Zebrabuzz is a chatbot for business leads and sales. It allows you to connect with new and existing customers anywhere in the world. You can generate leads and sales, speak to your customers and sell products in real-time with Zebrabuzz chatbot via web chat, SMS, or/and Facebook Messenger.

Zebrabuzz is a marketing software that is multi-user and has SaaS capabilities. Zebrabuzz has many customers who have accounts as well as virtual stores on the very easy-to-use and manage interface.

Also, it is possible to have an extended licence on Zebrabuzz, which will give you the chance to provide quality services, take payment from end-users with several online payment methods that Zebrabuzz supports.

In its early stages, Zebrabuzz was developed with basic features. However, presently, the Zebrabuzz chatbots now have special features that have been thoroughly worked upon.

The chatbot is a product of careful design through years of identifying the limitations of other chatbots in existence and creating this to override these limitations as well as adding some striking features.

The ‘basic’ features have not been completely thrown out the window as while we improve and make better designs, there is also a responsibility to ensure that we have a user-friendly interface to ensure marketing has never been easier for our customers.

Nevertheless, Zebrabuzz developers are still working tirelessly to improve upon the powerful designs that are available to ensure it is even more functional to meet the needs of every single business owner out there.

The most recent version of the Zebrabuzz has been released and here are some of the updated, unique and brand new features that you will find:

Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminder

Zebrabuzz now has the complete e-commerce in Messenger solution for businesses with the new update.

Remember the software allows you to have a virtual store on Facebook Messenger; however, many people, while shopping and browsing through products, add them to their carts but forget to return.

Usually, you need to send them abandoned cart recovery reminders to enable them to come checkout their products and complete their order.

In the latest update of Zebrabuzz, the e-commerce in Messenger can send as many as abandoned cart recovery reminders to your customers who have added products to their carts but left without completing the order.

The abandoned cart recovery reminders are important so that your customers can complete their purchase, and this can hold existing customers and attract new ones.

E-commerce in Messenger Order Status Template Message Change

Another update that comes with the new and improved Zebrabuzz is that it can send email, Facebook Message, or/and messages from already designed templates whenever customers want to change their order status in the e-commerce in Messenger.

Easily Reset your E-commerce in Messenger Bot Settings

Resetting your bot settings has never been easier. With the new Zebrabuzz update, you can simply drag and drop sections, re-arrange several buttons like PostBack ID, bot replies, quick-reply as well as carousel templates to suit your specifications.

This ensures your dashboard is organised to your preference, and it becomes user-friendly.

Instagram Auto-Comment Reply Tool

Another striking feature of the new Zebrabuzz update is the Instagram auto comment reply tool.

Basically, how this feature works is that it will be able to delete or hide abusive comments on your page after replying to them.

Not only abusive comments, but even normal comments can also be hidden. Usually, many of our customers like the good and normal comments to be hidden because their competitors usually spot these comments, get in contact with the customer and pitch their business to them with highly favourable terms to pull them away.

The auto-comment reply tool can also comment on any post for your business as well as give replies to any comment aimed at your Instagram account. Talk about convenient.

This tool can as well disable comments on a post, show the total number of comments a post accrued with one click. You can also see the analytics of a particular post with this tool.

Bulk Post Planner

zebrabuzz bulk post planner

Zebrabuzz has a unique tool called ‘Social Poster’ which can make different social media posts on any platform, Facebook included.

However, you will first need to create campaigns on your e-commerce in Messenger dashboard, which will enable the Social Poster tool to come into effect and make social media posts for you.

It is improved in that you need not make a campaign one at a time as that is more strenuous and time-consuming.

This new update of Zebrabuzz means you can have bulk post planner which means you can create as many campaigns as possible with just one CSV file that has all the information of the campaigns you want to post.

The Bulk Post Planner has now made the creation of campaigns for the Social Poster tool as easy as ABC.

More Payment Options

The new and improved Zebrabuzz update comes with more payment options guaranteed. You can now use more than one different payment options to take payments from customers.

Your customers can now find the payment option they are best suited to and make payments for the purchases they make.

These are not the only improvements and features of Zebrabuzz, you can click here for all Zebrabuzz’s features.

More development is also being made as our Developers look to make chatbots look to better the experiences of our users.

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