Zebrabuzz is a marketing software that provides chatbots for business leads and sales. It allows you to connect with new and existing customers anywhere in the world.  Zebrabuzz has many unique features like the comment automation for an online business that we will talk about in this blog.

The features of Zebrabuzz are special and rare, and this makes it more powerful as well as increase the functionality for business owners out there who have accounts.

One of such features is Zebrabuzz’s Comment Automation feature known as Comment Reply Enhancers, which has proven to be useful in any online business.

Comment automation, when integrated into a Facebook Messenger chatbot, will do everything you need do on your Facebook page for your online business. It will also be regular, and you will not need to monitor it as it can work in isolation.

The Zebrabuzz Messenger bot will also interact with customers on your behalf, sell products, advertising etc. All you need do is integrate the chatbot into your Facebook page and set it up to work.

Tips for Retailers in Growing their Business

In recent times, retailers do their marketing by using several social media platforms. Social media is now a marketplace for retailers all around the world.

The reasons are not far-fetched – their customers are now found here. Among these social media platforms if Facebook.

Facebook has become arguably the most prominent social media platform we have today. The platform’s data reveals they have monthly active users approaching 2 billion people. That is a quarter of the whole world.

Many people send a huge amount of their day navigating through a Facebook news feed and their Messenger. Hence, retailers have taken the initiative to put their businesses on there.

When marketing their products, retailers usually make posts on Facebook, make comments under different Facebook posts, reply, like, and share posts, comments and many more.

These things assist retailers when marketing their products as well as keeping quality relationships with their clientele.

Of these things, sending private and direct replies has proven to be very important for retailers; hence, the reason for Zebrabuzz’s comment automation for online business.

Sending private replies is important because this will help retailers start private conversations with new and existing customers in real-time; hence, they can pull customers using conversational marketing.

Having real-time communication with customers make customers feel at ease and start getting a connection with the business they patronise, which will in no time lead to the development of long-lasting relationships.

As the relationship becomes stronger, customers will start feeling an affinity towards a particular product and will end up patronising more regularly.

Without the conversational marketing that Facebook Messenger offers, it will become difficult to have regular and trusting customers.

There are several reasons why e-commerce in Facebook Messenger is superior to e-commerce sites, and you will see why here.

Also, retailers face a struggle with constantly going through their comment sections to find abusive comments that can give them a bad image.

As much as Facebook Messenger offers lots of benefits, some people are not responsible for its use and go around using the safety of the internet to post abusive and untrue comments.

They also need to identify these abusive comments immediately they are made and send private replies to the perpetrators about it. Asides that, retailers also feel the need to identify the good ones and hide them as well.

You may wonder why the need to hide good comments? Well, our experience shows that several e-commerce rivals poach on good comments, send the writers a private message and try and take them away from their rivals by offering juicy deals at first.

Also, there may and will come a time when customers become bored with just text-only replies, comments, and messages.

Usually, the use of emojis and multimedia replies, messages, and comments like video, GIF, images, audio, files, etc. can go a long way in making the chat more interesting to customers.

These and many more are the responsibilities that retailers have. When as a retailer, you can send replies to comments and direct messages almost immediately and in real-time, you can also engage your customers with images, video, GIFS, audio, etc. customers develop trust for your business and products and will naturally want to buy more from you.

Hence, the introduction of Zebrabuzz’s comment automation for your online business!

Zebrabuzz’s Comment Automation Feature for Online Business

Now that you know the importance of constantly engaging with your customers, and the need for retailers to constantly watch out for comments on their post, let us talk more on what Zebrabuzz’s comment automation feature can do for your online business.

This feature of Zebrabuzz can do so much; it can make automatic and immediate multimedia comments under any post, can reply comments whether text-based replies or multimedia replies.

There are several different ways it achieves this. There is the Quick Reply feature, One-time notification, Generic Template, Carousel Media, Text with buttons, etc.

These different ways of replying also support different buttons like customer’s birthday, customer’s phone or email, customer’s location, Unsubscribe and Re-subscribe buttons, Webview (Compact, Full, Tall), chat with a bot, and chat with a human.

Let us identify different buttons under the comment automation feature for your online business, and they will work for you.

Quick Reply

Quick reply button supports user phone number, user email address, and postback. This means with a quick reply; customers can provide their details like phone number and email address in one click.

From the name, you will discover this type of reply will help customers to reply to messages instantly.

Immediately a customer clicks a quick reply button; it automatically gets their phone number and email address.

This comment automation for your online business will ease things for your customers as they no longer need to type their details manually and the quick reply button will get the two details you need instantly when they click the button.

Text with Button

The text with button simply means a button immediately is clicked, the text on that button is sent a message.

Generic Template

Under the generic template type of reply, Zebrabuzz will be able to use its comment automation to send linkable images using any button.

When a customer clicks the image, it will redirect them to the link.


With this type of reply in the comment automation for an online business, Zebrabuzz will display the video and image posts of your Facebook page.

This means if a customer has missed a media post of yours in the past, with this reply type, you can send it directly to them. It can also send to multiple people per time.

A button can also accompany the media post should, in case customers want to know more.

One Time Notification

This is another reply time that Zebrabuzz’s comment automation helps you with, which means when clicked, customers can receive first-hand information about a particular topic or products and services in future.

The ‘Notify Me’ button will trigger a notification message to be sent to the customer once it is time for that event.

The Different Kind of Buttons in Zebrabuzz’s Comment Automation

Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbot supports several buttons such as Web URL, Webview, Customers’ info buttons like email, phone number, and location and many others.

Call Us Button

This kind of comment automation feature button, when clicked by a customer, will immediately dial the number of an online business.

Unsubscribe Button

This button, when clicked, will automatically and instantly unsubscribe customers from the page. This will leave them out of the Facebook page’s subscription list.

They will no longer get broadcasts, bulk messages, as well as offers from such Facebook page.


The re-subscribe button functions as the opposite of an unsubscribe button. Just as users can unsubscribe from a Facebook page with one click, they can add themselves back to the service by re-subscribing with this button.

Chat with Human

This button is also self-explanatory. It is another Zebrabuzz comment automation feature that will help customers of an online business chooses when to chat with a human agent with one click.

When clicked, conversation with the Messenger bot is halted, and the customer is redirected to a human representative to take their requests and speak with them.

There is also the option of resuming chat with the bot using the ‘Resume Chat with Bot’ button.

Chat with Bot

Chat with bot button is the opposite of Chat with Human button. By clicking on the former, customers can begin a conversation with the e-commerce in Messenger bot.

You can as well chat with a human by clicking the appropriate button.

Postback Button

Postback buttons are one of the most prominent buttons in the Zebrabuzz comment automation for online business.

Customers can have access to several different information by clicking on a postback button. Several actions can be performed with this button, and the information given is itemised into categories.

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