As the world has become a global village, you may have at one time or the other heard of a chatbot for Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace has grown over the years from just a few people connecting to their customers by listing their products on the platform to over 800 million users monthly.

You would agree with me that it is a very big market, and with users spread across about 50 countries, there has never been a better time to use Facebook Marketplace for your business.

With over 60% of Facebook users actively using their accounts, it is difficult and almost impossible to find another platform where you already have the audience for your business.

Marketing your goods and services on Facebook market place may seem a bit different from any other channel, but with it growing, more user-friendly tools are being added.

More tools mean better user experience and easier access, and there has never been a better innovation on this platform than chatbot for Facebook Marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Although it was old-fashioned, many people used Facebook groups to buy and sell before the introduction of Facebook marketplace.

On the group, you could post your products for people, especially those in your neighbourhood to see.

At that time, it probably did not seem old-fashioned until the introduction of Facebook marketplace, and it even got easier and better with a chatbot for Facebook marketplace.

You have an idea what it means now. However, if you want a spelt-out definition, Facebook marketplace is a digital market designed by Facebook for you to trade.

This means that you can make purchases and sell your products through the platform.

Whatever you have to sell, you can put it on Facebook marketplace, and all it takes is to find a buyer who is interested in your product.

It goes both ways too; if you need to buy something, you can join the other 800 million monthly users and find it on Facebook marketplace.

However, just like any other aspect of our everyday life, there are mechanisms put in place to make stuff easy for us.

In this case, the mechanism that has been put in place to make marketing easy, almost too easy on this platform is the chatbot for Facebook marketplace.

Who can use Facebook Marketplace?

As easy as it is to buy and sell goods and services and even made easier with the introduction of chatbot for Facebook marketplace, it is currently still restricted to about 50 countries.

However, it is available to users in the UK, the US, New Zealand and Australia who aged 18 and above and have either an iPhone or an Android mobile device.

Facebook marketplace is available to users 18 years and older in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, and Costa Rica.

More countries include Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, and Ireland.

It has also been made available in Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, and Poland.

It can also be accessed in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.

Facebook has promised to involve more countries that will have access to the platform soon as well as the introduction of the desktop version of Facebook marketplace.

If you live in the above countries, you can and should take advantage of this and even make your experience and that of your customers better than your competitors.

Tips for using Chatbot for Facebook Marketplace

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One thing about Facebook marketplace is that the quicker you respond to customers, the more messages and enquires you get.

With a busy and filled schedule, there is no better way to quickly respond to enquiries and messages from your customers than using a chatbot for Facebook marketplace.

Your responses get much better, faster, and better structured when you make use of highly intelligent chatbots like Zebrabuzz.

Even when you get orders or enquiries when you sleep or attending to other issues, your Zebrabuzz chatbot for Facebook marketplace is always available 24/7 to give swift responses. 

Using chatbots for Facebook marketplace is a whole lot easier than you may think or have heard, and it is pretty much like using them for Facebook Messenger.

However, the first rule of using chatbots for marketplace is to know some people prefer to talk to an actual human about buying and selling than a bot.

Although your chatbot is equipped with all they need, especially if you are using very good ones, for example, Zebrabuzz, some people just want to talk to a human.

Therefore, to make this possible so you would not lose this kind of customers, ensure that in you give your customers a link to a page especially your Messenger wherein you will be the one to respond.

Since chatbots are being used by almost any business today, it is possible you also have a chatbot on Messenger so to make room for these customers have a page where you respond.

Although customers that request humans are rare, they do exist, and you can help them along by providing a link or a way to speak with a human customer care representative.

Just the way you use chatbots for Facebook Messenger, that is the way you use chatbot for Facebook marketplace.

It is important to know that some bots are more intelligent and will make your job easier than others.

It is therefore recommended you go for effective bots. There are many of these and Zebrabuzz, for instance, combines natural language processing, machine learning and semantic comprehension.

Nevertheless, here are some of the tips to get you started with using your chatbot for Facebook marketplace in the most effective way as possible:

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Have a Catchy Welcome Message

Remember, there are currently 800 million users monthly, and although that is already a big market, do not forget it also means more competitors.

Therefore, more competition means you need to pull and hold customers both old and new.

Use Chatbot for Marketplace to Send Broadcasts

Regularly send broadcast messages to your customers to keep them abreast of latest developments, offers, deals, and information.

A Pro-tip is to ensure you make ads and broadcasts as personalised as possible and not just “one size fits all”.

Have a Link to your Facebook Messenger

This is useful should you find a customer who is more interested in speaking with an actual human.

Since chatbots for Facebook marketplace that negotiate like humans are still being developed, your customers may want to negotiate a price with you.

If you have a business wherein prices can be negotiated, it is more important to have a link to your personal or business Messenger.

Be Clear, Precise with your Content

When delivering your content, be clear and precise. Let your customers know what you sell, where you sell them, how you sell them and every other necessary information.

There are many markets to shuffle through, and not being direct could cost you, impatient customers.

Set Reminders

Allow your Zebrabuzz chatbot send reminders especially to customers who may have booked an appointment or to those who have made an order but have not confirmed it.

It is important to gain an edge in online marketing and using a chatbot for Facebook marketplace will place you ahead of your competitors.

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