Chatbots are changing everything in online and digital marketing. The giddiness surrounding them is deserved, and businesses are now beginning to know how chatbots are helpful.

Chatbots have only gained popularity in recent years, especially since the introduction of Facebook Messenger chatbots, a move which tells you how high even Facebook places this innovation.

There is a reason why “Get a chatbot or get behind” is the new business mantra. Chatbots are helpful in a lot of ways, and the visibly terrific results they bring are unmatched.

It gets better when you use highly effective chatbots like Zebrabuzz to give your business a significant upgrade in record time.

Claiming chatbots are the future of online and digital marketing is a strong statement to make, but you will agree when you see how chatbots are helpful to your business.

In Customer Service

Customers are the bedrock of every business, and being able to give them satisfaction goes a long way in sustaining your organisation.

In customer satisfaction, chatbots are helpful, and the service they render in satisfying customers is almost perfect and surely unmatched.

Your business needs a chatbot to achieve customer satisfaction. It is not rocket science to figure out a happy customer will always come back.

Here are a few ways in which chatbots are helpful as regards customer service:

Speed and Efficiency

Recent studies confirm chatbots have solved 80% of customers’ queries without needing any form of human intervention.

Therefore, if you are worried, chatbots may not do the job, think again. With even more developments on-going, their potentials are boundless.

With that being said, the efficiency of chatbots is unmatched, and not only will they do the job effectively; they will do it with some speed that is incomparable to any human assistance.

In our everyday life, you will find out people prefer things to be done quickly, especially when dealing with fellow humans.

The same applies here; your customers want their problems, inquiries, and questions solved quickly and effectively.

The only thing hindering a chatbot from responding is the command or message from the user. As soon as the message comes in, the reply flies back almost immediately.

Customers will always come back when they are certain what they desire will be given to them when they want

Scheduling Appointments and Creating Reminders

Chatbots are helpful to you if you run a business that requires customers to book an appointment. 

They will take appointments on board and place them on free days, so none mixes up. That is not all; it can also remind your customers when their appointment date is near.

This way, you get a Personal Assistant, and your customers get a reminder that will not allow them to miss their appointments.

That is not all; chatbots help remind customers about abandoned carts.

Some users forget their orders without confirming them; chatbots will create reminders to make a confirmation and keep you and your customers happy.


Chatbots are helpful because, with them, there is no such thing as “Sorry We are Closed.” Availability ensures your customers do not go anywhere else.

Nothing speaks volumes about being committed to customer satisfaction than being available always.

Chatbots are available every hour of the day and every day of the week, and for each week in every month and year. There is no end to their availability, always ready for customers.

It is impossible to find a human resource that will be this available, and you will be hard-pressed to find one that will be close to this and not incur extra costs.

Availability is the biggest advantage you can have in customer service, and chatbots are helpful in this regard.


Personalised Advertisements

It is a customer’s joy to quickly find what they are looking for in a store without wasting time.

It is even a bigger joy when what you are looking for is brought right to you and laid off the board for you. Such is how chatbots are helpful.

Through blasts, bulk SMS, email marketing, and web ads, chatbots will deliver your services to new and existing customers.

Not only will they deliver content, but it will also be the ones that are relevant to each user. Amazing.


Chatbots are helpful in your sales as well. They play a very significant part in improving your profits.

A recent market research survey that examined one thousand (1,000) business leaders and consumers discovered that chatbots raise revenue by 67%.

Here are a few ways chatbots will make you smile to the bank every time:

Sell Products for You

This is done through blasts, bulk SMS, email marketing, web ads, etc.

Increased Leads Generation

Although leads are not customers yet, they are potential ones, and by increasing the number of possible customers, chatbots have put you in the position wherein you can increase your sales.

Reduced Costs

The dream is to increase productivity and the cost of production while having boosted sales and profits.

Your business needs a chatbot to make this dream a reality has it has and is still making it a reality for most businesses using it.

Although it is not a bad idea to have a support team of human resource personnel to back up your chatbot, it will do most of the job, if not all, thereby reducing the overall cost of production and boosting productivity.

Free Up Your Support Team

Although chatbots are very smart and intelligent, it is wise to have a support team.

Chatbots help solve all of the simple problems and a good part of the complex ones leaving only the incredibly complex ones for the back-up team.

That way, there is no pressure on your workforce, and all customers can be attended to in record time.

Versatility and Multitasking

A chatbot will work in many areas for your business at the same time and with equal effectiveness.

The ability to do so many things at the same time is a very advantage of chatbots.

Although they are still being developed, present chatbots are helpful and will give a significant upgrade to your business. Using a good and properly designed one like Zebrabuzz gives you the best experience. The smart decision is to take the initiative and move ahead of your rivals in this very competitive market.

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