Thanks to advanced technology, customer experience is getting better. With the introduction of AI-powered chatbots like Zebrabuzz, businesses can enhance and improve their customer service operations. We understand that implementing new technology can be met with a bit of scepticism; this is why this article will outline some of the biggest benefits of chatbots to your business. We hope this will help you make a more informed decision.

Chatbots are very useful customer service tools, thanks to their machine learning capabilities. Not only do they better customer experiences, but chatbots are making the work of customer service agents easier. Here are some of the benefits of chatbot in customer service.

Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service


Benefits of chatbots in customer service

Though some business owners may erroneously think implementing a chatbot in their customer service strategy is akin to replacing humans with robots. This narrative is false. The use of chatbots does not eliminate human agents. In fact, the use of chatbots is highly beneficial to both the customers and human agents. The benefits of chatbot include:


Quick response time

One of the popular benefits of chatbots is the ease in which they help customers get fast replies. This is why the number of customers who prefer chatbots is growing rapidly.

At times, customer service agents may have to deal with a lot of questions from many customers. Several customers will have to face delays before they get attended to. Chatbots never encounter that scenario. A chatbot can provide real-time answers to hundreds of customers in an instant, without delays.

According to the latest statistics, close to 90% of customers require fast replies to their queries and enquiries. Quick response time is essential for brand loyalty and customer retention. Chatbots live up to the expectation of providing super-fast and effective customer service round-the-clock. While it is true that humans may need to pause for mealtimes and sleep, chatbots do not need those, and they perform optimally without ceasing.

So, customers can always rely on fast responses while interacting with a chatbot. As long as you take the time to feed it knowledge and information constantly, your messenger bot or website bot will become autonomous and highly reliable. This is why we advise you to use an easy chatbot builder like Zebrabuzz.

Apart from swiftly providing answers to frequently asked questions, a chatbot can assist customers who have troubles checking out. For customers who may be confused about delivery schedules, chatbots can make clarifications. In cases where the issues are exceedingly complex, chatbots can connect your customer to a customer care agent.

In a situation where customers are finding it difficult to make purchasing decisions, chatbots can recommend products based on purchase history. Chatbots, in fact, can assist as many customers as required. This eliminates delay.


Less time on repetitive questions

Another benefit of chatbots is that they instantly provide customer service solutions to enquiries and queries that do not need complex human replies. It saves the time and effort of your customer care agents. Easy questions like: ‘when is your opening time?’ or ‘how do I get started?’ can easily be replied by chatbots.

Allowing chatbots to handle these repetitive questions will surely boost the morale of human agents. It is not always pleasant, providing answers to monotonous and repetitive questions. When human agents spend more time solving complex issues, it improves their skills.

These repetitive questions are usually found in the FAQs of websites, but most customers rarely read them. Through automation, chatbots will provide swift answers to this type of questions.


Always available 

It does not matter which hour of the day your customer needs support or assistance; your chatbot will always be there to help. This is a great benefit of chatbots. They give your customers the convenience to easily reach your business, whether on messenger or websites. Chatbots can be used to facilitate an omnichannel customer service experience. 

With Zebrabuzz, you can even build your chatbot to always update customers on their availability via contents, notifications and messages.

Humans cannot work for 24/7 non-stop, but chatbot can.

Using a chatbot is key to providing round-the-clock customer service for customers. At every hour of the day, chatbots are available to your customers for interaction.

So with chatbots, the era of unavailability of customer service due to sleep or lunch break is now a thing of the past. Your customers will no longer be frustrated and unhappy due to these delays.


Boost customer engagement

Chatbots give instant response to customers. They offer businesses more advantages than traditional phone calls and email messaging.

One of the benefits of chatbots is that they boost customer engagement because of the real-time customer service solution they provide. They are highly responsive because you would have trained them with data from your websites. They can provide personalised recommendations to your customers, as well as always being available to assist your website visitors.

Convenience and speed are what keeps customers happy, most particularly whenever they need assistance. Customers will not hesitate to interact with chatbots in time of emergency or swift answers. This will positively impact your relationship with your customers.


Brand voice

Brand voice is the way your business communicates with its customer, and it is your style of reaching out to customers. You are free to create whatever brand style you want for your business – fun, happy, cheerful, spirited, trustworthy, scholarly or even charitable – as long as it aligns with your business values and mission, 

You communicate with your family and loved ones in a unique way, isn’t it? Your business can also communicate uniquely with your customers. 

The truth is that an emotional connection is necessary for brand loyalty. A brand voice is the best way to establish an emotional connection with customers. 

One fantastic benefit of chatbots is that they can help your business create a brand voice and improve your brand image. Of course, it has to be well-built with a fantastic chatbot builder like Zebrabuzz to do that. 

A lot of companies use chatbots as their brand voice. For example, Air France has a messenger bot Lucie that delivers interesting content to travellers, as well as assisting them in booking a flight ticket. 

Chatbots can give your business a creative touch, and using Zebrabuzz will allow you to build a chatbot with a distinct tone, image, persona and conversational flow.

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