Chatbots are all the rage nowadays, and as you may have heard, they can significantly help your business. However, most businesses’ goal is to make a profit, which makes one wonder if you can make money with chatbots.

While chatbots can give your company a significant upgrade in customer service and human resources, another important consideration is whether you can generate sales with it.

Whether you are a start-up company, entrepreneur, small or large scale business, monetization is an important factor that must be kept at the forefront of your priorities.

The benefits of chatbots cannot be overemphasized, and as competition increases in online and digital marketing, so does the need for an innovation that puts you ahead of your rivals.

Building a highly intelligent chatbot that you can make money and customers with has been made easy.

Now, all you need to do to get started with chatbots like Zebrabuzz is signup and begin your journey to making your business a world-beater.

Part of the duties that chatbots perform is helping you increase your customers. It is, therefore, not rocket science to know more customers mean more money.

Therefore, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you can make money with chatbots, and you can make a lot of it provided you do the right things.

Doing the right things to ensure you can make money with chatbots means putting some important strategies in place and using well-designed chatbots like Zebrabuzz.

Monetization Features of Chatbots

Before exploring the strategies you should employ, if you desire to make money with chatbots, there are a couple of features that chatbots have that prove you can increase profits with them.

Most people know think chatbots are put in place only for customer service. While customer satisfaction is one of its major roles, it does not give the whole picture.

Other features that chatbots offer you that concerns making money for yourself or your organization includes:

Increased Leads Generation

In a layman’s language, leads are your potential customers. It does not take too much to know that more customers mean more sales and more sales mean more money.

For example, leads generated by Zebrabuzz, a highly intelligent chatbot, for example, are dynamic and different from any other form of generation.

Remember, the chatbot is highly intelligent; do not take that feature for granted as it is one of its biggest advantages.

Artificial intelligence will allow chatbots to identify your potential customers and categorize them based on their responses.

Quality leads generation means each lead is not wasted. All of them have one or more interests in your organization, meaning they are one step away from being customers.

Using a customer’s data, chatbots have the intelligence to chat with them based solely on their demographics.

Data like age, gender, and address will enable your chatbot to simulate conversation in a manner that would be appealing to the average person that falls under that specific demographic.

The data gathered will also enable it to predict the customers that will likely buy from you.

As Zebrabuzz is well programmed, they can easily find many leads that fit into the profile of the kind of customers you want.

By so doing, you are steadily increasing your customers, which means generating more sales, and in no time, you make money with chatbots.

What’s more? It’s not only potential customers it can give you, should you need a wonderful candidate for a position in your firm, but chatbots are also so intelligent, they can get you the perfect one.

Although not very popular right now, bots can also be used in Human Resource Management, and choosing one that can select and interview candidates on your behalf is refreshing!

Reducing Costs

If you create room in your budget by spending less, you will make more money at the end of that financial year than you did last.

Chatbots are great at reducing the cost of production for your business. The best part about it is that they reduce costs and increase productivity and sales.

Imagine spending less, producing more, and making more money. Seems like a dream, isn’t it? Well, what is a dream for you is a reality to others.

All these roles that chatbots play seem juicy, but not all bots can pull these functions off, so getting bots like Zebrabuzz and others like it is important.

You may begin to wonder how chatbots can reduce costs. How about this recent study that confirmed chatbots had answered 80% of customer queries without needing human intervention?

Although they are still being developed, the above stats tell you chatbots can do 8 out of 10 of the job you have.

Indeed, claims that chatbots can do the entire work of your marketing team are not far-fetched, and if the current developments being made to them are completed, you might just have your team of marketers in one bot soon.

There is less need for a human resource when bots are available, and coupled with the fact that chatbots are cheaper and can be available 24/7 with no extra costs or payments, it’s a fantastic way to reduce costs accrued by human resources.

Ways You Can Make Money with Chatbots

Making money

There are several ways in which you can either generate sales for your company or work in isolation and make money with chatbots.

”Working in isolation” means not having a business per se asides trying to generate sales through a chatbot’s ownership.

Lead Generation Business

You can make money with chatbots by using them for a leads generation business only.

As chatbots are most likely the most efficient leads generation software out there, monetizing this aspect is a fantastic idea.

Businesses who need to increase their clientele can contact a person with a bot capable of generating quality leads; the bot validates these leads, passes it to the business in need, and pays a commission.

Facebook E-Commerce

What if you can enjoy social media and do your shopping at the same time without needing to leave? It is not only possible; people are enjoying this already.

You can make money with chatbots by integrating a store like Shopify into the Messenger chat in which customers can purchase from with ease.

Native Advertising or Sponsored Posts

This model allows companies to pay media firms to get their content distributed into their channels.

Take, for instance; you are using a travel bot. While it will give you very good travel and route tips, you may also be referred to a sponsored post titled “The Top 10 Unforgettable Vacation Spots in Europe.”

These are what brands pay for today, and native advertising or sponsored posts have been known to do well than conventional banner ads.

There are a series of other ways you can make money with chatbots. Another major way is by partnering with companies that will find your chatbot relevant to their line of work. Chatbots are the future of online and digital marketing; the wise choice is to get the best of them to do your work for you.

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