Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving how several industries function. Early adoption of AI-powered customer service has been shown to reduce expenses on operational cost, better patronage and brand loyalty, increase sales and positively impact on customer satisfaction. With all these fantastic advantages, it is only a matter of time before the entire industry will fully deploy these new technologies.

AI-powered chatbot solutions like Zebrabuzz have become a standard for building high-quality chatbot as the race to streamline customer service operations begin. Chatbot, an example of AI-powered customer service, is affordable and cost-effective. It has been shown to enhance customer engagement and interaction. This is why a lot of big tech corporations are investing in ai-powered customer service. For instance, in 2019, Facebook acquired a chatbot company, ServiceFriend, to facilitate customer service operations.

In addition to this, ai-powered customer service can push customer service to greater heights. For instance, chatbots are no longer restricted to just basic question and answer. With the help of machine learning and natural language processing, chatbots are performing optimally and providing value at a faster pace to meet customer’s never-ending demand.

Market analysts predict that chatbots will be ‘the face of AI’ and more businesses will invest in chatbots than developing mobile applications.  Smart businesses are already following the bandwagon. Today, Artificial intelligence is making the customer service and support landscape much more productive and easier. From personalized recommendation to scheduling appointments, artificial intelligence never stops making life easier. This is why the word ‘Chatbot’ and ‘Artificial intelligence’ have become among the biggest buzzwords in tech right now.

That is not all; more and more customers now demand real-time interaction whenever they are making purchases. It is not enough to set up an e-commerce website or app. 

AI-powered customer service has also made it possible for startups and new businesses to bridge the gap between positive customer experience or satisfaction and reduced spending on staffing and other operational costs. This seemed impossible two decades ago. With the deployment of chatbots, more flexible communication can take place between customers and businesses. Customers can now get real-time solutions whenever they need the attention of businesses. 

In this article, the spotlight will be on the reasons why businesses need ai-powered customer service and why it pays to invest in new technology. 

ai-powered customer service

The benefits of an ai-powered customer service

AI-powered customer service can improve your business in many ways. The benefits include: 

Increased availability

High-speed internet connection has now increased the demand for ‘instant’ services. Today’s customers are not as patient as before. Thus, customer service and support should always be available to customers. This is where AI-powered customer service shines. With the help of chatbot, customers can now interact and consult with business 24/7, without stop. Chatbots are not limited by time. They can neither get sick nor go offline during holidays or weekends. Humans can get frustrated and stressed out, but chatbots can’t. Trained chatbots will continue to provide excellent customer service to customers regardless of time or any other barrier.


Instant reply

As aforementioned, customers desire speed and want an immediate or instant reply to their questions. Latest studies indicate that more than 80% of customers regard speed as ‘very important’. Years ago, it used to be challenging for businesses to offer swift replies to customers. Fast forward to today, ai has made it very possible and affordable. Simple questions can be answered in real-time through chatbots. This will clear up space for your human agents to tackle high-value, complex questions. 

Zebrabuzz enables you to easily build helpful and effective messenger bot for Facebook messenger and website. Using ai-powered customer service tools like chatbots, will not only enhance customer engagement but improve customer satisfaction. 

Fewer Errors, More Opportunities

While humans are prone to errors, AI differs considerably. It is reliable and ensures better performance. For instance, AI-powered chatbots built by Zebrabuzz can gather and evaluate customer interactions. This will tremendously help customer engagement and provide a positive customer experience. 

You must train your chatbot to have valuable information about your product, business and customers. We recommend you use a cost-effective bot builder such as Zebrabuzz for productive results. 

As many other ai-powered customer service tools, chatbots, are data-oriented and can provide both proactive and preemptive solutions. They have solid cognitive abilities that enable them to predict needs and respond to them consequently. 


Personalization is already becoming a part of our day-to-day activities. For instance, Spotify or Apple Music, recommend personalised content based on the music we listen to. Artificial intelligence makes this possible. 

A recent survey noted that more than 90 % of customers would certainly continue to patronize a brand that offers personalized recommendation of products to its customer. With ai-powered customer service, it will be easy to provide personalized content and services to your customers. This can easily be done through chatbots. They can pass across vital updates on new products and recommend products based on purchase history. 

Reduced operational cost

Ai-powered customer service can save you money and time by interacting effectively with hundreds of customers at a time, streamlining your customer service operations and freeing up more time for your human agents. The AI-powered chatbot uses machine learning to self-improve, which means you won’t have to spend a dime on training or recruiting new agents. This will help reduce your business expenses in the long run.

AI-powered customer service is the future

With zebrabuzz, you can streamline your customer service operations to engage with your customers regardless of the time or location. The possibilities are endless with chatbots, with real-time customer service solutions to personalized content and brand personalization. Your business will begin to get better at customer engagement and interaction. 

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