One of the numerous advantages of chatbots is client satisfaction, but that’s not the only benefit; there are also several reasons why chatbot is important in customer-driven business.

Chatbots play salient roles in helping businesses make more sales as well as increase customers. For customer-driven businesses, chatbots not only increase customers, but help keep the existing ones.

Chatbots are not only the future of online and digital marketing; they are also the future of company representation and customer service.

There are many benefits chatbots can offer companies and businesses that it sometimes sounds too good to be true.

Recent studies have confirmed that chatbots have successfully solved over 80% of customer problems without any form of human assistance.

Although it is good practice to have a few back-up human customer care representatives for the few customers who will need human support, AI-Powered chatbots, for example, Zebrabuzz and the likes can also work in isolation especially for small and medium scale business.

With more upgrades being made on chatbots, it is only a matter of time before they can solve customer problems 100%.

With over 80% success rate in solving user inconveniences and enquiries, the importance of chatbots in a customer-driven business cannot be over-emphasised.

Why are Chatbots Important?

Generally, chatbots are important to the 21st Century business, and the results that companies are getting from this initiative are highly impressive.

These desired results make chatbots important for any business, including customer-driven businesses.

Asides marketing purposes, other benefits make chatbots important. Some of these are storing, saving, and updating data as well as self-improvement using machine learning.

That is, you have an instrument that will increase your sales stupendously, keep a wonderful relationship with your customers, and save data for you.

Indeed, claims that chatbots are so important and efficient that they can do the job of a whole marketing team are not far-fetched.

Let us take a quick general look at why chatbots are important without considering the customer-driven business part.

That is, chatbots are not only for businesses that are mainly customer-driven, but there is also something important for everyone once they use chatbots.

Versatility and Multitasking

There has never been a more versatile computer software program than chatbots. They can do all sorts, and this makes them important to any business, customer-driven or not.

It is difficult to find a human employee that will willingly work in multiple areas and still run on the same costs or wages.

Advertising, customer service, customer orders, scheduling appointments, giving clients reminders, storing and updating data are just a few of the many units a chatbot can be deployed.

You can use chatbots in a variety of places in your business. Coupled with being versatile, they can do all of these duties at the same time.

There is a limit to the number of tasks a human can do per time. This does not apply to chatbots as they can function in all of their roles simultaneously and effectively.

This is a major reason chatbots are important to any business. However, there are more reasons.

Chatbots are very Versatile and Can Multitask


A chatbot represents you when you’re not there.

Chatbots are systematically designed to decipher requests and give appropriate responses that you would have given if you were speaking to the customer.

Interestingly, the more chatbots communicate with online users and your page visitors, the more its engagement with users, the more intelligent it grows.

Reduced Cost

Reducing the cost of production while increasing productivity and profits is a dream for you and your business, but it is a reality for businesses that use chatbots today.

Chatbots can reply as intelligently as humans, and work inexhaustibly like machines. Therefore, they reduce costs when it comes to the workforce.

Also, do not forget the 80% success in solving user queries.

For instance, if you have 10 people in your marketing team, a chatbot is worth 8 of them when it comes to human resources and efficiency.

Increase in Leads Generation

For any organisation, business, or company, leads are paramount; they are the potential customers.

Therefore, it will not come across as a surprise to find companies looking for something that will help then get more customers.

This search has led them to chatbots and what a solution it is!

While Zebrabuzz assures up to 90-95% open rate, averagely, you can expect to have about 70% open rate when using chatbots. So it is still a win-win no matter the chatbot you choose.

70-95% open rate compared to the 5-10% email marketing offers you; surely, you would not fault companies and businesses for using chatbots.

Other general importance of chatbots to businesses includes personalised advertisement, storage of customer data, scheduling customer appointments and many more.

Why Chatbot Is Important In Customer-Driven Business

Now that you have seen some of the importance chatbots offer businesses on a general basis, there are more reasons why chatbot is important in a customer-driven business.

Whether you are profit-oriented, customer-driven, or all of the above, there are more than enough reasons why you need a chatbot in your business.

For companies and organisations that have the interests of their customers at heart, here are a few more reasons why having a chatbot is important.

Speed and Efficiency

Two things that will always bring customers back are speed and efficiency. You can convince customers to stay longer when as an institution, you solve their problems speedily and effectively.

Chatbots are quick to respond and engage customers with an immediacy that is incomparable to anything a human representative has to offer.

They are also very efficient in that they get the job done. Businesses that use efficient and intelligent bots enjoy this feature.

24/7 Availability

You would be hard-pressed to find a human resource that will work 24 hours every day or even overtime without incurring extra costs.

Nothing creates a sense of commitment to customer satisfaction than being available always. The availability of chatbots is unmatched, and companies are taking advantage of this.

This is one of the major reasons why chatbots are important in customer-driven business.

Customer Satisfaction

With 80% of user queries solved by chatbots, it is not far-fetched to say chatbots satisfy customers.

A satisfied customer will always come back. A business that is fast, efficient, and available every time will give almost all, if not all of your customers the satisfaction they desire.

Personalised Adverts

Chatbots help to deliver personalised advertisements to your customers. While doing this, they can also personalise it so that users receive contents that are relevant to them.

Customers will also be able to navigate easily and find whatever they may desire. This is a big reason why chatbot is important in customer-driven businesses.

Scheduling Appointments and Creating Reminders

That is not all; chatbots can help schedule appointments. If you have a business that requires customers to book space, chatbots will help you do them with ease.

It does not end here; chatbots will also create reminders for the customers whose date of appointment is close.

Chatbots are important, and while they are still being improved, it is imperative to take the advantage and join this brilliant initiative as chatbots are as important in customer-driven businesses as they are in any other setup.

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