Chatbots perform several functions for a business. Of all its functions, customer satisfaction is key. If you consider customer service to be significant, it is important to know if and why customers like chatbots.

After all, most businesses implement chatbots because of their customers. Therefore, finding out if customers like chatbots is important.

As a result of the increase in competition in the digital and online marketing space, businesses must find innovative ways of improving, keeping customers, and winning over new ones.

The search for how to pull ahead of the competition and improve has led some businesses to chatbots.

Chatbots have been around for quite some time but have only gained recognition in recent years.

In the time before bigwigs like Facebook Messenger and the likes adopted them, they were largely unknown and rarely met consumer expectations.

However, with the advent of technology and improvement in programming and artificial intelligence (AI), consumer satisfaction is now a priority for chatbot builders like Zebrabuzz.

Customers like chatbots because they make things easy for them. User experience has been simplified and significantly aided.

Although more developments are being made, chatbots have become very efficient in helping customers navigate websites, mobile apps, and many other platforms.

Easy navigation is not the only reason why customers like chatbots. There are several reasons, and you will find out some soon.

Reasons Why Customers Like Chatbots

Studies show that customers find chatbots to be quick, friendly, easy, fun, and informative. All these add up to improving the consumer experience, and happy customers mean more sales.

Another study by Worldpay revealed that 81% of customers who purchased using a chatbot said they would love to do it again.

Keep in mind that chatbots are still being developed. Chatbots that will be able to negotiate like actual human beings are currently being made, and it is only a matter of time before more customers like chatbots.

Let us examine some of the many reasons why “81% of customers who purchased using a chatbot said they would love to do it again.”

A Desire for Speed and Efficiency

Most customers can be very impatient. Everybody wants their queries solved almost immediately they are put forward.

One of the many reasons why customers like chatbots are their speed and efficiency. The ability of a bot to execute a task easily and speedily is unmatched.

Sometimes when demand rises, it gets difficult for human customer care representatives to keep up with it.

Trying to answer as many customers as possible can be burdensome, and one way or the other, some customers will be kept waiting.

Thankfully, chatbots have made it possible to answer as many customers as possible. No one needs to wait for line any longer.

Then these bots are efficient. Some people believe that chatbots can perform the tasks of a marketing team. Chatbots are very efficient, and these assertions are not far-fetched.

Statistics show that chatbots have answered 80% of consumer queries without human intervention; there is no question about their efficiency.

Also, a chatbot is so intelligent and efficient that if it cannot respond to a customer’s requests, probably the query is too complicated, it can redirect the questions to the human representative that can.

PRO TIP: It is advisable to have small human support to back up your chatbot

Customers certainly love to do business where they can get things done speedily and effectively.

Customers like chatbots because they will always get responses. Whether their queries are 100% solved by the bot or they have been redirected, at least the speed and efficiency in response is assured.

Results-Driven Communications

Another reason why customers like chatbots is because their conversations are result-driven. A chatbot may be friendly and may build long-term relationships, but part of its goals is to solve the customer’s problems.

Chatbots are very useful in this regard, especially answering frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Whether scripted or AI-Powered, chatbots can take care of the basic customer queries, allowing human support to answer the more complex requests.

When all queries, simple and complex are only being handled by humans, without the implementation of chatbots, there will be more unsatisfied customers as human support will be overwhelmed.

Why Customers Like Chatbots

All-Round Availability

Chatbots are available round the clock. Any human representative cannot match the availability of chatbots. They can engage customers 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.

Nothing speaks volumes about commitment to customer service and satisfaction than being available to your customers at any time of the day.

Customers like chatbots because they make it possible to access the business at any time of the day.

With chatbots, there is no such thing as an “Opening” time or a “Closing” time. Even while you sleep, your business is still open to customers.

You also significantly reduce the risk of your users leaving your page due to your unavailability. And because customers can always reach businesses, they like chatbots more.

Personalised Experience

AI-Powered chatbots like Zebrabuzz help to personalise your customers’ experience. Using the data gathered from user preferences, chatbots deliver contents that are relevant to the choices of your customers.

Therefore, when each customer comes to your business page, website, or app, they get to see the things they are interested in. They get to see what they want, the goods and services they prefer.

Whether they ask or use their intelligence to collect user data from every conversation they have with a customer, chatbots store these choices and preferences.

By so doing, every time a customer visits your page, their experience is a lot more personalised.

When a customer’s queries become complicated, and they need to be referred to a human representative, chatbots will share the data with the agent so that your experience will remain personalised. You won’t have to be starting from scratch.

Self-Service Options

Another reason why customers like chatbots are because it allows them to solve some of their requests on their own.

When customers can take care of their queries on their own, it gives them a sense of sufficiency and independence.

Chatbots provide easy step-by-step guidelines on solving simple tasks.

Sometimes, when users find out they may have to wait for human support to be available before being able to find a solution to a very simple request, they may leave.

There are many reasons why customers like chatbots; these reasons will let you know you can never go wrong with chatbots.

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