They are not new to us any more neither are they going away anytime soon. We know they are revolutionary, but what are the advantages of chatbots?

Ever since the rebirth of Facebook Messenger chatbots in 2016, there has been a whole lot of buzz and hype.

All the fanfare must have gotten to you, so you begin to wonder what the advantages of chatbots are. They are worth the hype, that is for sure.

Chatbots are innovative and the future of online marketing without any iota of doubt. It is not every day you see a computer software capable of doing the work of a whole marketing team.

While different types of chatbots exist and their capabilities vary based on their types, it still does not take away the fact that chatbots are the future of your business.

The advantages of chatbots are numerous and not only will they give you more space and leeway on your payroll; they will also put more money in your bank.

If there was ever a time to use chatbots, it is now. While it got more popularity after Facebook Messenger adopted it in 2016, it now has well over 300,000 users on the platform.

Don’t let that number make you think you are already behind; recent reports confirm that there are only about 1% of businesses on the messaging platform that has tried it.

You still have time, but that time is now! You need to pull ahead of your competitors in the market and give your customers the satisfaction they want and the profit you deserve.

However, before you dive in, it is what knowing the advantages of chatbots, but first, what are chatbots?

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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer program that can simulate conversations with a user on websites, mobile applications or messaging platforms.

Some chatbots are so intelligent that you can have a conversation with them just the way you converse with your friends.

While there are different types of chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots can have great conversations with users.

They can also use their intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to engage customers as well as learn and improve themselves. Cool, right?

Chatbots do a whole lot, and you probably know that already. However, let us take a look at some of the many advantages of chatbots.

Advantages of Chatbots

Chatbot Advantages

24/7 Availability

Chatbots are the closest thing to erasing the problem of customers waiting for a customer service representative to be free because they are always available.

When you are always available to engage your customers, you are showing commitment to customer experience and showing you care about customer satisfaction.

Being available every hour of the day, and every day of the week is one of the biggest advantages of chatbots.

A chatbot’s 24/7 availability is unmatched, and you will be hard-pressed to find a human employee that will be as available as a chatbot.

Customers who get responses immediately will always come back. Users will always return when you take care of their inconveniences.

The availability of chatbots is unmatched, which makes it one of the numerous advantages of chatbots.

Reduces Cost

To be frank, a well-designed chatbot on its own can do the job of a whole marketing team conveniently

This is not to disrespect the profession of marketing teams because it is wise to have one or two human customer support as back up to your chatbot.

Having a chatbot is less expensive than having a marketing team and with the former able to do the job of the latter even more efficiently, it is a no brainer.

You need to pay the salaries of your customer support staff monthly, and this is a recurring expense that can be avoided with the use of chatbots.

Although you may still require some additional human support to do a few details that chatbots may not be able to take care of, it reduces costs in general.

Being able to reduce the cost of production, increase productivity, and also increase sales is the dream of any business, and it can be yours, especially if you use good chatbots like Zebrabuzz.

Boosted Sales

No matter how impressive your sales are at the moment, building a chatbot can make it better, double it in fact.

This kind of advantage is mainly provided by highly intelligent bots like Zebrabuzz, and some others.

Chatbots generate quality leads; leads are your potential customers.

They can also be used to sell products, send updates about a product, an offer or a promo, build massive email lists.

You may think it is more like email marketing, but it is better. Chatbots can send personalised messages to each of your customers based on the content they want.

This will help customers find what they are looking for quickly.

Also, while an email marketer would expect to get about 5-10% open rate, using a chatbot greatly improves that number, and you’re looking at 70-80% open rates.

It even gets better when using chatbots like Zebrabuzz that offer up to 95% open rates; a big advantage that chatbots offer you.

Versatility and Multitasking

The versatility of a chatbot is unmatched. You will be hard-pressed to find a human employee that will willingly work in multiple areas and still run on the same costs or wages.

Chatbots can be used in a variety of places in your business.

Advertising, customer service, customer orders, scheduling appointments, giving clients reminders are just a few of the many units a chatbot can be deployed.

Chatbots can also respond to as many customers as possible at a time without feeling the need to rest or take a break! And with endless patience, there is no need to worry.

Some other advantages of chatbots include consistent and recorded answers, speed and efficiency, gaining consumer insights, personalisation among many other benefits it offers your business and customers.

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