There are so many wonders you can do to your business if you use Facebook Messenger to market.

With over 1.3 billion people actively using the messaging platform every month, the possibilities for your business are endless.

The only limit is you and how vast your knowledge on how to use Facebook Messenger to market is.

Recent studies have confirmed that 75% of your customers are more likely to message than email or call you, while chatbots have answered 80% of customer questions.

This percentage (80%) is without any form of human intervention.

There are many ways to use Facebook Messenger to market, and the wonderful thing is, with one software, you can achieve all even while you sleep.

There are over 300,000 chatbots currently on Facebook Messenger today, some are Zebrabuzz chatbots. These bots have a 95% open rate among many other features.

However, while chatbots will implement the work for you, there are some helpful tips you must know that will help you use Facebook Messenger to market in the best possible way.

Create a Character for your Facebook Messenger Chatbot

One feature in most intelligent chatbots is that you have the liberty to create a character for your chatbot.

Although your customer knows this is a bot, he relates more when your chatbot has a name.

Why else do you think most mobile phone and computer AIs have names? For instance, Siri, Cortana and many others are AI system software that has been named.

Creating a character for your bot – name and a face makes your customers connect more.

Also, setting your Zebrabuzz to address your customer by the name they give helps you on the way.

For instance, saying:

“Hello, Chris

How may I help you?”

Will work better than:


How can I help you?”

If you Want to Use Facebook Messenger Market, Ensure you Always Deliver your Content

Always deliver your content if you want to use Facebook Messenger to market. You must ensure that your customers, especially new ones, know all the services you offer.

You can also deliver your content by regularly asking your customers if they are interested in getting newsletters from you. By so doing, you are also building massive email lists.

When your customers opt into your newsletters, you can send offers to their mails and news about new deals. Ensure all the customers you have to know everything you do at all times.

You must use Facebook Messenger to market your goods and services to your contacts by delivering your content and what you are about to them.

For instance, you can use messages like:

“Would you like to recieve

first-hand information, juicy deals,

coupons, and the info on the best deals

from us?”

This is called an opt-in service, and when they click yes, highly intelligent chatbots like Zebrabuzz adds their email to the list and sends regular info you want your customers to know about.

Regularly delivering your content like this will also ensure you keep your customers and subscribers engaged and not far away from you.

If you Want to Use Facebook Messenger to Market, Personalise Content Your Delivery

It is not enough to deliver content, ensure you also personalise it if you want to use Facebook Messenger to Market effectively.

Many businesses make this mistake of sending out broadcast emails that are more or less like ‘one size fits all’.

Let your customers feel like they are important by personalising their newsletters and offers.

Use Conversational Flow

Another way you can successfully use Facebook Messenger to market is by using conversational flows when conversing with your customers or selling a product.

By conversational flow, we mean making use of the normal every day of speaking.

Nevertheless, this does not imply using an overload of informal language, slang or ambiguous statements.

By using simple, short and easy-to-read language as well as making references to everyday occurrences, you will be able to use Facebook Messenger to market effectively.

The best part about this is that Zebrabuzz bots combine natural language processing with machine learning and semantic comprehension to achieve it.

Use your Chatbot to Generate More Leads

use your chatbot to generate more leads

Take advantage of the intelligence of chatbots and generate more leads. Leads are potential customers; generate more to use Facebook Messenger to Market effectively.

You can do this by running a click-to-Messenger ad and using location targeting to reach your target audience on Facebook.

When a person clicks on the ad to learn more, he will be directed into a Messenger conversation with your Zebrabuzz bot, which would let them know more about your services.

By doing this, more people are finding your business, and your chatbot is telling them all they need to know and more. This is why you should ensure that your flow is conversational.

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Answer FAQs and Give your Customers Relevant Content

As a business owner that desires to use Facebook Messenger to Market, you know the kind of questions that most of your customers ask.

If you are an up and coming business with little or no experience with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), try imagining the possible questions people may ask about your services.

After finding some questions that you feel your customers may ask or some problems, they may run into, solve them.

Integrate these questions into your chatbot, so they do not have to go to another website to find answers. Let your chatbot answer these questions.

Also, provide the avenue for your customers to find the relevant content that pertains to them.

If you have a clothing store and you sell clothes, shoes, belts, bags and so on, ensure that you provide the opportunity for your customers to go straight to what they want to buy.

Providing multiple choice answers to questions like “Would you like to browse through any of our products today?” Then following it up with a list of all the services you offer helps.

That way, your customers do not have to go through everything you sell or the services you offer and can easily find what they want.

Send Timely and Regular Reminders

If you have a business that needs appointments to be booked, you should send timely and regular reminders.

When a client books a date, sending a reminder 24 or 48 hours before the date is important.

Also, sending timely and regular reminders are important for woocommerce abandoned carts.

Some customers may initiate an order but do not confirm before leaving the page. If you want to use Facebook Messenger to market properly, send reminders.

Remind your customers to confirm their order. Even while you are in bed or working on other things, the Zebrabuzz will help you do this easily.

Be Available 24/7

There is no better way to show customers you are committed their experience by being available 24/7.

It is not humanly possible to always be available. While you need rest, chatbots need subscriptions that are very easy on the wallet to be online to engage customers always.

By observing all of these, you will ensure that you are using Facebook Messenger to market properly.

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