E-commerce activities have experienced rapid growth within the last five years. The global e-commerce industry made more than $3 trillion in sales last year, making it one of the most profitable businesses in recent times. 


E-commerce also brings a lot of benefits to the customers as well. It is time-saving compared to brick and mortar shopping and is more convenient as customers can save items to their cart for future shopping. But most times, customers may not remember to check items saved in their shopping carts. 


This problem of shopping cart abandonment or incomplete checkout has plagued e-commerce stores for long, but there’s a solution. 


Zebrabuzz platform has a highly responsive, interactive and rich platform which your customers can engage with. In this article, the central aim will be to show you how to send a custom reminder message to your customers who forgot to check out but have added their desired products to their shopping cart. 


  • Firstly, go to your e-commerce store by visiting Messenger Bot > Messenger E-commerce Store > Store menu of ZebraBuzz application.
messenger ecommerce store
  • Next, click on Actions and then click on the confirmation and reminder menu from the dropdown. 


follow steps for setting up ecommerce store


You will see a form representing the message settings with reminder options for messenger, SMS and email. If your clients’ phone number or email address is stored in the Zebrabuzz platform, you can send them a reminder in that format. 


>>> From the left-sided section of the form, you can update the reminder text and also you can use variables inside your message, the system will send the value for corresponding variables.


test store


different variables selection


checking your store
test your store


The reminder messages via Messenger, SMS or email you can send are numbered up to three. Another feature of the platform is that you can time settings. This can be done after you have indicated the number of times the reminder message is to be sent.


When you are done with setting up your custom reminder message, whenever your customers add a product to their cart, but do not remember to check out, the system will automatically send a reminder message via messenger, email or SMS, depending on your preferences. 




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