Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular because they can improve customer service and effectiveness in businesses.

A lot of companies have begun to integrate chatbots into their customer service strategies. Top-quality bot-building platforms such as Zebrabuzz enable you to design a highly effective ai-powered chatbot in no time. 

Customer service is vital for every business. But what happens when customer’s demand and inquiries are growing, and other business operations demand your attention?

You use automation to streamline customer service processes. Chatbots can be used to enhance customer satisfaction and provide exceptional customer service without spending too much money or energy. 

Your customer service strategy can affect your business image and reputation. A customer who is unhappy with your customer service won’t patronise your business anymore. This is why businesses should do all they can to provide exceptional customer service. 

AI-powered chatbots are the best virtual assistants you can use to better your customer service strategies. It comes with short-term and long-term benefits that your business and customers can enjoy. The younger generations, especially the millennials, appreciate the use of chatbots because of its responsiveness and friendliness. 

The fact remains that we live in a very dynamic environment, and technology will continue to play an exceedingly essential role in improving customer experience. Gone are the days when customers continue to face hours of delay before they contact or request help from businesses. Now, there are social media platforms, which can be optimised to provide real-time customer service solutions. This is where chatbots shine. 

In this article, we will explore the best customer service improvement strategies that can be achieved with chatbots. 

customer service improvement strategies

Best customer service improvement strategies With a chatbot

Speedy Replies

Chatbots are always active. They do not slumber or feel the need to take a break. They will swiftly attend to your customers, regardless of the time. Whether it is 12 am or 6 pm, you can always rely on a chatbot to proffer solutions to your customers and make them happy. 

Provide personalised recommendation 

One of the best customer service improvement strategies business can implement is offering customers personalised recommendations. This is why chatbots are effective; they can be utilised for guiding your customer’s decision-making process. For instance, You can use Zebrabuzz to design an intelligent chatbot that can offer well-detailed recommendations to your customers. 

Smart businesses are already leveraging chatbots to do more than interact with customers. They are now integrating chatbots into their company’s recommendation engine to provide product recommendations. 

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Handling transactions

AI-powered chatbots are now capable of carrying out transactions. Chatbots can now be designed to help customers transfer funds, purchase bus and cinema tickets, book flights and many more. In the eCommerce industry, chatbots are highly valued. For instance, a lot of food retail stores use zebrabuzz to build chatbots that can direct customers to food stores or order food.

Enhanced customer interaction

Businesses, most of the time, only interact with their customers passively. They rarely start up conversations with customers but only reply to enquiries. With zebrabuzz, you can design an AI-powered messenger bot, which can trigger conversations with your customers and inform them about the latest sales and promotion. Chatbots can also provide images, blog posts, tutorials and images. 

Collect Customer Feedback

An awesome customer service strategy is the collection of customer feedback. It is a great way of showing that you value their opinion and are willing to improve. Collection of feedback also guides your business growth and decision. It also allows you to know the perception of customers about your business operation and direction.

With the deployment of chatbots for customer service, businesses can now include a feedback mechanism in their bots. Zebrabuzz allows you to design a chatbot that can store logs of customers’ interaction, and add a friendly ‘hello <name>, can I get your feedback for less than a minute please?>.

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Create a brand voice and tone

Another customer service strategy has a brand voice and tone. This is necessary for building an emotional connection that your customers can engage and interact with. It will also allow your business to become unique and stand out from the crowd of competition. Your customers will be able to recognise your brand easily, leading to brand loyalty in the long run. 

Though some businesses find it difficult to create a sustainable brand voice, chatbots are simple solutions and can seamlessly establish a brand voice for your business. You can use an effective bot builder, such as Zebrabuzz to personify or humanise your chatbots. For instance, your chatbot can have a formal, informal, fun, playful, witty, authoritative or friendly tone. Ultimately, it should reflect your business value and ideal. One of the first steps of creating a brand voice with your bot is giving it a name, gender and an interactive tone. 

Your customer service is highly essential to your business. Zebrabuzz provides an effective and affordable customer service chatbot builder that can be used to design chatbots, which can be integrated into multiple channels, are flexible and user-friendly. Click here to start.

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