Marketing on Facebook Messenger has taken on a new and improved look ever since the introduction of chatbots for Facebook Messenger.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer program that can simulate conversations with a user on websites, mobile applications or messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.

With over 1.3 billion active users per month and more than 8 billion messages sent between business owners and customers daily, you have the perfect market laid out for you.

However, as to all markets, you need always to seek the edge and be better than your competitors, especially a market that is full of competitors like Facebook Messenger.

A properly designed chatbot will comfortably and potently perform the job of a company’s marketing department and more.

Hence, the needs for chatbots for Facebook Messenger like Zebrabuzz and the likes.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger will significantly improve your business. Sales improvement and customer satisfaction are just a few of the areas it can improve your business in.

There are only just about 1% of businesses who have taken full advantage of chatbots for Messenger. Therefore, there is no better time to join in and gain grounds in the marketing world.

Nevertheless, as much as chatbots will give good results, striving for the one that gives better results than that of your competitors should now be your aim.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger is the future of online marketing. Do not let the ‘Facebook Messenger’ confuse you; they are not limited to Messenger.

They can also work on websites, emails, as well as mobile apps. In fact, they do not just work with the latter; they have the potentials to replace it in the not too distant future.

Indeed, reaching and engaging your customers, generating and converting leads among many more features means chatbot for Facebook Messenger points the way.

What’s more? Reports confirm that chatbots that can negotiate like humans are now being created. It will be brilliant for you and your business if you take the advantage from now.

A properly designed chatbot will comfortably do the job of a company’s marketing department and more.

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How will Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Help my Business?

There is much potential that comes with using chatbots for Messenger, especially for your business.

According to Forbes, using Messenger to market is “the new way to do business.”

More research reports predict that Messenger marketing will “become the single biggest marketing channel in the world in the next 5-7 years.”

Reaching your customers effectively wherever they are is one of the goals of businesses. With 1.3 billion people having 8 billion conversations daily, the opportunities to accomplish this are endless.

However, it gets tricky as putting your business on such a massive platform means more customers and more enquiries.

Surely you cannot handle them all, especially if you have other businesses to handle. If you do not have others, you have your personal life.

You most definitely cannot stay up 24 hours a day/7 days a week, 30/31 days a month. Hence, chatbots for Facebook Messenger comes in; working for you even while you sleep.

Your chatbot is like that extra employee who will do the work of your whole marketing team with a far lesser cost than that of running the team.

Gaining an advantage by using chatbots for Facebook Messenger for your business is important. It becomes more important because the arena is still open and un-crowded.

Merely 1% of the population of business owners on Facebook Messenger use chatbots for their business, and of this 1%, only a few have unlocked their full capabilities.

This implies that while some few businesses are already using, most of them do not use it properly to get desired results.

This is why it is important to gain the edge, use this innovation to full effect by using chatbots like Zebrabuzz that gives you full access to all that chatbots should offer you.

Another way of using chatbots for your business helps is in the area of open rates. You may be used to email marketing, but when it comes to chatbots, email marketing is rendered useless.

Coupled with the fact that you can as well proceed with using email marketing even while using a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, switching to a chatbot is a no brainer.

At best, email marketing will give you something in between 5% to 10% open rates. Marketing on Messenger, however, significantly makes your open rate 8x better to about 80%.

Introduce chatbots, and you make that 9x better to 90% and 95% open rate.

Now, begin to imagine 95% open rate on your marketing, amazing right? Sometimes people say the results are too good to be true and there is no lie in that.

With a 95% open rate, you can begin to expect response rates of about 20-25%! Terrific results that are for your business.

Terrific results that are for your business

What do Chatbots for Facebook Messenger do?

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the other things chatbots for Facebook Messenger will offer your business:

Simulate conversations

Chatbots will engage your customers like a human customer representative as well as ask questions like Frequently Asked Questions that will help improve your business delivery.

This is even made better by Zebrabuzz, which combines various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) like machine learning, semantic comprehension and natural language processing.

Gather and Send feedback

They can also give you customer feedback that will help in the long run.

Segment users and Personalise Experience

Instead of ‘one size fits all’, chatbots will personalise and segment users based on contents relevant to them.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Can Schedule appointments

Asides helping you schedule appointments; chatbots for Facebook Messenger will also make reservations, bookings, and offer reminders to your customers when their appointment is near.

Direct Customers to Human Representatives

If you have customers who would prefer speaking with human customer care representatives, chatbots can also do that.

There are numerous potentials you can unlock from using chatbots for Facebook Messenger.

From building massive email lists, generating more leads, purchasing items, providing 24/7 customer service, the possibilities for your business are endless.

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