Zebrabuzz’s e-commerce product price variation is a special default feature that can make the sales cycle faster and help your customers go through buying seamlessly.

It does not take much to know that a faster selling process means happy customers and happy customers mean more sales and profit for you.

With that being said, this blog will explain what Zebrabuzz’s unique feature called e-commerce product price variation is and how important it can be for your business.

With this feature, you will be able to set varying prices for the different attributes such product might have.

What this means is that one product might have different added attributes that will make it even more expensive or cheaper.

For example, a piece of clothing like a shirt, for instance, will have different sizes like Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), Extra Extra Large (XXL), and so on. This means each size may command different prices.

Of course, it is the same product, but because of the varying attribute of size, you may need to add or subtract from the price. This is what the Zebrabuzz e-commerce product price variation attribute can help you achieve.

It does not only apply to the size, any other attribute that when added or changed will require a shift in price, but it can also help your business with it.

So, therefore, when a customer changes the attribute of a product, the price will also change automatically.

Zebrabuzz as a Marketing Software is Committed to Using Its Features to Improve Customer Experience

Zebrabuzz is a marketing software that is committed to the marketing experiences of our customers and the customers of our customers who are the users of the marketing chatbot.

Therefore, there are several features and functionalities of the bot which are aimed at ensuring there is no friction in marketing.

The world has become a global village, and one of the things Zebrabuzz is committed to offering simplicity and speed in the sales cycle.

Asides this, the Zebrabuzz marketing chatbot can also bring you, customers, as quality leads. As it can work in several different platforms like Facebook Messenger, websites, among many others, you have nothing to worry about concerning reaching your customers.

All the features of Zebrabuzz are, therefore, geared towards ensuring the goals of the marketing software is established in businesses.

What Would Happen if Zebrabuzz Does Not Have the E-commerce Product Price Variation Feature?

Without this feature, it is impossible to set varying prices for a particular product that has different attributes.

That is to say, if Zebrabuzz did not have this feature readily available for you, all of your products will have to retain the same price each whether they have different features or not.

If you are into the food industry, take, for instance, a pizza that has several prices. For this pizza which has the small, medium and large size, without e-commerce product price variation, all will have the same price. That is, people can get a large pizza for the same price as the small one.

Considering it will take more ingredients to make a large pizza than a small one, it is not rocket science to figure out; your business will be running at a loss for this reason.

Likewise, the price may also be set at that of the big shirt or pizza, and of course, your customers will be reluctant to buy a small-sized product for the size of the big one.

And when customers start getting reluctant to buy products and are not sure about prices, there are seeds of doubt and discouragement in your market which will lead to loss of customers.

Another disadvantage of not having the Zebrabuzz e-commerce product price variation feature is that you will be forced to put more products on your page.

Therefore, you would not have been able to set different prices for different attributes, you will be forced to create a different product for each attribute.

To put this into perspective, let us take a shirt, for example, which has about four size ranges (S, M, L, XL, XL), for each size, there will have to be a different product entirely.

Now imagine the number of shirts you have to sell and how you will have to create a product for each attribute.

Remember size is not the only attribute, there is colour (and to remind you, there are hundreds of colours out there). Also, remember shirts aren’t the only items up for sale.

That means for a single product; you may have to divide it into about 10 to as many as possible products. Whereas, with the e-commerce product price variation already a default feature in your Zebrabuzz, you will not experience this.

If you work in the food industry, there are attributes like sizes, flavour, etc. and you will have to create a different product for each of the size and each of the flavour. The thought in itself sounds tiring, tedious, and burdensome.

It will also be tedious and stressful for your customers to have to scan through x5 the number of products you should have.

Products will definitely get lost, and customers may have to navigate to the 10th or 20th page to get the product they are looking for when it could have been on the first.

Now, how many customers will be that patient, clicking and clicking to find a product? Patience is a virtue, but not everyone is blessed with it and do not expect your customers to be either.

Pros of the Zebrabuzz E-Commerce Product Price Variation

However, when the Zebrabuzz e-commerce product price variation is added, for any product a customer sees, for each of the attributes it may have, the price will be changed as the customer selects it.

You will be able to set different prices for different attributes for one product. As the customer changes the attribute to their preferred one, the price also changes.

This will ensure the buying and selling process is faster. There is no complication, and customers can easily buy things quickly and move to other things.

When customers know they can get things done quickly on your page, and their buying process is easy, they will be encouraged to buy more.

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