Usually, when people hear about robotics and bots, they think about programming, coding, etc. It applies to the chatbot industry as well, especially when they hear such things as artificial intelligence.

This discourages most people from actually exploring the countless possibilities and benefits that chatbots offer.

Many people believe chatbots are too technical. However, they have been made easy with non-coding Messenger chatbot building platforms like Zebrabuzz, which allows you to create your AI bot in minutes and connect it with various communication channels.

There are several platforms where you can make a chatbot without having any knowledge in coding or programming.

Some chatbot platforms also offer templates you can select from. These templates you choose from usually match your business but will need some editing.

While this may sound simple, it can cause some inconvenience in the long run, especially if you end up diversifying your services. Template bots make things easy, but they usually restrict you to only one business industry.

Also, coding a chatbot requires extensive technical knowledge. Yes, if you do not know how to, you can pay for it. But that can cost a fortune as prices can reach as high as $30,000 or more.

However, what if there was a free chatbot building platform that requires no coding and can be used for any industry? One multipurpose chatbot that you can control from the comfort of your home or office with a simple drag-and-drop dashboard. The answer, there is!

Zebrabuzz is one of only a handful of effective platforms where you can make your chatbot without coding. With Zebrabuzz, you can build an artificially intelligent chatbot within minutes!

Your Zebrabuzz chatbot can be used on multiple communication channels. You can connect it with your e-commerce website and have it speak with customers, answer their questions, and guide them on whatever they need without human supervision.

You can also use your Zebrabuzz AI chatbot on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the likes. Email and SMS are part of the many channels that your Zebrabuzz chatbot can be integrated into. What’s not to like?

How to Make a Chatbot on Zebrabuzz without Coding

Creating your chatbot on Zebrabuzz is simple and fast. The steps are straightforward. This blog will show you how to make your chatbot without coding.

  • Signup to Zebrabuzz for Free; No credit Card Required
  • Login to your Profile and Access your dashboard
  • Link your Facebook Page
  • Enable Bot Connection
  • Create your Bot Replies
  • Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence in your Chatbot
  • Explore other Zebrabuzz Functions and Features, e.g., Leads Generation, Social Poster, Abandoned Cart Reminders, Product Price Variation, E-Commerce in Messenger.

As you can see in the simple steps above, there is no need for anything related to programming.

How to Make a Chatbot without Coding - The Platform You Need

Difference between Coding and Non-Coding Chatbot

Several people have wondered if there is any difference between coding a chatbot and using a non-coding chatbot. There are differences in the process of making both.

Simply put, non-coding platforms like Zebrabuzz and the likes have already done the job of programming for you. All you need to do is create your chatbot conversation flow. Coding a chatbot, however, requires a lot of programming knowledge.

With non-coding platforms, business owners like you can enjoy all the advantages of AI chatbots without having any coding or technical knowledge.

Here are the differences between coding a chatbot and using a non-coding chatbot platform.

Coding requires a very lengthy and complex process to complete. As a coder writes languages and sets instructions for the chatbot, it can be a long and strenuous process.

For non-coding platforms, the process is short. You can make your chatbot on Zebrabuzz without coding within minutes, while it can take days and, in fact, weeks, to complete coding a chatbot.

As coding is a lengthy and complex process, it means it is time-consuming. By spending days and weeks making a chatbot, you lose valuable time that you would have used to put your chatbot to work with non-coding platforms.

In almost every case, you can only create a bot at a time when coding. However, you can create and deploy as many chatbots as possible simultaneously on non-coding platforms.

It is also not rocket science to know you must have a vast knowledge of programming languages if you want to code. What happens if you do not have one and you are working with a restrictive budget? Non-Coding bots to the rescue!

When coding a chatbot, integrating it with platforms can also be a complex and burdensome process. However, you can seamlessly make and integrate your chatbot to multiple channels with platforms that do not require coding.

Zebrabuzz, for instance, can be integrated into your social media like Facebook Messenger and Instagram, while its other features can work with your Facebook page. It is also a web, email, and SMS chatbot.

Non-coding platforms have made chatbot creation simple and straightforward. You do not have to go through long, drawn-out processes of creating your chatbot any longer.

Also, you can easily edit and change your bot settings at any given time on your dashboard. You do not need to contact an external developer to help you make a change – all can be easily done yourself from comfort.

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