We are in the age of chatbots, and smart businesses are aware of this. It is an open secret that chatbots guarantee a seamless eCommerce customer experience. For eCommerce businesses to boost their sales online, deployment of a chatbot is essential. 

The priority of eCommerce stores is for customers to buy and purchase their goods. Because of this, some eCommerce stores make the mistake of investing solely on the pre-purchase aspect of the customer journey, neglecting the post-purchase part.

The fact remains that a well-enhanced post-purchase journey will improve the eCommerce customer experience, and this will positively impact on the sales, patronage and customer retention of your business

You don’t just disappear when customers have purchased products on your eCommerce store. This will cause customer attrition or churning, where you lose your customers and have a negative business reputation.

A more engaging post-purchase experience will give you a competitive edge.  How do you bolster your customers’ post-purchase experience? With the help of chatbots. 

Zebrabuzz is an AI-powered chatbot solution that will render quality service for your customers. Zebrabuzz will enable you to build and customise a chatbot that will tremendously boost the post-purchase journey of your customers.

Some of the most successful eCommerce brands are currently using chatbots for customer engagement and customer service, from eBay to Amazon. According to Opus, investment in chatbot in 2021 is expected to grow to more than 3 billion dollars. 

AI-powered chatbots can help your customers to progress seamlessly through the purchase funnel or sales funnel.

This will lead to a smooth eCommerce Customer Experience from providing personalised recommendations to distributing engaging contents. 

With the competitive nature of the eCommerce industry, eCommerce stores are seeking  ways to improve their customer acquisition and retention.

Chatbot is one of the best ways to create a better shopping experience, quality customer service and real-time resolution of issues. 

So how do you improve your eCommerce customer experience with chatbot?

ecommerce Customer Experience

Ways in which chatbots can improve eCommerce customer experience

Better customer engagement 

Real-time order update is necessary for better customer engagement, which is key to improve the eCommerce customer experience. You are required to frequently update your customers on their purchase progress.

Customers want to be aware of the particular stage their order is, from shipping to delivery. 

You can build and customize your chatbot to constantly update customers on their purchases and orders in real-time on social media on the Zebrabuzz platform. 

Better customer interaction

How do you feel encouraged when interacting? When you get replies to questions you asked. This is why responsiveness and great customer service is essential for better customer interaction.

To create a positive eCommerce customer experience, you need to find fast solutions to issues, be available round-the-clock and provide great customer service. This will win the loyalty of your customers. 

Businesses can use the Zebrabuzz platform to build an AI-powered chatbot, which is easily customisable to provide instant solutions and personalised services. 

Zebrabuzz bot builder will not only reduce operational cost and save your time but can guarantee an effortless chatbot building process with hundreds of templates.

In less than 15 minutes, your chatbots will be able to interact with your customers.

Chatbots can also be used to create an omnichannel experience where your chatbots can easily be integrated into various digital channels (Facebook, website, Whatsapp and more) This will allow your customers to conveniently interact with your business.

A Live Chat Experience 

These days, customers want to communicate with businesses directly round-the-clock.

Recent statistics show that customers now expect fast response time, in some circumstances, less than 5 minutes. But it is not possible for businesses to reply to all the questions there is, within 5 minutes. 

Chatbots improve eCommerce Customer Experience by responding to inquiries and issues in real-time.

Customers may most time make enquiries on very simple issues, issues that are already in your website’s FAQ or knowledge base. These questions are not only repeatable but are also anticipated. 

For instance, customers may repeatedly ask questions like ‘what is the cost of delivery?’ or ‘what are the delivery times?’ . You can build an effective chatbot that can swiftly respond to your customers and furnish them with solutions.  

It is recommended that you should always have a clear marketing and social media strategy before building your chatbot, this will guide you in designing a responsive chatbot flow. 

Streamline Operations and Boost Effectiveness

The use of chatbots should not only be restricted to customer support and marketing purposes.

They can also be designed to monitor your stock list and inform you whenever you are running low on supplies. Zebrabuzz chatbot can be integrated into your inventory management system. 

Apart from that, a well-designed chatbot will streamline your eCommerce operations, and that will reduce spending and save your time and energy. Chatbots that are AI-powered, so the chances of flaws are very minimal. 

Chatbots can help in lead generation and capturing, send broadcast emails to your clients and improve your sales campaigns.

Some eCommerce businesses, through the Zebrabuzz platform, have even built chatbots that can generate payment receipt and bills. 

Today, the majority of eCommerce management tools support chatbots, which means chatbot can be used to optimise your marketing campaign and customer service management. This is why the utilisation of chatbots is one of the best ways of improving your eCommerce Customer Experience.

So are you seeking for the best means of integrating chatbots into your eCommerce store operation? Do you want a fast and one-click utilisation that will immediately offer your customers a fantastic experience? Then use Zebrabuzz, an ai-powered chatbot solution specifically designed for eCommerce stores.

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