Yes, you can sell items on your Facebook page. But if you are here, it’s highly likely you did not know that which means there are so many businesses out there that are ahead of you already.

Not to worry, someone will always start first, and it doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t be better.

Therefore, if you are going to trump the already-established rivalry and take over the market right before their eyes, you need to do something differently – something not all of them are doing.

With a hidden tool that this blog will introduce you to, you will not only be able to sell items on your Facebook page, but you will be able to achieve record sales and engagements in little time. This tool will help you market your products differently but more effectively.

Most of your competitors that also sell on Facebook usually link their e-commerce websites to their page. However, people don’t really like that anymore.

88% of Facebook users use the platform to stay in touch with their loved ones. That is chat, call, and so on.

Although they may find some products and services that they are interested in, most of them get discouraged when they realise they would be redirected to an e-commerce website to complete the purchase.

They may still be interested in buying, but will most likely postpone it and who is to say they will not forget later on. They may even forget the name of the business page they saw the product on.

Instead of doing it the way your competitors are doing and linking to your e-commerce website, why not bring the e-commerce website to them, right there on your Facebook page?

As people no longer like the thought of leaving their loved ones or an interesting chat they are having, by bringing your store to Facebook, you put yourself in pole position to boost your sales significantly.

Zebrabuzz is a marketing software that can bring your store right on Facebook with the e-commerce virtual store feature. With this feature, customers do not have to be redirected out of Facebook to buy products.

Once they find a product they like and click on it, your Zebrabuzz e-commerce in Messenger store is opened right there on Facebook, and your customers can buy and checkout without leaving their loved ones.

Selling Items on your Facebook Page with Zebrabuzz

Facebook data shows that the platform has over 90 million small businesses already. Note, “Small businesses” meaning there are more businesses.

Therefore, whatever the industry you find yourself or the product and service you sell/render, it is very likely that you already have thousands, if not millions of customers that already sell on Facebook.

Facebook has been a pillar of success for several online businesses, and millions of advertisers promote their products and services using the platform.

Now, you also want to join in and sell items on your Facebook page. However, almost 100 million beat you to it. You certainly cannot sell the conventional way.

In an age where technology has made things easier, you should also make the sales cycle easier than it already is for your customers.

Zebrabuzz offers one of the best potentials of automation and artificial intelligence in online marketing. You can now sell items on your Facebook page automatically.

A large chunk of the businesses on Facebook still run their businesses manually. They are yet to integrate any form of automation to their sales cycle.

The ones that have done so have not unravelled the full possibilities. If there is any indication is at what comes off automation in online business, it is that it only brings positives to your business.

Hence, the time is now to fully optimise your service with the automation features on offer from Zebrabuzz.

The competition in the market also means you have to stay relevant always or you may get swept aside. By staying relevant, your posts need to be up there on Facebook every time.

However, manually posting hundreds of items you plan to sell on your Facebook page as well as on other social media platforms can be burdensome and frustrating. You could even forget.

Imagine after posting on Facebook, you also have to post on Instagram, then on Twitter, and on and on and on. It is tiring to even think of, and you don’t have to go through that anymore.

This is why the Zebrabuzz marketing software comes with a tool that can help you automate product posts. Instead of manually posting products to different platforms, you can schedule them with the Social Poster tool to go anytime you want it to.

Zebrabuzz Social Poster Tool Can Sell your Items on Facebook page

With a click, all your posts will be sent at once to your Facebook page and other accounts. You can also schedule the ones you want to be posted at a later time.

It can also send the posts to any group you are on should you want to sell your items using Facebook Groups.

This will keep your posts consistent, which will keep you above the competition.

Asides the competition, there is also the market. According to Facebook data, the platform has 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020! You already have the market.

Of course, not all of them will patronise you, but you know you have access to millions if not more; and that is more than most businesses hope for.

But with access to millions of customers come the workload that is attached to serving such numbers. By yourself, a hundred customers is still a hard ask talk less of millions!

Customers also know that you face stiff competition, so their demands and expectations are now very high.

Therefore, to keep them happy, you need to optimise your services by automating the process it takes to sell items on your Facebook page.

For instance, imagine having to answer to all your customers at a time. It can be frustrating, but it does not have to be.

The Zebrabuzz marketing tool has a Facebook Messenger chatbot that constantly stays online to engage your customers. It can sell and advertise your products for you.

Besides acting as your marketer and salesman, this tool can also be your customer representative using real-time communications with your customers via web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.

How Chatbots can transform business

As a customer care representative, the Zebrabuzz an artificial intelligence chatbot is capable of simulating real-time conversations with your customers.

It is so intelligent it can even learn new words and expressions on its own using the latest machine learning AI updates.

Once integrated, it stays online forever, which means even when you sleep or do other things, you are not being let down, and your customers are being attended to.

The intelligent chatbot can schedule appointments, keep records, build massive email lists for adverts, among many other features.

Facebook has several features that make marketing on the platform easy. With Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shop, and Facebook Messenger – major features for business owners, many businesses can sell their products easily.

But these features are already being used. There are many businesses on there, and your business could get lost in the sea of competition if you do it “just the way the others are doing.”

Grow Business on Facebook With Chatbots

Therefore, there is a need for something that can change the way you market your products and give your customers something they have never had before.

Zebrabuzz is a game-changing marketing software that can be used to automate the process of buying and selling on Facebook and other platforms like Instagram and the likes.

With all its impressive features highlighted here, which makes marketing on Facebook and other platforms easier, it is only but a tip of a great iceberg of possibilities for your online business.

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