There are several reasons why Facebook Comment Marketing is important for a business. Comment Reply Enhancers is a special feature of Zebrabuzz that allows business owners and marketers to hide and delete comments on your social media pages.

You may wonder why hiding and deleting comments has any importance to your business, but you will be exposed to how significantly leaving comments on your page can negatively impact your business.

Over time, through the experiences of customers, Zebrabuzz has learned that online businesses poach their competitors by regularly scrolling through their pages in search of customers to take away.

These customers that are ‘stolen’ are usually customers who make comments on the page. As a business owner, especially one on a prominent social media platform like Facebook, you run the risk of losing your customers to the competition when you leave comments on your posts.

Also, there are bad and abusive comments that may be as a result of a poor service or perpetrated by rivals which can negatively impact how people see your business and you need to hide these comments as soon as they are posted.

But of course, you cannot always be online, and no one knows when these comments will be made, hence, the importance of Facebook Comment Marketing which is part of the Zebrabuzz Comment Reply Enhancer feature.

Asides using this Facebook comment marketing feature to stop your customers from being poached, it is also important as it will help generate multi-media replies and comments that will keep your customers engaged at all times.

Zebrabuzz’s Facebook comment marketing is a feature that can also like and share posts on your business’ Facebook page. It will help you reply to comments on your page no matter how many these comments are.

Not only will it reply, but the feature can also personalise the replies by mentioning the commenter’s name in the reply, so it will not feel like a ‘one size fits all’ type of comment.

This is important as it makes the customer feel important that his or her comment was taken seriously enough.

Zebrabuzz’s Facebook comment marketing goes a long way in convincing your customers that you are committed to their customer service experience.

Hiding and Deleting Comments

If you knew how much of your customers that are being taken by your customers, you would realise how important hiding and deleting comments on your Facebook page is.

Our research has found out that online business competitors regularly scan through a business’ comment section to check whoever comments.

Whether it is a positive or negative comment, as long as a person comments, it means has either patronised your business before or is trying to patronise.

When your competitors see this, they start a conversation with such a person, offering them juicy and better offers than you can possibly offer in an attempt to pull them from you.

The solution to this problem is the Zebrabuzz comment reply enhancer. This feature is capable of hiding and deleting a comment depending on how you deem fit.

Therefore, your competitors will not be able to see the comments on your page and will not be able to poach your customers.

That is not to say you won’t be able to reply to your comments or act on them; you will still be able to see the comments and your customers will also see any reply you make to it.

However, this will only be between your business and the customer who commented; no one else will be able to see.

You can now solve a problem, keep in touch with your customers without running the risk of losing them to your rivals.

Multi-Media Comment

The Facebook comment marketing feature of Zebrabuzz’s comment reply enhancer can also make multi-media replies and comments.

That means the comments do not have to be text-based only. You can now reply with videos, images, audios, GIF, animation and any other form of multi-media content.

Sometimes, text can bore your customers and adding a bit of ‘spice’ by using images and videos to reply may just be what your customers want.

Multi-media comment replies can increase information diversity and has proven to bring positive responses from customers.

Images and video contents are more ‘attractive’ to customers than text-based replies. Therefore, with its ability to reply with multi-media, you are increasing the attraction of customers to your page.

Facebook Page Campaign

Zebrabuzz’s Facebook comment marketing feature can also automatically like and share posts on your Facebook page.

Asides replying, it can also send the content of the comment as a private message to your customers in case they do not get to see it.

The direct contact will improve the relationship between the customer and the business as it will make the customer feel important enough to be reached out to.

Tag Campaign

The Zebrabuzz Facebook comment marketing also has a feature called the tag campaign which will send a notification to the customer that comments. This is because the commenter’s name will be in the reply, so they get notified when the reply is made.

The particular post will also begin to appear on the news feed of all the friends of the commenter, which is in its way improving your publicity.

Imagine having a thousand comments on a single page. As a business that is committed to the experience of your customers, you are required to give a response to everyone.

Surely you will admit this will be a tedious task to embark upon especially as you are doing it manually.

You will also most likely get bored while doing this and remember this is not going to be your only post. The thought of it alone is enough to put you off.

However, a simple campaign on Zebrabuzz’s Marketing interface, you have access to the Comment reply enhancer which will automatically help you reply each of the comments instantly.

It will also personalise each reply for you without any supervision or help from you, and this can be done at any time of the day while you sleep or devote your time to something else.

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