What is one of the essential tools for marketing today? 

Facebook Messenger.

The reason is that it has a huge user base spanning up to more than a billion monthly users monthly.

The most notable (yet disappointing) reality about the Facebook messenger is that it is underutilised by businesses. It is as if there is a broad underestimation of the instant messaging app for marketing uses.

This article seeks to enlighten business owners and change that narrative. 

To use Facebook messenger for marketing to improve customer engagement, maximise sales and deliver superior customer service, you will have to integrate a messenger bot to your marketing strategy to facilitate the operation. 

Among the most recent technological innovations, the chatbot is the most significant and is currently touted and applauded by experts as ‘the future of digital marketing’ because of its capacity to deliver value for businesses and customers while saving costs and time.

The messenger bot (chatbot built exclusively for Facebook Messenger use) is currently being used by both multinational corporations and small/medium-sized enterprises. 

One of the biggest advantages of using Facebook Messenger for businesses is convenience. Customers can seamlessly reach out to businesses with so much ease and comfort.

At this point, it is necessary to reiterate the essentiality of Facebook messenger bots.

For instance, more than 70% of businesses that have integrated Zebrabuzz messenger bot into their marketing strategy are pleased with the high conversion rates witnessed within the first two months.

Coupled with the fact that Business Insider has reported that up to 80% of businesses plan to adopt messenger bot at the end of the year because of the positive effect of messenger bot to businesses. 

Messenger bots have impressed customers with their ease of accessibility and swift resolution of issues.

Messenger bots powered by artificial intelligence can do much more, they can provide tailored responses, natural and realistic replies and personalised recommendations. Zebrabuzz messenger bot, for example, is powered by artificial intelligence. 

The earlier businesses begin to embrace messenger bots, the better it will be for their marketing strategy. 

The important question is: How do you use messenger for marketing?

This article will analyze how businesses can begin to use messenger for marketing and reap the full benefits. We will also look at the efficacy of messenger bots and how it can improve your messenger marketing strategy. 


use messenger for marketing and reap the full benefits


Is it beneficial to use Facebook Messenger for marketing?

There is a great misconception that experts have tried as much as possible to refute. The fallacious idea that effective digital marketing can only be carried out on ‘major’ social media channels — Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

The indisputable fact is that instant messaging apps are a vital component of the social media ecosystem. 

Check out the recent study reported by business insider. It revealed that instant messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger) have ‘completely overtaken social networks.

The statistics revealed that monthly active users of four of the most popular instant messaging apps ( Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp) overtook the combined monthly users of the major social media networks. Experts expect that the gap continues to stretch. 

So why should you use Facebook messenger for marketing?

Here are three major reasons: 

  • Billions of people use Facebook messenger every month. In fact,  More than 1 billion messages are sent monthly. The amount of time spent on Facebook messenger is increasing yearly.  Business owners are now waking up to the reality that instant messaging platforms such as Facebook messenger is their best bet for reaching out to their customers, compared to other traditional means. 
  • Marketing on Facebook Messenger has been bolstered by the activities of highly effective messenger bots such as Zebrabuzz bot. Messenger bots improve user experience for customers while streamlining business operations. For instance, messenger bots can collect data, offer tailored recommendations and simplify purchasing processes. 
  • With Facebook Messenger, interacting and engaging with customers has never been much seamless, hassle-free and easy. Customer engagement via mobile app is rigorous for customers and businesses. Business owners will have to invest a considerable amount of money and time to build and design an app to be compatible with operating systems. Then, the app will have to be promoted on app stores. Customers will be required to install the app and enable notification. In direct contrast, Businesses can freely use the Facebook messenger platform. Even better, they can integrate messenger bot within Facebook  messenger platform which will provide an interactive and satisfactory experience for customers. This shows that customer engagement and marketing on the Facebook messenger platform is best for small and medium enterprises because it is time-saving and cash efficient. 


How do you use Messenger for marketing?

Here are some ways of utilising Facebook Messenger for marketing purposes:


Increased brand awareness

There are so many ways you can use Facebook messenger to create awareness for your business. Though, we must add that the best way is using a messenger bot.

For prospective customers, messenger bots are exciting tools that can hook their interest. This is the key to propelling them to the final stage of purchase funnel or conversion funnel.

Your brand must be portrayed in a way that is attractive to your customers. 

Two helpful tips to achieve that includes: 

  • A brief greeting message to customers who start up a convo with your business. This brief message can feature a small detail about your business operation and the value your customers can get from your business. 
  • A small message at the bottom of your messenger window that can assist in informing your customers about your business. 


Great customer service

Customer service is one way of boosting brand loyalty and keeping your customers happy.

With the aid of a messenger bot, you can boost your customer service efforts, which will lead to higher conversion rates.

Messenger bots, by nature, are super responsive due to the fact that they are automated technology. So, with messenger bot, you can expect real-time resolution of customers’ queries. 

Great customer service can help your business stay on top of her competition, while boosting conversion rates. Your business FAQs can serve as a knowledge base for your messenger bot. We recommend you use a highly effective messenger bot platform.


Send Broadcast messages to your customer

Apart from providing a highly responsive customer service operation, Facebook messenger can be used to broadcast messages to your customers. This can easily be done with messenger bot.

For instance, Zebrabuzz messenger bot can ‘bulk message’ your customers on Facebook messenger.

This is not only necessary for increasing the possibility of customer engagements in future but also to improve the customer lifetime value. Broadcast messages should be set sparingly and should not be sale-oriented alone. 

Broadcast messages can take the form of content marketing or newsletter. They can help your customers stay informed about your latest products.

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