The key to the success of every business is creating a sustainable relationship with customers. This relationship can be groomed over time through the power of social media.

In our not so distant past, telephone and postal service were the only service channels to relate with customers, the development of social media has brought in faster and easier means of reaching out to customers.

With chatbots like Zebrabuzz and instant messaging services, customers can now communicate with businesses in real-time, businesses can also boost web traffic and visibility, inspire and attract potential customers.

Recognizing how social media can boost sales, retain customers, and improve customer satisfaction is essential for every business.

Social media is the quickest and most convenient to reach customers today. Having a powerful social media customer service strategy is increasingly important for business reputation.

The ability of customers to communicate with your business through social media channels will allow them to establish an affinity with your business and allow your business to be seen in a positive light.

This article will explain the intricacies of social media service and will guide you on how to set up and maintain a successful social media customer service.

What Is Social Media Customer Service

Definition of social media service

Social media service is a compound word that comprises two individual words – social media and service. Hence, social media service is the process of utilizing social media channels – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp – for customer support.

Due to the rise of modern technology and communication tools, customers are already used to fast response and real-time messaging.

According to a recent study, 63% of customers expect companies to offer customer support via their social media channels, and 90% of social media users have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business.

The number is expected to grow in the coming months. This shows the power of social media as a tool for establishing a relationship with customers.

Social media service aims to provide customers with a fulfilling, pleasant, and satisfying experience. Businesses that have achieved this aim have witnessed tremendous growth and customer retention.

Social media channels have transformed to become more business-centric, which means these platforms can now be used seamlessly by businesses to undertake various customer service components like swift responses of enquiries and feedback by customers, increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost sales.

These awesome benefits will grant your business a competitive advantage.

Just having a social media presence is not enough; every business needs to master the social media customer service game and implement a strategy to bolster their chances of winning the hearts of customers. 

Implementing a winning social media customer service strategy

Having a social media customer service strategy is essential to the success of customer service operations. Here are four of the most important elements of an unbeatable customer service strategy.

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Establishing your social media presence

Some small businesses have a problem in finding out which of the social media channels is better to invest their effort and time.

A powerful aspect of social media customer service is customer engagement. This engagement must take place where your customers are congregated.

While it is true that most businesses concentrate their attention on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, other businesses have customers who regularly visit other social media platforms – Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest.

To correctly detect where the bulk of customers are, you can ‘monitor’ or search where your business name has the most mention in social media sites.

Do not erroneously use google search as the sole tool for brand monitoring. If your business name is not on the mouth – or in this case, keypad – of social media users, then your social media strategy begins there.

Formulate ways in which your customers can identify and relate with your business.

Do not ignore the power shift that has occurred in the last decade. Power now belongs to customers on social media – not businesses. Ignoring your customer base can negatively impact your business.

Listen more

What is  building a relationship without listening or paying attention? Listening is highly important in the world of customer service.

Research has shown that more customers are using social media as a tool to interact with businesses.

You can analyze the complaints, negative feedback, and suggestions your customers make weekly or monthly.

It is not enough to monitor your brand online; your business needs to have a pragmatic response to customers’ queries and study their needs.

Swift response

Swift response is of the essence. Immediacy and urgency are the languages of the social media ecosystem.

Businesses that have trouble responding on time to their customer’s inquiries and feedback usually witness low customer retention and reputation.

According to studies carried out by the Northridge Group, more than 40% of customers yearn for a response to their customer service inquiry in 60 minutes or less.

This is where businesses can utilize the full benefits of a chatbot. Integrating chatbot with your social media service strategy will mean 24/7, real-time, or instant response, which will translate to customer satisfaction. To customers on social media, speed and accuracy is everything.

Tactically take advantage of situations

Social media has been known to give businesses a quick turn-around and improve their fortune. Every business has the potential to do this with effective social media customer service proficiency.

Since social media has become a channel for customers to vent their grievances with businesses, they (businesses) can use this as a medium to improve their reputation and solidify their relationship with customers. Meaningful engagement with customers on social media will mean keeping customers happy and satisfied.

Some ways businesses can improve engagement with customers on social media are showing that your business pays attention by responding to brand mentions and tweets, even though they are not enquiries or requests for help and occasionally dishing out helpful advice or unique tips.

Take heed

Since customers can make or mar a business reputation on social media, you should take note of the following:

  • Never be aggressive or defensive when responding to an inquiry or negative feedback. Be courteous and polite, even when the customer is furious. 
  • Never delete or block a customer because of negative feedback or comment. 
  • Avoid debating with online trolls or customers whose main intention is to smear your business name or reputation.

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