

As a customer, a company using Facebook Messenger chatbots has more chances of reaching you, and this is most important if they offer services that you want or require.

Build Massive Email List

Did you know that there are well over 1.3 billion active users of Facebook Messenger? 

These are not people who opened Facebook or have an account; these are people who have made Facebook messenger their primary way of communicating and messaging.

By automating your chatbot to request for emails when chatting with a user, you are increasing your email list and making it massive.

This way, you can send emails and newsletters about your products, services as well as promo offers.

You may have new products and want to notify your clients, especially the ones who have patronised you in the past about the latest product, an email list helps and as they say, the bigger, the better. 

Also, there may be an update on a product or service of yours that was initially unavailable but now is. Getting that information to a massive email list will significantly help your business. 

Customers who did not request for the product when it was initially unavailable may also end up building interest.

If as a customer, your email is part of your favourite store’s email listing, you make yourself available to receive updates, promos and great offers that you may not want to miss.

Give 24/7 Customer Support

247 support

As a customer, imagine you have an urgent enquiry to make about the products and services of a Facebook store, and you have to wait till they reply to your email to get that information.

You may be up at midnight, and you remember that you saw a beautiful shoe yesterday and you want to know if the store has it, getting a response immediately you ask the question will be refreshing.

As a business owner, having a chatbot will show your customers that you are very committed to bettering customer experience and giving customer satisfaction.

Facebook Messenger chatbots, like Zebrabuzz chatbots, are available 24/7 whether on your website, mobile applications or via email.

Sell More E-Commerce Products

At this stage, it should not surprise you that having a chatbot will make you sell more of your e-commerce products.

You can sell more and at the same time, make your customer experience better.

Do Facebook Messenger Chatbots have Disadvantages?

You have seen how much good they can do to both customers and businesses. It may look too good to be true, and you want to know the disadvantages of Facebook messenger chatbots.

There is only one thing you need to consider before using a chatbot. Most businesses ignore this, look at the benefits and just jump right in. 

As a business owner who is willing to take advantage of the benefits that this program offers, you must consider your customers. 

You are doing this for them, so you need to consider your audience. You must ask yourself if your audience is on Facebook or are active users of Facebook messenger.

While a more significant percentage of people in our world today are active users, your clients may not be fans of the platform.

Therefore, having a bot on there will most likely prove furtive.

What else? Can you support requests from Facebook messenger? You should not open a communication channel if you are unable to support it. 

While your bot can do most of the work for you, you still need to create time to do things like:

  • Monitor the questions you have not programmed your bots to answer
  • Promote your chatbot
  • Keep tabs on customer experience. Since this is one of the primary reasons why you are making a chatbot, you need to be regularly aware of how you are faring. 

While using chatbots is an excellent decision to make for your business, another important decision is choosing the right kind of bot.

Whenever you open almost any website, mail or Facebook page and find a bot, you can almost bet it is a Zebrabuzz.

With natural language processing combined with a friendly user interface, the Zebrabuzz chatbots give your business a significant upgrade and customer-friendly look. 

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