Businesses need to keep in touch from time to time with customers and potential customers. This stage is where the benefits of chatbots come in and make an impact.

Chatbots are advanced automated relational robots that converse with users of different relational platforms like Facebook, Emails, Websites, amongst others.

There are several companies like Zebrabuzz that have taken up the responsibility of making this communication between businesses and online users a reality.

However, some business owners do not know the benefits of chatbots enough to propel them into employing its use.

Benefits of Chatbots

Increase in sales, all-round availability, and excellent customer service are some of the advantages of chatbots to a business.

It’s important to emphasize some of the benefits of chatbots to enable business owners to see the advantages of using it.


A chatbot represents you when you’re not there and this is one of its major benefits. The bot is systematically designed to decipher requests and give appropriate responses that you would have given if you were speaking to the customer.

It is more interesting that the more chatbots communicate with online users and your page visitors, the more its engagement with users, the more intelligent it grows.

In no time, you can have it communicating actively and lively with visitors.


Chatbots can handle conversations with multiple users at a time. This has covered up for the inability of an individual chatting and responding to multiple requests at a time.

This undoubtedly saves the costs of hiring multiple handlers of various online platforms in managing the relation of an entity and its online customers.

A Boost And Improved Reputation

Chatbots oil the wheels of progress of any entity that uses them.

How do you feel when you are responded to as fast as possible and getting the right responses that lead you closer to what you want?

Chatbots beautify the communication process and eliminate the annoying situations of an online audience having to wait for responses.

In their little but impacting way, chatbots help in securing and maintaining customers with its timely and effective relational intelligence.

Benefits of Chatbots to my Business

Ensuring the needs, aims, and objectives of a business are met can be bothering. One of the elements of this worry is the relationship between businesses and their online customers and potential customers.

However, in this regard, chatbots have come to play major benefits by giving several boosting elements to businesses.

Excellent Customer Service

Your customers need directions and guides as to how to navigate on your platform. Chatbots make up for this loophole by being there to provide directions and tips to visitors on how to manoeuvre their way on your page.

Talk about the need for more information about a product or service. Customers find Chatbots as a replica of a Sales Person at a store.

This impact helps in making users experience on your pages smooth and appealing.

All-round Availability

Chatbots benefits to businesses cut across the steady and unhindered availability of a communication medium between customers and businesses.

Frequently, the employment of a manual responder comes with minor hitches like a late response, slight unavailability as the responder cannot be available 24/7 and few other understandable hitches.

Using chatbots will eliminate these hitches because of their availability.
Talk about an online user waking up to enquire about a product on your Facebook page at 3 am.

Chatbots come in and respond to the requests while you rest. This is a remarkable and seemingly impacting benefit of chatbots as customers further rely on the business as a result of its timely and effective response to requests.

Increased Lively Engagement

A manual human representative cannot fully respond to all user queries.

Furthermore, it’s understandable to run out of humorous and compassionate responses after having responded to numerous questions and comments.

Chatbots perform another great role in this aspect in that they give a remarkable, engaging atmosphere.

Your page will become a fun zone with the humour chatbots incorporate in their intelligent responses.

Increased Lively Engagement

One of the Benefits of Chatbots is Provision of More Insights

Chatbots do not only communicate with your online customers. You can program them to gain insights on certain happenings on your page concerning visitors and their activities.

Why are they visiting but leaving without purchasing? This and more are information that chatbots can help acquire from visitors.

Concerning insights gotten from user data, the controversy about the application of user data is being taken seriously by chatbot companies like Zebrabuzz with a serious and dedicated application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in protecting end user’s data.

However, the prompts coming from the Chatbots are solely propelled by insensitive data and are characterized by simple questions about the activities of users.

This helps in monitoring users experience and perception of the service they get on business pages. In the long run, business owners get to determine what to change about their mode of operation. Should a product be marketed differently?

Which service should receive more intensity in marketing or which should be revisited and re-launched and many more angles of developing your business.

Increased Lead Generation And Favourable Metrics

Chatbots give businesses a boost in generating leads and ultimately making conversions. The metrics are undeniably favourable when chatbots are used.

There is an 80 to 95 per cent open rate that propels businesses into the public sphere, thereby increasing the clicking rates. However, Bots created by Zebrabuzz go a notch higher by giving a remarkable 95 per cent open rate.

The results acquired by chatbots are not magical. These metrics are achieved with the combination of several forms of Artificial Intelligence including apt semantic interpretation and comprehension, machine learning, natural language processing amongst others all of which are dispensed by topmost chatbots builders like Zebrabuzz.

Conclusively, the adoption of chatbots is of remarkable benefits to the development of businesses.

This will become evident in the continued maintenance of loyal customers and acquisition of new customers as a result of a reliable and fast relational system amongst other metrical analytical factors that help in making informed decisions about how to plan better and execute certain promotional strategies.


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