Conversational marketing utilises chatbot and personalised messaging. The aim of conversational marketing is to facilitate authenticated interaction and value-centred communication across all consumer channels. 

So why should businesses adopt conversational marketing? It has the ability to improve customer loyalty, boost customer engagement, better customer experience and interaction. Other benefits of conversational marketing include its ability to increase the awareness of your business, reduce expenses and operational cost, manage time efficiently and enhance lead generation. 

So what is the future of conversational marketing? Chatbot is. Chatbot optimises artificial intelligence to enhance and personalise business-consumer interaction in a very effective manner.  If used in the right way, chatbots can save you cost and time, while maximising your customer experience. 

Chatbots allow your business to use a feedback-oriented style of customer interaction in a bid to create a positive buyer experience. For example, Businesses that deploy Zebrabuzz chatbot often meet rave reviews by customers because of the increased real-time engagements with customers and tailored recommendations and responses. 

With a chatbot, your customers won’t have to wait for hours for replies or responses (in direct contrast to other traditional marketing tools.). Your customers won’t even have to undergo pointless and wasteful processes in order to start interacting with your business. AI-powered chatbots will collect data, reply enquiries and handle basic issues. Whatever data is being gathered with your chatbot, helps to enrich future engagements with customers. The chatbot is the future of conversational marketing because of its ability to enhance best customer-centric practices. 

As more businesses begin to fully embrace the internet and centre their operations therein, they meet fast-paced customer demands that have become challenging to catch up with. Automations like conversational chatbots are here to streamline the operations of businesses and engage millions of customers across various channels. 

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Why chatbot is the future of conversational marketing

The mechanics of chatbot shouldn’t be difficult for businesses to adopt. It is not quantum physics. For instance, Zebrabuzz chatbot has an easy integration process for non-coders. The fact remains that chatbot is revolutionising customer service and conversational marketing. More and more internet-based businesses now realise that chatbots are the answer to some challenges they face. 

Let’s show you why chatbot is the future of conversational marketing. 

Better Customer Service

One of the biggest priorities of businesses today is customer support. Customers are the lifeline of business, and customer satisfaction is the key to profitability and growth. Businesses continuously seek ways to ultimately satisfy their customers. 

Chatbots have proven to be a powerful customer support tool. This is why so many businesses deploy chatbots to bolster the effort of their customer support agents. 

Businesses that find it difficult to provide round-the-clock customer support for customers rely on chatbots. 

One of the selling points of Zebrabuzz chatbot is its ability to provide 24/7 availability ( every hour of the day and every day of the week). Imagine how pleased your customers will be. 

Deploying chatbots to enhance customer support give businesses a huge competitive advantage. A typical customer support agent works for a limited time (9-5 working hours excluding weekends and public holiday) while chatbots continue offering value-based services to customers round-the-clock. This will build customer loyalty whilst portraying your business as customer-centric. 

Data-Driven Product Recommendations

Another reason why the chatbot is touted as the future of conversational marketing is its ability to offer personalised recommendations. 

Our world is inundated with innovative technologies like smart devices and artificial intelligence, impressing customers with their accuracy, speed, personalisation and availability. Millions of persons around the globe are currently using smart devices in their homes. In the realm of eCommerce, artificial intelligence is improving the way people purchase goods on the internet. 

Chatbots can also be used to provide data-driven personalised recommendations using customer preferences and chat history. This feature is essential for leading customers rapidly to the bottom of the sales funnel. 

Better User Experience

One of the biggest reasons why chatbot is the future of conversational marketing is its ability to improve and maximise user experience and provide an unforgettable experience for your customer. 

For example, a lot of businesses have integrated zebrabuzz chatbot with their Facebook messenger. Specifically, eCommerce businesses and fashion stores have a lot to gain by building a messenger bot to assist customers in instant messaging services (it is 100% possible). This is not only time saving, as it will reduce the stress of paying a visit to a brick-and-mortar store, but will heighten the customer experience and engagement while delivering a positive shopping experience. 

Automated Lead Generation and Qualification

For online stores with a sizable or large inventory and stock list, there is always that concern that customers may find it laborious to seek for items they want. Chatbots can guide customers to what they seek, saving customer’s time and energy. 

Chatbots are very effective because they can initiate interaction with your website visitors and separate potential customers who are interested in your products or services. For example, Zebrabuzz chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and can be designed with natural language processing/understanding, which means it is highly effective when used to generate leads. 

Many companies are integrating chatbots into their sales strategy. This is because they streamline customers’  purchase process while collecting customer information for the sales team. 

Gathering Customer Data

Another reason for chatbots being tagged as the future of conversational marketing? Chatbots can be used to mine customer’s data. This has great benefits for businesses. 

These customers’ data gathered by chatbots are used to gain insight into shopping patterns, boost website optimisation and bolster marketing and sales campaigns. Once, conversational marketing is carried out properly with the aid of chatbots; businesses can understand the behavioural pattern of customers properly. 

With chatbots, you can have an extensive repertoire of your customers’ purchase history and buying habits, which can be used to improve user experience and satisfaction. These customer data can also be used for advertisement purposes, which can, in turn, boost profits and sales. 

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