Starting something new can be strenuous on the mind, especially a new business. Add that to insufficient funding, and you may have a real problem on your hands. Many people want to either start or grow a business but are held back by the small capital.

While it is true that starting a business nowadays requires a lot of funds, it is possible to bring your business to life with little funding.

Asides starting, you can also sustain, promote, and grow your business with the funds you may think is not enough. Whatever you have in your wallet, do not fret, you may be able to achieve great things with it.’

Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbot can help you start your business if you have small capital. With this in place, you do not need a physical shop or stall nor an e-commerce website to kick-start your business.

The internet has made things so easy, and a 21st-century start-up business does not have much need for an e-commerce site or shop to begin operations.

Of course, over time and in future, you can decide to have an office or a shop or somewhere people can meet your business physically.

However, this is not compulsory for you to start your business, especially because of the small capital.

What you need is a Facebook virtual store where you can upload the pictures and descriptions of your products and description of your services.

generate idea for business

You should also add necessary information like the prices of your products and services, providing a link to your Facebook business page, the payment options available for your customers, your business address, contact information, and many other important details.

It is easy and straightforward to create a virtual store. You do not need to be a tech guru or an I.T. expert.

Facebook is a platform that has made having a business very easy. Presently, Facebook hosts over 80 million small and medium scale business pages on its platform, a huge increase from the 30 million it had back in 2015.

These numbers only prove that Facebook is one of the best platforms for you to start and grow your business even with small capital.

There are several features that Facebook has put in place to help you start or grow your business even with small capital.

These features include:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Messenger

You may see Facebook Messenger and wonder how that can help you start or grow your business if you have a small capital.

However, Facebook Messenger has gone beyond the instant messaging platform we know it to be. The messaging arm of Facebook can be used to bring wonders to your business.

Many businesses have already taken advantage of it and are reaping brilliant benefits. Although the primary purpose of using it to chat with friends and families remain, Facebook Messenger can do so much more than just chat.

Facebook itself has a monthly active user database closing in at 2 billion people. That means a quarter of the world is active on Facebook every month.

The platform already has the audience waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Beyond chatting, you can send pictures and videos which are very important to you as this is where you plan to start your business.

How to Start and Grow a Business with Small Capital

Away from sending images, you can have live video conversations with your customers, send emoji that reflects your feelings, that is you can express yourself better.

Also, Facebook Messenger allows you to send and receive payments. This is important to you as a business owner. Of course, you need to receive payments for your service, and Facebook Messenger has got you.

Messenger has provided a whole market for you that it has become easy to start a business, whether with small or large capital.

Having your business on Messenger is also beneficial to your customers as they can shop at their convenience.

When people are using Facebook Messenger to chat and interact with their loved ones, they can do their shopping without having to leave the presence of their loved ones, and this is great for them.

Disadvantages of Businesses on Facebook Messenger

A major disadvantage you may face when you start a business on Facebook Messenger (small capital or not) is that it may become strenuous for you.

As you continue to respond to customers, it may take its toll on you. This may cause you to ignore some customers or keep them waiting for far too long than they want.

Studies confirm 90-95% of consumers who message an online business expect a reply within 0-10 minutes.

That means you need to be on hand 24/7 to engage customers. Being that available is humanly impossible, hence, the need for Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger chatbots.

You may decide to hire more hands, but in the long run, it will take its toll on them too. Asides that, more employees mean more payments, salaries, wages, training fees, and many recurring charges that can be avoided.

How Zebrabuzz Helps Businesses on Facebook Messenger

How to Start and Grow a Business with Small Capital

The Zebrabuzz’ e-commerce in Messenger chatbot has all that an e-commerce website offers and many more. It can also go through the whole process of selling via Messenger.

That is, this Zebrabuzz feature can accomplish everything the regular e-commerce site can do and more. Everything will be done on Messenger.

Using Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger is simple and straightforward. The first step is to create a store, afterwards, set the chatbot. Your e-commerce Messenger chatbot will then be integrated into Messenger and will begin selling your products for you.

Asides selling your products, it will also interact and engage with your customers at any time of the day. It could be while you are asleep or while you are busy, but it would always be available for your customers.

With its Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) capabilities, it can also make new customers for you. Learn more about Facebook Messenger chatbots here.

The same applies to Facebook Marketplace. You can integrate the Zebrabuzz e-commerce Messenger chatbot into your business and completely override all the limitations and disadvantages of having an e-commerce site.

You will also save money with them as you do not need customer service agents when you have your chatbot answering questions and selling products.

Facebook Marketplace

The platform also has a function called the Facebook Marketplace for businesses to showcase their products. Just like your local hardware store and many more, you have a stage to display your goods and services.

With over 800 million active users of Facebook Marketplace, you already have customers set up for you.

Facebook Marketplace is like a community where you set up shop on Facebook, and customers can easily find you.

However, just like Facebook Messenger, selling your products on Facebook Marketplace has been made a lot better with Zebrabuzz e-commerce in Messenger chatbots.

When you use any of these platforms, all you need do is integrate Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce in Messenger into it and start selling.

With these features in place, Facebook has made it easy for you to either start or grow your business even with small capital.

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