Good customer experience is one way of improving the patronage and profitability of your business. The landscape of customer interaction is fast-changing, and businesses must not struggle to catch up with them.

This has increased the demand for AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots are known for their ability to add value to customer interaction and experience, improving brand loyalty.

With chatbots, your customers can easily reach your business without hassle. Chatbots have quickly transformed the way businesses communicate with customers for the better.

In preceding years, customers will have to wait for hours before having a conversation with a customer care agent. But today, there have been a lot of changes to that.

Today’s customer does not have that kind of patience. This is why businesses are seeking for the most effective solution to better their relationship and communication with customers.

Customers may want enquiries and complaints to be responded to in less than an hour. In a situation where business gets more than sixty enquiries per minute, it will be unable to give a swift and satisfactory reply to these questions.

This is why chatbots provide relief for business, fulfilling the wishes of business – to better connect with customers.

Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer service and support for businesses without additional expenses.

They can reliably and correctly give answers to any frequently asked questions at any time of the day. This will improve customer experience tremendously.

Chatbots can also be used to provide omnichannel customer service experience. In this age of social media, businesses cannot only depend on just one channel to interact with customers.

Businesses can utilise AI-powered chatbot to establish a connection with customers at any time of the day, and anywhere they please.

The demands of customers are highly important and are responsible for the changes in the business landscape.

In a modern customer-business relationship, the language is speed. Customers dislike delays – both in customer service and product delivery.

For an optimal chatbot experience, we recommend you use a messenger chatbot like Zebrabuzz.

Chatbots are highly essential for every social media customer experience strategy. This article will analyse the benefit of using a chatbot to change the dynamics of customer interaction in the best way possible.

How can Chatbots improve customer service


How can Chatbots improve customer service


Improved customer engagement

For better customer engagement, think ‘chatbot’. The goal of every business is to make profits, and this is possible with effective engagement with customers.

For instance, a chatbot can start a conversation with your customer on Facebook messenger to create awareness about the latest discount or price slash, or even inform them about your newest product. 

Through stimulating conversation with a messenger chatbot, your customers will be able to buy products directly from their Facebook messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg once laid out a vital code every business should live by. Customer interaction should be simplified and streamlined to the extent that the customer ‘message(s) a business just the way you would message a friend’.

This is why chatbot exists; to simplify customer engagements. Using an efficient chatbot-builder (like Zebrabuzz) will enable you to program your chatbot to idealise your brand personality or your business image. 


Chatbots are affordable 

Chatbots are extremely cost-effective and affordable in many ways. For one, a chatbot can do the work of tens or hundreds of customer service representatives.

Chatbots can fit the budget of any business – from big corporations to small and medium enterprises.

Though chatbots cannot replace human customer service agents yet, they will reduce your expenses, because you would not need to hire hundreds of customer service agents to interact with your customers, especially on social media effectively.

Research has shown that in the next two years, businesses can save more than 5 billion dollars using chatbots.

With chatbots, you can save as much as 40% in customer service spendings. Known for their quick response, using a chatbot is great for customer interaction.

So you don’t have to worry about compromising the quality of your customer service interaction. An investment in a chatbot is worthwhile for cost optimisation and excellent customer experience. 


Round the clock availability

The key to brand loyalty and patronage is being there for your customers at all times, but that is humanly impossible. It is why chatbots are highly recommended. They are always available for daily interactions with customers.

Chatbots eliminate the ‘business hour or day wait’ before customers can be responded to.

So if your business is still hooked on the traditional customer service platform like emails, live chat or phone calls, you should strongly consider chatbots. 

As we have stated earlier, with the advent of the interconnectivity of the internet and the instant messaging platforms of social media, customer demands have undergone some changes.

No customer will want to wait for hours, because he contacted your business line on ‘off-business hour’. This will lead to frustration and a switch to your competitor. 

Chatbots are not humans. They neither sleep nor slumber. They have a permanent presence and can respond instantly at any time of the day.

Chatbots are always ready to offer useful advice regardless of the type of question. This is useful for lead conversion and customer retention. 


Less friction

A seamless customer service experience is what every customer expects. This is because new technologies and automation have sped up, simplified and made customer interaction with business more convenient.

A frictionless customer service experience is characterised by more speed, personalisation and positive experience.

This goes beyond satisfying the expectations of customers; it means being proactive in your dealings with customer’s needs. A negative customer service experience will push your customers away. 

Chatbots can be used to facilitate frictionless customer service experience. You can use the Customer Satisfaction Score to track if your chatbots are meeting its goal, which is keeping your customer happy.

Using that metric, you can improve your chatbot flow to better its interaction. 

Zebrabuzz messenger bot builder comes with built-in analytical tools like customer satisfaction score and Customer Effort Score



Chatbots are simply improving the way businesses interact with their customers.

Implementing chatbots into your social media customer service strategy will mean improving your customer response time, lowering your cost of operation and satisfying your customers.

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