Facebook’s monthly active users are approaching 2 billion people, which mean many people use the platform. Therefore, with the possibility of reaching billions, placing e-commerce in Messenger has become important to the 21st-century online business.

Integrating your e-commerce into Facebook Messenger will give your online business the possibilities of reaching a lot of people, get new customers and clients and hence, be able to sell more products than using the regular e-commerce site.

Zebrabuzz’s E-commerce in Facebook Messenger, for example, assures more convenience than general e-commerce sites; this is both for the customer and your online business.

Limitations of E-Commerce Sites

While this is not to discredit e-commerce sites and their significance to online businesses, they do have certain limitations. These limitations can be detrimental to your business and what you aim to achieve.

One of the many cons attached to the use of e-commerce sites is the inability of customers to see more details than the product description.

In an age wherein customers have become picky and demanding, marketers are faced with the responsibility of satisfying customers desires to the fullest.

Competition in online business is at its peak presently, and in most cases, you need to convince your customers a little bit harder to get them to buy.

Most times, the description of a product on e-commerce sites is usually not enough. Customers can easily be discouraged as they want to see and hear more about a product. If they do not get it, they end up being unconvinced and leave.

While it is true that people do visit e-commerce sites to check out different products, how many actually make purchases?

Sometimes, and e-commerce site only gets to make sales because of their popularity and credibility. This is not good for small scale businesses and start-ups.

With the inability of e-commerce sites to provide all the adequate information, pictures, videos, and many more needed to convince clients, it poses as a limitation.

E-Commerce Messenger Online Business

Benefits of E-Commerce in Messenger for Online Businesses

The first advantage of e-commerce in Messenger for your online business is that it overrides the limitation of e-commerce sites.

Often, customers only need clarification on a product to buy. Also, some people simply want to speak with someone before making a purchase.

Customers crave the experience of going to the physical store, having a conversation with the sales representative, negotiating, and buying. However, they want to do this from home and at their convenience.

E-commerce in Messenger for an online business completely gives customers that experience. Communication between you and your customers has been made smoother, instant, and more effective.

Both the business and customer can have direct, real-time conversations for any issues relating to the product as well as any complaints.

Eventually, both parties develop a better understanding of each other which will, in the long run, encourage purchase.

Asides eventually making a purchase, speaking directly to a business helps customers develop trust in the brand. Over time, they start seeing your business as their one-stop-shop whenever they need anything.

Also, by using Messenger for your e-commerce, you allow clients the opportunity to shop even during their leisure time.

Many people use Facebook Messenger as the social media platform it is, that is, leisure and things like that. By using e-commerce in Messenger for your online business, you give your customers the chance to stay on the platform while shopping.

That is, they can chat with their friends and families and at the same time shop what they need. Talk about convenience.

Purchasing via e-commerce in Messenger is easy, convenient, and saves the customer’s time. Instead of e-commerce sites, why not use e-commerce in Messenger to attract more customers, grow your online business and earn more money?

E-Commerce Messenger Online Business

Manual Use of E-Commerce in Messenger

Manually using e-commerce in Messenger for your online business means chatting with customers, providing information, product images and videos, manual payment instructions etc.

This could become boring and strenuous, especially when you start getting more customers. You may find it difficult to attend to everyone quickly and may thus, lose customers.

This problem can be solved by hiring more employees, but it will only be temporary. This is because very soon, you will exhaust your employees.

Also, hiring more employees means more operational costs like wages, salaries, bonuses, trainings, and many recurring expenses.

It may also be difficult or impossible to have employees working round the clock even at night. Remember it is an online business and customers can come at midnight. Who will interact with them then?

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Zebrabuzz’s E-Commerce in Messenger Chatbot and How it Works

Zebrabuzz is amongst the best marketing software presently, and it has an e-commerce in Messenger chatbot for your online business.

The Zebrabuzz’ e-commerce in Messenger chatbot has all the features of an e-commerce site and can go through the whole process of selling via Messenger.

This means that this Zebrabuzz feature can accomplish everything the regular e-commerce site can do and more. Everything will be done on Messenger.

Using Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger is simple and straightforward. The first step is to create a virtual store, afterwards, set the chatbot. Your e-commerce Messenger chatbot will then be integrated into Messenger and will begin selling your products for you.

To get started with Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbot, click here.

If you want to know more about Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbot and how it works, click here.

E-Commerce Messenger Online Business

How Effective is E-Commerce in Messenger Chatbot?

Chatbot in Messenger e-commerce has several features that are significant in helping you grow your business and sell your products.

A recent study confirmed that chatbots have singlehandedly answered or solved 80% of user queries without human intervention.

That is to say, out of ten people, chatbots have done the work of eight.

Asides that, one of the most obvious reasons why e-commerce in Messenger chatbots are important for an online business is their availability, and Zebrabuzz chatbots are no different.

With Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbot, you do not need to hire more employees, and you can be available to engage your customers at any time of the day.

While you sleep, the Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbot is working and interacting with your customers.

Also, the Zebrabuzz can accommodate more than one user – multiuser. That is, with one Zebrabuzz, you can create multiple virtual stores and set up many e-commerce in Messenger chatbots if you run more than one online business.

You can also rebrand your Zebrabuzz to the e-commerce messenger chatbot services to other retailers as it is white-label and SaaS software. However, you will need to have an extended license on Zebrabuzz to achieve this.

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