Every statistics and research studies have shown that social media have improved the customer service game.

Just in less than fifteen years, businesses have witnessed tremendous improvements in customer engagement.

Today, businesses are even playing the social media service customer game up to the hilt.

Since the majority of customers are always available on social media, and these customers have high demands to be met, businesses are integrating automation and AI chatbots to streamline customer service processes.

This brings in a whole lot of improvement and progress in certain areas. Customers can now begin to enjoy instant and quick responses to enquiries and messages and 24/7 interaction with businesses.

This translates to improved brand reputation and sales boost. With chatbots, interacting with customers who are yearning for quick replies is no more hectic, it is hassle-free and simple. 

Businesses like yours can not afford to fail in this crucial aspect of customer engagement. You must answer your customers speedily and social media is one the best places to do so.

These days when competitors are at bay and are ruthlessly efficient in customer grabbing, how does your business win customer loyalty? With the help affordable but powerful chatbots like Zebrabuzz.

A chatbot is compulsory to use if you want to engage your customer at their pace. 

This article aims to teach you how to respond or answer your customer on social media with the ‘superpower’ of chatbots. 

How do you answer a customer using social media examples


Responding to customers on social media

We have written extensively that with the fast-paced atmosphere of social media, there is a huge demand for a swift response and reply from businesses when contacted by customers.

Businesses are inundated with an unending barrage of comments, complaints, and questions on social media.

It is enough to tire customer service agents. Social media users are already adapted to the social media ecosystem that demands a swift or real-time response to every question. 

This is where chatbots are of crucial importance; they can provide a quick, instant answer to your customers on social media.

Chatbots can provide an immediate response to very basic questions like ‘how do I place an order,’ allowing your customer service agents to be free to deal with more serious customer queries or complaints.

A chatbot can undertake tasks that can be monotonous and repetitive for your customer service team. Let’s assume that you own an e-commerce store where customers order products online.

Your customer service agent spends five hours daily to send tracking numbers to customers. Chatbots can deal with that task seamlessly.

Chatbots are flexible enough to be used for other marketing purposes. Today, businesses are using chatbots to offer various automated services. For instance, customers can now use chatbots to pay for transactions.

Don’t forget that effective customer engagement is the key to customer retention and brand loyalty.

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If your customers ask common customer service questions

It can be very tiresome for your customer service team to begin answering the same questions continuously, especially on social media. But customers must get swift replies to those questions. Answering these questions is key to building trust with your customers and boosting customer acquisition.

This is where chatbot becomes necessary. You can customize answers for different common questions with a chatbot.

For instance, if you run a food delivery business, your chatbot can become a route for customers to order directly from. Your customers can even track orders from the chatbot. Easy right?

This will tremendously reduce peevish calls from desperate customers who are eager to get their delivery. The mere ease and convenience of your customers getting the solution to their enquiries at their comfort zone will augur well for your business.

With Zebrabuzz, you can do more with your chatbot. You can include a follow-up question like ‘hope we answered your question?’ and ‘if not’ customers can be set up to contact human customer agents directly.


Simplify product purchasing

Have you seen complaints from customers that ‘the process of buying your product is hard’ or ‘we need a really easy way of making a purchase’?

These are complaints we see a lot online. Making things tough or frustrating for customers is detrimental to your business. When customers find it easy to use your service channel, you are guaranteed increased sales and business growth.

Chatbots are now used by over 4,000 businesses on Facebook to help their customers search and order for products without stress or hassle.

With the convenience of instant messaging, customers can order from chatbot on Facebook messenger.

After submitting personal and contact details and delivery addresses, the chatbot can display products customers can choose from, schedule delivery dates, and other relevant information, all in real-time messaging. This streamlining of the purchase order is sure to boost sales.


Deliver interesting content to your customer

It is a truism that content is king. To engage and forge a strong emotional bond with your customers, you will need to deliver fun facts and entertaining content on social media.

While it can become stressful for your social media team to combine content creation with their normal duties, chatbots can be customized to entertain your customers.

With Zebrabuzz, you can design your chatbot to be humorous and entertainment-oriented. When customers begin to interact with your chatbot, it will, at a regular interval, dish out interesting content to them.

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Final thoughts

Customer engagement is crucial for any business to succeed. While big corporations and multinational firms invest millions of dollars in hiring hundreds of customer service agents, you can beat your competition, grow your business and increase profitability by integrating chatbot to your social media customer service strategy.

Chatbots are very affordable and highly effective. They can be used to answer your customers via social media and websites. If you do not address your customer’s enquiries and complaints on time, you might lose them to your competitions.

Chatbots can help your business via real-time, instant response to your customers on social media. This is why they are now regarded as ‘concierge’ of modern businesses.

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