Of all the significant roles that chatbots perform in business, user satisfaction is one of the most important ones. It is, therefore, important to know if customers like chatbots.

As competition increases in the business world, so does the need for new initiatives to get you ahead of your rivals.

Chatbots have been in existence for quite some time but have only gained recognition in recent years.

In the time before bigwigs like Facebook Messenger and the likes adopted them, they were largely unknown and rarely met consumer expectations.

However, with the advent of technology and improvement in programming and artificial intelligence (AI), consumer satisfaction is now a priority for chatbot builders.

Bot builders like Zebrabuzz, consider special metrics like natural language processing, semantic comprehension, and many others to give customers a user-friendly interface.

Although more developments are being made, chatbots have become very efficient in helping customers navigate websites, mobile apps, and many other platforms.

Therefore, it is not surprising that for this reason and many others, customers like chatbots.

However, the experience is only appreciated by customers when the chatbot is built properly and well-designed.

Reasons Why Customers Like Chatbots

Certain functionalities make customers like chatbots.

A recent study found that customers find chatbots quick, friendly, easy, fun, and informative. All these add up to improving the consumer experience, and happy customers mean more sales.

There are a handful of features chatbots have that make customers like them. However, keep in mind these features are only possible if the chatbot is properly.

Chatbots are easy to find nowadays; they are all the rage in online and digital marketing.

Nevertheless, it is important to choose great bot builders that make bots not only for obvious reasons like user engagement but also to give your business a significant upgrade.

Worldpay’s study revealed that 81% of customers who purchased using a chatbot said they would love to do it again.

Considering chatbots are still being developed and worked upon, imagine how much good they will be when more features are developed and added.

What to know why so many customers like chatbots? Find below a few of some of the many reasons:

Speed and Efficiency

One of the many reasons why customers like chatbots are their speed and efficiency. The ability of a bot to execute a task easily and speedily is unmatched.

Zebrabuzz chatbots, for example, are quick to respond and engage customers with an immediacy that is incomparable to human speed.

Then there is the efficiency of chatbots. With 80% of consumer queries answered without human intervention, there is no question about their efficiency.

Zebrabuzz like some other intelligent bots have AI-powered features like machine language, natural language processing, understanding, and generation and semantic comprehension so they can work efficiently in engaging customers.

Many claims believe chatbots can execute the duties of a marketing team comfortably without any problems.

With these statistics, it is not hard to know why the above assertions exist. The claims are certainly not far-fetched.

Customers certainly love to do business where they can get things done speedily and effectively.

Hence, customers like chatbots because they are assured of being answered quickly and effectively.

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The availability of a chatbot is unmatched. They are ALWAYS there.

To gain the edge over your competitors, you must be easily and always available for your customers 24/7.

It is humanly impossible to be available every second of a year. Hence, the need for a chatbot that will be available all the time to engage your customers is paramount.

24/7 availability is one of the biggest reasons why customers like chatbots.

Do Customers Like Chatbots

Imagine a customer needing to either make a quick purchase or get information from your business at midnight. You probably are asleep; this is where chatbots come in and help you run the business while you are in bed.

With chatbots, there is no such thing as “Closed.” Your business is always open for customers to come in, make purchases, ask questions, etc.

You also significantly reduce the risk of your users leaving your page due to your unavailability. And because customers can always reach businesses, they like chatbots more.

Scheduling Appointments and Creating Reminders

If your business is one in which customers need to book a place, you will find that using a very intelligent chatbot like Zebrabuzz will significantly help you.

Customers like chatbots because they can easily get reminders when their appointments are close. This implies your chatbot functions as your Personal Assistant (PA), and theirs too.

Creating reminders for appointments that have been scheduled goes a long way in making customers develop a deep affinity for your business.

A customer can forget their appointment. However, whether the date is months away, chatbots that are properly built in this regard will create reminders.

Not only appointments but chatbots also help remind your customers about their abandoned carts.

Customers who have added goods to their carts but forgot about it or for one reason or the other failed to complete their orders can receive reminders about these goods.

Hence, customers like chatbots because even though they may forget before the goods in their carts become sold out, they get reminders.

Personalized Ads and Content

Another reason why customers like chatbots are their ability to deliver personalized ads and relevant content.

Intelligent chatbots make use of user data and preferences to deliver content and advertisement to them.

User data and preference is based on what they like and the choices they have made based on the questions you may have asked or the products they may have purchased before.

Chatbots make use of these choices to bring contents and advertisement that concerns the user.

Therefore, chatbots have made it very easy for you to navigate business and quickly find what suits you or what you are looking for.

It is projected that chatbots will handle 85% of customer interactions in 2021. There is no doubt that customers like chatbots, and now is the time to take the initiative and move a step ahead of the competition to give your customers a better experience.

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