A very impressive feature of Zebrabuzz, the one of the most effective marketing software, is the Social poster.

This enables you to simultaneously post on various social media channels, such as Facebook and many others. There are two components of the social poster, which are the Comboposter and Facebook Poster.

The Facebook Poster enables you to post solely on Facebook while the Comboposter is a highly functional poster that enables you to post on multiple social media platforms like Reddit, Blogger, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and even content management systems such as WordPress. 

The social poster is very powerful and can be utilised in posting media files (videos, images, GIFs), call-to-action posts, multiple-image posts, RDF Site Summary and Hypertext Markup Language post.

The social poster has the capacity to live stream on Facebook and other social media channels.

As long as the activity is well scheduled, the social poster will notify your targeted audience or followers on the appropriate time. Zebrabuzz’s ‘social poster’ can auto-reply audience’s comments in the course of the live stream. 

The first step to utilising social poster is through the use of campaigns. Campaigns are organised courses of action that are intended to produce the required effect.

Campaigns are the fuel that social poster runs on. This is why social poster, according to your schedules, will frequently post on your social media channels and Facebook pages in a bid to bolster your marketing campaigns. 

Free Social Media Scheduling tool 2021

Bulk Post Planner

For superior experience and ease, Social Poster has a new plugin or feature known as ‘Bulk Post Planner’.

It is optional, but our users are widely using this option, and have commended its effectiveness. The Bulk Post Planner enables you to post on omni-social media channels.

This includes Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. The Bulk Post Planners supports hyperlinks, media files and texts.

How to create a campaign with Bulk Post Planner

Here are the steps on how to use a Bulk Post Planner to create campaigns: 

  • Firstly, upload a Comma-separated values file that has the full details of the campaign, which includes: the name and type of the campaign, text, images and link content, post and source. If you are confused or perplexed at this stage, you do not have to worry. There is a sample CSV file provided by Bulk Post Planner. It contains the necessary campaign information. This will give you a clue on how to properly arrange and upload your file. 
  • There are two options available once you have succeeded in the CSV file upload. These options are categorised under automatic and manual options. Mutual options entail that you painstakingly set up the time and date for the campaigns individually. This can be stressful and hectic for most. 
  • The automatic settings involve you setting up a date and time for your entire campaign after the CSV file upload. You can also exclude specific days of the week where you wouldn’t want a campaign post. 

As soon as you are done with setting up the Bulk Post Planner, this feature will automatically begin frequently posting on your social media channels according to your schedule.

Your task of making hundreds of campaigns is now super-effective and stress-free. With the Bulk Post Planner, you can automate marketing and social media campaigns in a swift and simple way. 

Social Poster by Zebrabuzz’ will prevent the time-wastage, monotony and tediousness associated with creating frequent campaigns on social media. 

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